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Best Epiphone Electric Guitar : Top 5 Review and Buyer’s Guide

Epiphone is the name for all types of quality instruments. The company makes them in such a way that people belonging to different economic conditions can also avail it. Yes, you can now get such excellent instrument in extremely fair price. There is also a history behind the musical instrument company, Epiphone. In the year 1957, this was company was acquired by Gibson. They also have created separate factories with regards to manufacturing the specialized musical instruments.

Top 5 Acoustic Guitar For You To Choose



Body Material Type

Number of Strings


Martin DRS2 Dreadnought Acoustic Electric Guitar e1511647625901

Martin DRS2 Acoustic Guitar

D-14 fret


9.2 x 47.2 x 20.5 inches

Yamaha A Series A3R Acoutic Electric Guitar e1511648272102

Yamaha A3R Acoutic Guitar



42.5 x 21.7 x 6.1 inches

Taylor 114ce N Matte Natural e1512087922806

Taylor Guitars 114CE- acoustic guitar

Taylor Nylon GA


45 x 19 x 7.8

Ovation 2778 AX Standard Elite e1512088152330

Ovation standard elite 2778



42.5 x 6.8 x 19.5

Epiphone DR 100 Acoustic Guitar e1512088429810

Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar



18.5 x 42 x 5.5

Decision on Epiphone Electric Guitar

This article will help you decide on the Best Epiphone Electric Guitar. You will get a wonderful list from where you can get the best one. We will present the list of musical instruments which are not only of excellent quality but are of reasonable rate. The largest electrical guitar manufacturing company makes the instruments with unique features. Even you can get all those products in online shopping stores. Whether you stay in India or US, the best collection of the electric Guitars will be in your platter. The decision of availing the suitable Epiphone is not easy. There are numerous factors that will decide the same.

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Top factors to consider Epiphone Electric Guitar


When you are getting a product from the market, the looks matter. Most of the people go for a musical instrument that comes with a killer look. The electric guitar’s body will be made with wood. But, not all woods have excellent quality and provides adequate performance. But, with the Gibson Epiphone electric Guitar, you must aim for natural finish wood.


Sound is again a crucial factor that you must consider here. We are speaking about the musical instrument. Naturally, the sound makes a significant difference. You must consider the guitar that gives great sound. The tone, volume, intensity in the modulations creates a great sound. You must keep this fact in your mind while considering purchase of Epiphone Electric Guitar.


The music player must have a feel when he/she is playing the music. After viewing the guitar or touching it you should get a feel. You may get different neck styles in the electric guitar. It is better not to go for too much of styles. Even if you are targeting the trademark guitars, that will vary little bit from one another. Go for a simple neck that is comfortable to hold.


It is very important to be aware of the price. You all must have a budget when you are going to get an electric guitar from the market. You must visit the official website of Epiphone Electric Guitar. Have a look at the variety of electric guitars and see the price as mentioned. You can go to the online Ecommerce websites. There you can view the pictures of such guitars, names, model numbers along with the price. You can compare the same products in several sites. Get the best one with your budget and the superior quality.

Ease of use

How the product performs is a good question once again. You must only get the product that performs well. You will get variations in Epiphone Electric Guitar. Some of them comes with trapeze style tail piece and other comes with Tune O Matic tail piece. These two variations can be easy to operate and adjust while playing.

Where to buy best Epiphone Electric Guitar?

You must be wandering about your Epiphone Electric Guitar buying source. People ask their friends and relatives to get a reliable place. Today, internet has made the process extremely easy. You can get your answer just by googling. Even when you are going to buy the musical instrument like electric guitar you will get it in online Ecommerce shopping sites. You can also get the place named as forum where you can get real customers who have already bought the product that you are trying to buy. Thus, you can get suggestion from them. You can also get the physical store or the showroom of musical instruments where you can get this electric guitar.

Top list of Epiphone Electric Guitar

Epiphone CASINO electric guitar

Epiphone CASINO electric guitar
Source :

The Epiphone Casino electric guitar looks quite like a dot. But there is good difference between the two. This is the electric guitar variation which is fully hollow. You can also get the feature like 2 single coil P90 pickup in this. The manufacturer has made this guitar for the players who plays rock style and blue style guitar. People are happy to get the punchy attack in this guitar.

