Best Electric Guitars Under 1000 usd

Best Electric Guitars Under $1,000: Top 5 Review and Picks

Best Electric Guitars Under 1000 usdAre you willing to buy an electric guitar? Do you like playing this musical instrument? The professional guitar players are constantly looking for the electric guitars. They want better and best combination after every passing days. But, you must have a budget beyond which you don’t wish to go. We will find the best electric guitars under $ 1,000 in this article.



Body Material Type

Number of Strings


Martin DRS2 Dreadnought Acoustic Electric Guitar e1511647625901

Martin DRS2 Acoustic Guitar

D-14 fret


9.2 x 47.2 x 20.5 inches

Yamaha A Series A3R Acoutic Electric Guitar e1511648272102

Yamaha A3R Acoutic Guitar



42.5 x 21.7 x 6.1 inches

Taylor 114ce N Matte Natural e1512087922806

Taylor Guitars 114CE- acoustic guitar

Taylor Nylon GA


45 x 19 x 7.8

Ovation 2778 AX Standard Elite e1512088152330

Ovation standard elite 2778



42.5 x 6.8 x 19.5

Epiphone DR 100 Acoustic Guitar e1512088429810

Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar



18.5 x 42 x 5.5

playground sessions

Quality in electric guitar

While choosing the electric guitar under the price range, quality check is very important. You have to check whether the guitar has good quality. Not every individual can judge the quality of an electric guitar. In such a situation, you must go ahead with the expert advice. The best electric guitars under $ 1,000 will be packed with number of features. Also, performance level of the particular guitar should be checked as well. You can look in to some of the expert reviews before choosing the particular electric guitar. Folks can check the names and designs of each guitar online. Whether you want to use it in stage or studio, it is the time to have a deep look on each and every feature.

Choice of guitar

How will you choose the guitar? The process might be tedious if you don’t have any knowledge. Go for the brands. You can get wide range of such guitar available from the local market. You won’t get any guarantee for the product. Even, the seller cannot say how long the guitar will work. Thus, it is better not to go for such investment. Instead go for the brands where you will get guarantee. The best electric guitars under $ 1,000 is now available from many renowned brands. Experts has tested wide range of such electric guitars. You can now get recommendation about countless electric guitars. Users can find online interactive guide which can help you get proper idea on the suitable electrical instrument.

Acoustic Guitar Vs Electrical guitar

A guitar player will come with their taste and preferences. You will find two types of guitars in the market. Those are the acoustic guitars and electric guitar. Previously, the guitar players used to play the acoustic guitars. But, electrical guitars are the present day’s variations. You can now choose among the two. Looks at some of the features and specifications of each of one and choose the top variation.

The acoustic guitars are further divided into two different category. Classic guitars are one among the acoustic variety of pianos available in the market. Another one is known as steel stringed acoustic. It is believed to provide better sound quality. But, you definitely need to use your fingers to operate it. Yes, you can say these are the manual guitars.

Another types of guitar is called the electric guitar. These are the present day’s guitars available for the youngsters. These are very famous and are known as rocks and rolls. The guitar players interested in such variation of music must go for the electric guitars. The music players with the fascination of rock, blue, punk and metal and go for the electric guitar. These guitars comes with equal amount of endless possibilities. The specialty of these guitar is the fact that, these can bring out different sounds with different amplifiers.

Uniqueness of electric guitar

The mechanism of electric guitar is different. It will be magnet wrapped in coils. Those are further connected to the amplifiers. As a result, you will get pickups and generate sounds. In an acoustic piano, music of the guitar is heard from the guitar’s sound. But the concept of electric piano is totally different. This will amplify the sound of guitar strings with the use of amplifier signals. You can get two variation of sounds through this unique electric guitar. One will be like a hacksaw assault and the other will be sweet and musical.

List of best electric guitar under $ 1000

Epiphone Casino couple electric guitar

Epiphone Casino couple electric guitar
Source :

People look for the musical instrument which they can carry in whichever place they move. Guitar is a lovely variation which people love to hold and move around. Naturally, you will prefer something that is really light. The Epiphone casino is the you can choose among the mass. You can get a good similarity of the guitar with the version named as Epiphone dot. The guitar comes with the axle with very sound rhythm.

