Best Digital Piano for Classical Music Top 5 Review

Best Digital Piano for Classical Music: Top 5 Review

Best Digital Piano for Classical Music Top 5 ReviewPianos are several in the market. Choice of an appropriate piano is based on many factors. Musicians with different musical background play the pianos. Some are good at traditional music where as other are fascinated towards pops and rock. There are users with desire to play classical music. We will discuss some best digital piano for classic music. The online shopping stores have wider list. You can easily have a look at the list of such pianos with classical music domination.

Best Digital Piano for Classical Music





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Yamaha DGX-660


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Casio PX-860


96 lbs

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Yamaha P-115


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Kawai ES100 88-key


33 lbs

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35 lbs

Why you need classical music pianos?

Some of you may be confusing the simple digital piano with the digital piano for classical music. But, there are certain difference between the two. The classical players can easily brush up their skills with the help of such digital piano for classic music. You will need it for repeat practice. It is mandatory to prepare yourself very well before performing on stage. The digital piano with the classical music can help you practice without the help of teacher. Some of you may lack practice after coming back from your piano class. But, if you have such digital piano with you, practicing won’t be a trouble.

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Views on classical music piano

Some piano teachers or professionals have an opinion that, players must play classical music only on acoustic piano. It is because of the sound which the acoustic piano has. But, they are not aware of advanced techniques and facilities provided by the digital piano. Even in the modern pianos you will get the sound quality as good as that of an acoustic piano. The listeners can easily enjoy the classics with the help of such modern digital pianos. The most important part is, it include the classical music in it.

How to buy digital piano for classic music?

It is clear that, you wish to buy a digital piano that will include classic music. Now, you are going to choose them from the list. Do you know what are the factors in the same piano should you consider? Following are some facts:


Look at the speaker position of each piano. The digital piano which you are looking for in the market must include external facing speakers. You must check whether the piano has the capacity to make sounds with the help of amplifiers. The internal speaker is not enough. You must check the presence of external speakers within the piano.

Music composition

You are looking for the classical music in your digital piano. Thus, you must see whether the piano has capacity to compose such music. If you are a novice, you can easily check the specifications. Even if you are not satisfied, asked the experts.


It is important to check the price. Even if you have the capacity, there is no point in paying extra for no reason. For this you have to check the traders and the sellers selling such digital pianos. You will get a fair idea about the price. Then you can fix your budget and proceed with shopping of such pianos.

Maximum polyphony

If you are willing to get the classical piano, it is important to check whether the piano that you are holding has the maximum polyphony. This is very important as you get a superior sound quality with the help of this. The fine 64 note polyphony or 88 note polyphony will be ideal.

How similar is digital and classic pianos?

You may have found many dissimilarities between the classic and digital pianos. But, there are some similarities as well. Do you know why the digital pianos are designed? Those are done to mirror the style of the acoustic piano. In both the pianos you can get 88 key variations. Also the features like sound responses, feel, and overall effect will be similar in both the variations. There are experts who have played the upgrades of digital pianos. They can very well feel the full effect of the classical pianos.

List of Top 5 digital pianos for classical music

Yamaha YDP 143B

Yamaha YDP143B Arius Series
Source :

Are you the follower of classical music? The digital piano named as Yamaha YDP 143B will be ideal for you. The features like pure CF sound engine is good for playing it in concerts. If you have trouble in playing heavy keys, the Yamaha YDP 143B has the set of lighter key variations. The best part is, the piano comes with classic songs of around 50. This is present in the memory book.

Features of Yamaha YDP- 143B

  • Keys

The Yamaha YDP 143B comes with heavier weight in the low keys. But, you will get lighter variation in high keys. Thus, you get it just like that in an acoustic piano. This will be ideal to play classical music.

  • Controller app

The particular digital piano includes the controller app. You can connect it to the iOS devices. Thus, you will get it with the user interface that has rich graphics. This will help the player to navigate easily. Wonderful configuration of the piano is another advantage.

  • Classical songs

You will get the piano with classical songs included. Not one or two but you will get around 50 classical songs within the memory of the digital piano memory. The music books has good song variation.

  • Sound engine

The piano comes with the high quality sound engine. Yes, it is known as CF sound engine. This has very good sound quality such that you can play it easily in concerts.


This is the Yamaha Airus series piano which has the features of acoustic pianos. It can be digital piano but you have classical songs included in it. The 50 classical songs present in the memory of this piano will be ideal for your classical music playing experience. The graded hammer keyboard has the ivory key tops. The feel of the piano is awesome. The super playability feature of this classical music player will impress hundreds of audience. Users give it 4.4 out of 5.

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Yamaha P-255 digital piano for classical music

Yamaha P-255
Source :

The digital piano named as Yamaha P-255 comes with bundle of features. You can carry it from one place to another due to its portability variation. This is the contemporary style piano with Pure CF sound engine. The sound variation is like the grand acoustic sound. The best part is, you get the feel of more realistic fashion. The designing of the piano is not like other digital pianos. You will get ab acoustic design in the particular classical music piano.

Features of Yamaha P-255

  • Key tops

When you are playing the piano, you must wish to get a god feel. For this, the key top should have a good quality. The Yamaha P-255 is a piano with the ivory key tops. Naturally, you get a wonderful feel after touching and playing it.

  • Polyphony

The pianos with polyphony feature are far better than that of monophony sounds. The Yamaha digital piano comes with polyphony of 256 key note. This features has made it incline towards the classic music variation.