Features of Epiphone Casino Electric Guitar

  • Body and built-

This is a classic style guitar which is fully hollow inside. The wood used to make the body of the Epiphone Electric Guitar is Maple. But the neck portion is made with Mahogany. The entire body has lamination which gives a smooth and wonderful feel.

  • Customer service and warranty-

It is always important to get a customer service of all the products. The Epiphone Casino Electric Guitar is not an exception. If you buy this electric guitar from the online store, you will get considerable warranty with it. Additionally, the you will get 24/7 customer service. This too for a year.

  • Tone-

The tone of the musical instrument is again an important fact over here. The casino electric guitar is known as monster of the equipment. This comes with the feature named as Epiphone P90T and P90R dog – ear pickups. This gives rise to single coil tone which is really very powerful.

  • Hardware-

You get the musical instrument with heavy duty ¼” jack which is non- rotating in nature and is an input jack. The entire hardware is made up of nickel metal. Naturally there will be no chance of getting rusted.


Epiphone is the name of a wonderful musical instrument brand that is known for its innovation in the market. The product named as Epiphone Casino Electric Guitar. It has wonderful built with two types of wood used. One in the body and other in neck. The tone becomes powerful with Epiphone P90T and P90R dog- ear variation. The nickel in hardware makes it rust proof. People rates it 3.7 out of 5.

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Epiphone G-400 Pro electric guitar

Epiphone G-400 Pro Electric Guitar
Source :

Diverse types of guitar players concentrate on their likes. Some guitar players like blues and pops. But another category of people has fascination for metal style. The Epiphone G-400 Pro electric guitar is the one that is specially used by the metal players. G means Gibson SG and is known as an alternative to Les Paul. The feature of placing the twin horns has made it unique from other variety.

Features of Epiphone G-400 Pro electric guitar

  • Body-

The bod of the guitar is made up of mahogany wood. The neck is little different as the rosewood is used in this. Also, the finger board is made with the rose wood. This will give a solid look and wonderful built.

  • Tone-

You will get the G-400 Pro electric guitar with cutting edge lock tone. The Tune – o- mastic as well as lock tone stop are the features. This will be a great variation for all the professional guitar players. The original SG is known for reviling guitars. Moreover, it is really a good option for metal and rock guitar players.

  • Hardware-

People getting the musical instrument in hand will also think about its hardware. Epiphone is the brand that is known for providing great sound. This is due to the hardware used over here. The brand provides good all metal hardware which also uses full- size 500k Ohm potentiometers.

  • Price-

You must be thinking about the price over here. Normally, a professional electric guitar is quite expensive in the market. But, Epiphone G-400 Pro electric guitar is going to be within your budget. You will get it in as less as $ 359.


The guitar players search for specific variety. They find out whether the variety goes with their purpose. There are assorted styles of playing guitar. Some plays rock, some pop and other play metals. Epiphone G-400 Pro electric guitar is famous among the metal style guitar players. It is also very easy to play with wonderful hardware and great tone. The price of the guitar is also not that high. This is quite within your range. It has achieved great rating. Users provided 4.7 out of 5.

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Epiphone Dot

Epiphone DOT Studio Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar
Source :

Epiphone Dot is a series which has gain a good reputation in the market. The guitar is also played by many well know musicians. Some of the names in this connection are Mr. B.B King, Otis Rush, Dave Grohl, Chucky Berry, etc. The setup of the powerful guitar is also easy. For getting the perfect pitch and tune, you can easily adjust. This one is also featured with Tune-O- Matic bridge, Gibson’s classics. The musicians say that they are could play the music like twangy, blues, metal, etc.

Features of Epiphone dot

  • Construction and built-

The Epiphone DOT semi Hollywood body style electric guitar comes with mahogany at the top of the guitar. Even at the back and the sides the same wood type is used. You will get a vintage design with this Epiphone dot guitar.

  • Electronic parts-

The manufacturer of Epiphone dot guitar have made it associated with quality electronics parts. It also comes with the heavy-duty output jack. There is also a pair of open coil. As a result, the semi Hollywood sound comes right from there.

  • Hardware-

The hardware of Epiphone dot electric Guitar is really very strong. The nickel metal used in it has made it sturdy. The 16:1 ratio is the premium variation which will bring stability to the tuning system. This is also having the Tune of Matic bridge and the tailpiece to get sustain.