Features of Epiphone Casino electric guitar

  • Tone of guitar- You definitely wish to make some magic with the guitar strings. The Epiphone casino can live up to your expectation its dog ear pickups, P90R and P90T. This will naturally give you unique and powerful single coil tone.
  • Design- You will always go for the guitar that will have a good looks. Now, even for this guitar an individual will look at the design at first. You will get this one with the laminated maple body. This has the mahogany neck as well. This is fully hollow along with classic casino attributes.
  • Hardware- People also checks the hardware before buying a guitar. This guitar comes with nickel jack that is non rotating in nature. Also, it comes with heavy duty variation. You will also get the lock tone tuned in this.
  • Pickups and electronics- The guitar include all the parts of the original casino. You will get the best sounding pickup that too with the single coil. This is ideal to provide you with the sharp key tones. You will get the clean rhythm as well.


This is the legendary variety of guitar that you get in the market. You will get a magical tone through the strings of this guitar. The musical instrument looks attractive with the 5 layer nominated maple body. The neck is made up of mahogany. The hardware of the musical instrument is heavy duty trapeze tailpiece. The sound quality is really impressive. You can get this in as less as $ 459. Thus, it is within your budget. It gets the rating of 3.6 out of 5.

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Fender American special vintage blonde guitar

Fender American special vintage blonde guitar
Source :

Are you looking for a guitar that is slightly higher in in quality and price than the startup level? The Fender American special vintage blonde guitar is the variety. This is a good guitar basically used for the rock and roll music. Most of the people have duly recognized the fingerboard on this particular electric guitar. Jumbo frets is one of its wonderful features. As a result of this feature you can easily navigate the fret board. This guitar is associated with two single coil pickups.

Feature of the guitar

  • Tele pickups- This electric guitar comes with special tele pickups with two Texas. You will get the pleasure of contemporary as well as classic tones through this guitar. People willing to hear the music and tones of the category pop, blues, rock and country will be happy.
  • High frequency- Normally, the musical instruments with high frequency does not get effect without adding bass. But, the electric guitar of this category rules this out totally. This also have an extra which is known as grease bucket tone circuit. The buyers will get it with deluxe fender gig bag.
  • Modern look- Most of us are highly fascinate about the looks of a device we buy. The musical instruments like guitar is not an exception over here. Fender American vintage style guitar has a very contemporary look with its satin finish neck. Even when you are operating the guitar, you will find string bending really easy.
  • Budget- If you have a budget constraint, the Fender American guitar will be ideal. Yes, this will be within your budget. The amount you need to pay for buying it is less than $1000.


Fender American has made wide range of musical instruments. This electric guitar provides good session to people as audience. You can hold it on your shoulder while you are on stage. The player’s rock and roll music playing can choose this guitar. Even for pop, blues and country this will contribute a lot. The guitar is a budget friendly variation as well. The user friendly guitar is good for all. The users absolutely finds comfortable to play this. The customer review is really good. People rates it 4.6 out of 5.

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ESP LTD EC- 401 electric guitar, black

ESP LTD EC- 401 electric guitar, black
Source :

Are you looking for a guitar that is little heavy? The ESP LTD EC-401 electric guitar is for you. When you perform while traveling and the road is made of hard rock, with ups and down terrain, this one will add the pinch harmonics. As per the experts, this guitar is not for novice. Well trained intermediate player or professional can buy this. If you are the drop tune player, this is the one you must avail.

Features of EC-401 electric guitar

  • Design and looks- Black is such a color that is everyone’s favorite. The players willing to get a tuff and professional look will go with this color. This particular electric guitar comes with mahogany body. But, its neck is made with rosewood fingerboard.
  • Pickups – This powerful guitar has the active pickups with EMG 60(n) and EMG 81 (b). You will get the standard variation in this electric piano. But, the manufacturer has attached the Grover tuner with this.
  • Controls- The guitar players are also concerned about its controls. You will get perfect control over the VOL and tone. The guitar also comes with 3 way toggle switch. All of them makes it a complete guitar with 3 way toggle switch.
  • Affordability- Most of us step back after viewing a professional guitar. The reason behind it is high price. But, the EC-401 electric guitar is the one with the best price. You may be charged around $ 800 from a physical store. But, if you can get it online, it will cost as less as $629. Is it not very affordable?