  • Voices

As compared to other pianos of this range, the Yamaha digital piano has impressive piano voices. These voices also include the classical music. The professionals are very happy with the sound as they feel the reproduction of sensational sound. Thus, it will be ideal to pay in a concert.

  • iOS app

These days, people are too much inclined towards the apple and iOS apps. They want to convert their performance to the app controller. This is the feature that will help you control wide range of functions in a digital piano.


Playing a piano is not a matter of joke. There are various features which needs to be gathered and allocated together. The sound and music playing capacity is very important factor. The Yamaha P-255 comes with the exclusive sound boost function. You get more volume with the greater function. The polyphony sound variation is another important feature. You can use it in apple smart phones. You can now get all these in as less as $ 1300.

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Kawai MP 7

Kawai MP 7
Source :

This is a well-known piano that comes with an exclusive harmonic imaging key. This feature itself is ideal to make it one of the best digital pianos for classical music. The exclusive sensor detection capacity of the digital piano has added value to the brands. It has wonderful feel with ivory touch keyboard. You can connect various other devices with its USB audio channel.

Features of Kawai MP 7

  • Ivory touch

The ivory touch feature of the Kawai MP-7 will be ideal for all those willing to get a wonderful feel while playing the piano. Along with this, you will get an exclusive RH2 action with let off variation.

  • Triple sensor

The digital piano named as Kawai MP 7 comes with triple action sensor. This will create an ease for all the players who wishes to play the piano with the feather touch.

  • Harmonic imaging

This is a perfect blend of technology and technique. You will get the most realistic sound and music. The vast harmonic data will be met with re-creation of the exclusive EX- concert piano. You will get the rich and dynamic range of the grand piano sound that is used in concert.

  • USB audio

This is another wonderful feature you will get in Kawai MP7 digital piano. You can transfer the classical music played in this piano to the other devices. There are usb audio. You can easily play and record MP3 as well as WAV files.


Kawai MP-7 is a piano with professional level. The exclusive feature like the harmonic imaging XL is worth mentioning here. It has 88 keys with fine-tuned sounding keys. The Kawai MP-7 digital piano have 256 note polyphony sound. The sensor detection feature has made it well demanding in the market. The USB audio helps in share, record and play the classical music. It is rated as 3.3 out of 5.

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Kurzweil MP15

Kurzweil MP15
Source :

This is also known as the student/ teacher digital piano. The reason behind it is its dual mode of keyboard display. With this split and play mode, you can easily set a teacher and a student side by side. The rosewood used in the built of this digital piano is having presence of adjustable touch sensitive keys. You get polyphony sound feature of this particular digital piano.

Features of Kurzweil MP15

  • Weighted key- The digital piano, Kurzweil MP15 comes with weighted key of 88 numbers in the piano keyboard. Another feature of the keys is the fact that it has the adjustable touch sensitive keys.
  • Polyphony- In order to play the classical music in a piano, it is very important to have the piano with polyphony note. This particular piano is having this mode. Thus, you can easily play the classical piano music.
  • Response- The touch sensitive response is another vital feature of Kurzweil piano. You will be delighted to know that, the piano does not have 1 or 2 but 10 selectable response levels.
  • Includes- You need to know the accessories and inclusive of the piano that you are buying. This is one of the variations with blue blacklit LCD. You get the bench for keeping the piano and also the place where you will sit to play the musical instrument.


Are you desperately looking for a piano that will play the classic music? Kurzweil MP15 is the one that you can trust. It has the feature of multi instrumental combination. It has the adjustable touch sensitive keys. There are 50 piano masterpiece selections. The 88 keys fully hammer style piano comes with 10 selective touch response.

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Casio PX860 BK Privia

Casio PX860 BK Privia Digital Home Piano
Source :

The Privia series of Yamaha has become really popular. The flagship of the series has started from Casio PX860. You will get an additional stage of realism with this variation. It includes the grand piano lid stimulator. You will get powerful sound engine with this piano. The keyboard action is associated with the classical music. This is the 9 food sound concert grand piano.

Features of Casio PX860 bk Privia

  • Key action

It exclusively comes with tri sensor technology. The hammer style II keyboard is attacked to this. This helps the piano give a wonderful performance. You can play the classic music with the keys.

  • Sound

You will get the sound of piano with 4 dynamic levels. You get the seamless dynamics within the sound range. You will also get the feature of damper resonance of the sound brought out of the piano.

  • Concert play

The piano has been described and used for concert play. Whether you wish to go for the orchestral performance or studio music. You can also play it for the recordings’.

  • Sensitivity

You can observe 3 levels of sensitivity in the touch response. Thus, you can easily go for the particular level of sensitivity that you like. You will get the particular musical instrument with tri sensor scale hammer action. Naturally, playing of classical music with this will be really easier.


The popularity of digital piano with classical music has increased in the present days. The manufacturer of the brand Casio has made different features available to the particular musical instrument. The sound source of the digital piano is the morphing air with multi-dimensional feature. You will get an ivory feel with 88 ebony keys. The piano with different sensitivity level is worth mentioning. There are two variations of this product. One will be just the piano and the other one is known as the value bundle. In the value bundle, you will get wide range of accessories along with the piano. The price may be little more but it is absolutely worth. Do you want to know whether people likes the piano variations or not? Yes, they like it as the rating that had received is 4.4 out of 5.

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