Best Ways to Learn Piano Without Reading Sheet Music : Top 5 Tips

The teachers of traditional piano use reading sheet as one of the tools to teach music. This is done to make the students aware of the pictorial view. Is this the reading sheet music?  The layout and the looks of each musical concept device is different? The piano teachers feel that, each student must be aware of devices’ pictorial representation. The music was taught hand in hand in the traditional method f playing piano. There are good variety of music theories. There is still a thought that, representation of music on paper can make the learning strong.

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Learning other than reading sheet

According to many people, understanding the music is possible by playing and performing with the musical instrument. This will give a scope in experiencing in the first hand.  Many people have an opinion that reading sheet music is a skill. But, there is a good role of playing the piano without the reading sheet.

playground sessions

What happens when people plays reading sheet music?

Today, the experts who play piano in different methods have analysed piano with and without reading sheet. Following facts are found out when played piano with reading sheet:

  • It gives rise to one dimensional view of piano music
  • Such players don’t understand the harmony at the time of their piano playing process
  • They even don’t realise on how to expand their playing
  • The players of such skill may not interpret the music if the sheet is taken away

Learn with your ear- no reading sheet

The methods of learning piano are many. You can also use your ear to lean piano effectively. While the music is played, you must be focused in it. Thus, active listening is one of the best ways to learn piano. If you have the knowledge of music harmony, its is nothing like it. Proper focus on the sound and rhythm is an effective way of understanding the music. Most people have learned music just like this.

What does a new player need to know?


Some basic of piano is going to be very advantageous for the new piano player. In this regard,3 factors are very important. Those are:

The last point, ear training is very important when you are not using a reading sheet while learning piano. The piano learner must listen attentively what is been performed. The audio sound with the perfect rhythm and notation must be followed. There was a time when you have been using your fingers to practice piano while learning it. Also, your brain was used while memorising the pictures and other objects over the reading sheet. But, with this method, your ear must be equally responsible. This is very easy to do as recognising many of these elements in your day to day life just by listening is possible. Also, the listening words are more effective on memory than reading from the sheet. The new player can develop a wonderful base for their music learning and performing.

Ear training – a technique without reading sheet music

Some of the players think that the ear training is hard. Those who have been using their finger as well as memory while playing piano will face difficulty if they must use their ear. Many people can easily adopt it as they love to listen music. They don’t just mug up, but they get it in their mind and heart. Certain piece of music can make you emotional. The harmony of the song is never disrupted. To get the emotional response of the listener, the choice of chord is effectively done.

Emotional response with ear training

You can capture the mind of your audience in two ways. One way is making them emotional from heart. Another way is to make them happy with your piano playing. If you wish to be in the safe side, go for the 1st option. It is just because, the definition of happiness can differ from one person to another. But, most of the people are quite emotional. Thus, if your music can touch their heart, it will be nothing better than that. The best way to keep the audience happy is playing the major chord. But, at the same time the minor chord can make your emotional response sad.

Training for chord progression

Your ear can be trained so that it can recognize the progression of chord. Playing very common chord variation will be an important step over here. There after just make some changes in the chord. They see how your response to that is. When you are listening the song, hear everything very carefully. Some people have intention of listening it in very superficial way. Now, if you do this, ear training will never be complete. Instead, you must listen the inner reactions, harmony etc.

The art of playing piano by ear

Many people may not know about this technique.

Following are the steps for it

Choose a song

First you gave to choose a song which you can play with your eras. It is suggested that , choosing a song that has full of melody is important. Don’t go for hip hop or rap songs. The songs variety that you can choose are rock or folks. Normally, these variety of songs have maximum melody.

 Listen repeatedly

Once you have chosen the song, the next step will be listening the song. When you are listening, along with it you must sing as well. This will help your brain to memorise it and remember it again afterwards. It is not that you have to know the lyrics. Just humming will also be effective.

 Match the notes

In the third step, you must match the notes. For this you must place the keys over your keyboard. Don’t worry if you come across errors. This will happen in the beginning. But slowly with practice, you can easily overcome. You can say this is a trial and error method. You will learn with your experience.