The black beauty electric guitar has very powerful tones. The user will be able to play the versatile music through this. The neck made with rosewood fingerboard and body with mahogany gives it an attractive look. The quality and performance of the guitar has been specified by the brand. The users are very happy with the wonderful electric guitar. The users gives 5 out of 5.

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Epiphone Les Paul 1960 Tribute Plus

Epiphone Les Paul 1960 Tribute Plus
Source :

As the name suggest, this guitar is made with the inspiration of Les Paul. This comes with the two humbucker pickups. This guitar comes with a solid mahogany block. You will be in the dream land with the superior electric guitar mentioned here. You can get different pickup configuration as well as wide range of sound through this impressive guitar.

Features of Epiphone Les Paul 1960 Tribute Plus

  • Design- The design of this guitar is really attractive. This has a solid mahogany back. The carving design is also with hard maple cap. The neck to body contact is associated with the neck pickup cavity. The manufacturer provides an exclusive color finish with faded cherry and midnight sapphire.
  • Add ons- People are eager to know about what excess they are getting along with the particular product. The makers of this exclusive guitar brings in the accessories like epiphone strap locks, rotomatic machine heads, premium hard case, Mallory- 150 tone capacitors, etc.
  • Sound- People are very impressed about its sound quality. Epiphone Les Paul 1960 Tribute Plus comes with wide range of sounds. All the sounds and tones have different pickup configuration. The audience as well as users will be satisfied with this.
  • Feel – When you are holding a musical instrument, you must have a feel. When you are holding this in your hand and play, it will be really comfortable to hold. Unlike other guitars, the neck does not taper towards the body.


The guitar is well sound with gentle look. The impressive add ons like premium hard case, rotomatic machine heads, Mallory- 150 tone capacitors, etc. makes it complete. You get it with the parallel pickup switching. The manufacturer includes a hard shell case along with the exclusive guitar. People gives it 3.9 out of 5.

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Epiphone Dot electrical guitar

Epiphone Dot electrical guitar
Source :

This is a variation of electric guitar that is semi hollow in set up. The rhythm and lead playing can be done without the disturbance of ‘hum’ sound. The reason behind it is the fact that the guitar comes with two humbucker pickups. This is a bigger type of guitar. But, the best part is, its weightlessness. Yes, when you stand with it while carrying, you won’t feel the weight at all. Also the setup of the guitar is wonderful. As a result, you get a good positioning while playing.

Features of electrical guitar

  • Tune O matic- This is a wonderful feature which you can see only in this particular guitar. The guitar comes with excellent tune O matic bridge. This is the feature where the guitar can allow alternate tuning. Also, the individual can go ahead with quick tuning of the electric guitar.
  • Light weight- The musicians would like to go for light weight instruments. Unlike other primitive level guitars, this one is the light weight variations. You can easily carry it while you are playing in a studio or a stage.
  • Maple body- You can now get the guitar with lamination. Yes, it is an exclusive laminate maple body that will absolutely stay for long. The particular guitar comes with laminated maple body. Naturally, the durability will be maximum.
  • Quality electronic parts- You get quality electronic parts in this electric guitar. Epiphone dot is famous for its quality. It comes with maple selector switch. It brings the hollow body sound. It sounds like the classic humbucker pickups.


The Epiphone dot electrical guitar is one to flaunt to the mass. The light weight variation of the electric guitar is really portable. You can carry it from one place to another. People gets this due to its quality parts. The classic humbucker pickups is another feature of this wonderful electric guitar. Tune o Matic is another style where you get the facility of alternate tuning. Design wise also it is great. The maple body lamination is another exclusive variety. Users absolutely likes it and gives it 4.3 out of 5.

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