  • Design-

Many things depend on the design of a musical instrument. It is having a semi hollow design which creates a wonderful sound as well as echo. The slim Taper ‘ D’ profile neck is again another important fact associated with this electronic musical instrument. This comes with traditional dove wing Epiphone headstock.


The guitar has the vintage style with studio semi hollow body design. You will enjoy the wide-ranging sound volume of the Epiphone dot electric guitar. Even the guitar celebrities use this wonderful variation of guitar. The nickel made hardware makes it sturdy and durable. This will provide superior tuning stability. The controlling can be exclusively done with volume and tone. The price is also quite low. People rates it 4.4 out of 5.

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Epiphone Sheraton II Pro

Epiphone Sheraton II Pro
Source :

Are you looking for the best Epiphone electric guitar? You must be concerned about its look, built and body. The variation named as Epiphone Sheraton II pro is very popular in the market. The popularity has come due to its thin line semi hollow body variation. This is also associated with an electric archtop. The wood used in building the electric guitar is also of an excellent quality.

Features of Epiphone Sheraton II Pro

  • Design and looks-

The Epiphone Sheraton II pro is the variety that comes with an exclusive body with sides and back made up of maple. Also, the top portion of the electric guitar is provided with a great lamination by using the maple wood. The neck portion is also strong as the manufacturer has used the walnut or hard maple with 5 pc layer. This also comes with slim neck profile in back 60’s.

  • Hardware-

The manufacturer has made the hardware with nickel metal. Thus, you can easily expect the rock solid looks in it. The elegant gold metal is also used to get the Tune o matic, that is unbeatable in the market. You can make the tuning go easy with its combo of tailpiece. The gold Grover machine used in it go up to 18:1 ratio tuning.

  • Controls-

As you are using the musical instrument, you must make it play the tune and music that you like. Naturally, the tuning plays a key role over here. This Epiphone electric guitar comes with 3-way pickup switch. The coil tap is used with control layout as Volume 1, Volume 2, tone 1, tone 2.

  • Price-

Are you willing to know the price of The Epiphone Sheraton II pro electric guitar? Trust me, it is not high priced. Rather, it is very much in your budget. If you want to make your career in music by playing the electric guitar, buy Epiphone Sheraton II pro for a quality start. You can get it in as less as $700.


The Epiphone Sheraton II pro looks beautiful with the electric archtop and the semi hollow thin line. Mahogany, sides and back is used to make this beautiful electric guitar. The lamination is given at the top to make it good and durable. The elegant gold hardware with the nickel has made it again a hit. The sound and tune comes out well automatically with its semi hollow body. Users are truly satisfied with it and rates it 4.4 out of 5.

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Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus

Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus
Source :

This is the flagship guitar which is within the Epiphone line of instrument. This is the guitar to provide tribute to 1960’s Gibson Les Paul. Epiphone company has years of friendship with the famous innovator named as Les Paul. They work together with very new and innovative product ideas. This is one of the best Epiphone electric guitar that forms the heart and soul of a True Les Paul.

Features of Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus

  • Design –

The neck of a guitar has a significant impact on the viewer as well as the player. The powerful guitar known as Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus has the deep-set neck joint. The body of the guitar is made up of maple. Top has lamination with two colours.

  • Tone-

Another important feature that you should consider while buying the guitar is the tone. This such an electric guitar that will give you warm tone with subtle. Some of you may require extremely rich tone where as some wish to get higher output. Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus is such a guitar which will absolutely provide you with wonderful output along with the inclusion of rich and vintage tone.

  • Fret board-

The musical instrument comes with the rosewood fretboard. It also has medium jumbo frets of 22 numbers. All the frets have the radius of 12”. You will also get the musical instrument with locktone tune- o- matic bridge. This will help you blend the notes in a easier way.

  • Price-

If you are going to buy a professional guitar from the market, it will cost you good amount. But, this one will be quite reasonable to you. Yes, you can now get the Epiphone electric guitar in as less as $750.


Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus is the musical instrument that comes with added features of Gibson USA 57 Classic Humbucker pickups. The solid mahogany neck of the electric guitar has variety of colours. You will get the variations like vintage sunburst, faded cherry, black cherry, midnight sapphire. You can pick up the suitable colour as your wish. The tone it produces is very good for rock and roll music. The user rates it 3.9 out of 5.

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