Characteristic of pop song

It is always good to choose a song that has a perfect melody and rhythm. The pop songs are one among such criterion. There are many pop songs where you will get the use of same set of chords. But, the pop songs will sound different from one another. Many of the players don’t know the reasons. Let me tell  you that the chords in the pop songs can be played in many ways. There is a technical term for this in the piano. Do you know what, it is  called the ‘ Chord progression’?

Practice with friend- no reading sheet

Do you have friends in your piano class? It is obvious that you have. You must ask your friend to play and practice piano with you. This won’t need a reading sheet. First you lay the piano and ask your friend to listen. Again, in the next instance, let your friend play and you keep on listening. Hearing the song will make your memory line very clear. You can also compete with your friend and take up challenges. This will help you boost the knowledge of piano skill. As a result, you can easily play the piano without the reading sheet. While playing the piano between you and your friend, make sure that you play simple songs in the beginning. But, after some time just try and increase the level of difficulty. Both of you can take up the similar exercise and go ahead with the practicing in sequence.

Learn piano in 3 steps without reading sheet

The players become too much bored of concentrating on the reading sheet. It is as if they are doing very serious studies. Naturally, they will become demotivating. But, if you don’t like the reading sheet, there are ways to play piano by avoiding it. Following are the steps:

Step 1Keep your ears on music

Choose a song for listening. Now, hear it once. You have got a glimpse of it. To make the rhythms and notes much mote clear, listen the song once more. Keep on listening the song repeatedly. Listen every bit of it, such as the lows, highs as well as starting rhythm as well as ending stuff. Note every single sound and the change in the notes also. If you hear it and follow everything in it, there will be good chance that you can memories it and sing the song without difficulty.

Step 2- Match your song with original

After singing the song, record it in one place. If your piano has recording option, nothing like it.  Just go ahead with that option and load your songs in it. Now, listen both the songs one after another and see what flaws you have made in your song. Match everything of the song that you played with that of the original one. After knowing your fault, you have to start trying it again. Then again listen the new one that you have recorded with the original one. This will help making your song perfect.

Step 3- Music to scout the pattern

You are now getting a chance to learning ear. His will include the chords, scales, interval and much more. You can also come to ear the melodies in this connection. You must hear and get the chance of having success in this field. Then you will easily come to know on different parts of music. Remember, all these don’t require any reading sheet. Just with the help of your ear, this can be effectively done. While listening, you must note the intervals between the notes, the serious as well as minor chords are presented here.  An individual who become accustomed with the pattern ,you won’t require a note to learn the piano. This is how a musical pattern is noticed.

Play a game with your friend

Sometimes, games also play a wonderful role in getting the job done. This is true for the era training. It is not required to copy the song. You can stay attached to a friend and play the game related to playing of musical instruments like piano.

The game can start with tapping of piano keys. First, you can ask your friend to press one key within the piano keyboard. After hearing the sound, you must guess whether it is high note or low note. Similarly, ask him to press another key and again go ahead with the guessing process. Now, you press the keys and ask your friend to guess the key. This will make the knowledge of keys and the songs effective.

Listen and link

Once you have learnt the musical instrument, the next step must be linking it to the perfect rhythm. It is good to have a link between ear and your musical instrument. It is better to use the letters rather than concentrating on the musical note. Listening the same on the regular basis will get it tugged inside your memory line. Get the musical lessons online. Hear it one by one and be an expert in playing it.

System to play piano without piano notes

Different people define this technique in a different way. There is varied system to play piano. Many piano players have become bored of reading the notes in the paper and then playing the piano. But, to make piano playing really very interesting, many experts and worked and fond out hearing technique to be the best way of learning and playing piano.

The alphanumeric Nomenclature

Did you know that while playing piano with both the hands, the right-hand plays melody as a single note? At the same time the left hand is destined for getting the harmony in correct form. There are two types of keys in a piano. The white keys signify the numbers or the letters. The black keys are placed just immediate to the white keys. They are backed with the + keys. A beginner must know these facts. But, reading the sheet music for a long time will disrupt your interest. Thus, using ears for learning is the best way.

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