Kawai Digital Piano with Weighted Keys

Best Kawai Digital Piano with Weighted Keys: Top 5 Review

Kawai Digital Piano with Weighted KeysKawai is one of the best names among the digital pianos in the market. The manufacturer is well known for making and presenting different types of pianos. You will get the collection of upright pianos, acoustic pianos as well as grand pianos. You will get quality pianos in very affordable rate. You will feel the sound of professional pianos. There are pianos for both entry level players as well as professionals. There is scope for intermediate player as well. We are going to speak about the best Kawai digital piano with weighted keys.

Best Kawai digital piano





Kawai ES110 digital piano 1 e1511410891729

Kawai ES110 Digital Piano


26.5 lbs

Kawai KDP90 digital piano 1 e1511411142398

Kawai KDP90 Digital Piano


83 lbs

Kawai ES8 Digital Piano e1511411392653

Kawai ES-8 Digital Piano


65 lbs

Kawai ES110 88 key Digital Piano e1511412071980

Kawai ES110 Digital Piano


26.5 lbs

Kawai ES100 88 key Digital Piano e1511412329933

Kawai ES100 Digital Piano


33 lbs

Need of touch sensitivity

Today, people are quite advanced and wishes to get indulged with latest technology. Instead of using the keys, it is good to have the touch sensitivity feature. The makers of Kawai digital piano understood this fact. Thus, you can observe this feature in almost all the digital piano. It is a very important decision to check the touch sensitivity feature before you proceed to buy the Kawai digital piano. You can now get the Kawai digital piano which can be adjusted and customized. The weight of the piano keys have shocking reaction.

playground sessions

Inexpensive variety of digital piano

When you are going to get the digital piano from the market, the price will be one of the major concern to you. The Kawai digital piano has good list with all price ranges. If you want to go for the cheaper piano options, the same is available. There are Kawai digital pianos with moderate rate. The price depends on the features and quality of the digital piano. If you compare the digital pianos of other companies with Kawai, you will surely have an idea of the price destined by Kawai digital piano variation. The user will get the best piano with weighted keys in affordable price.

How to decide which Kawai digital piano to choose?

Importance lies in decision making on whether you wish to get a specific variety of Kawai digital piano or you need all feature in one. But, it is not possible to get everything in one. The best thing is to decide yourself on the factors. Following is the list:

Features you require

You must be clear from your side on which feature you require in a Kawai digital piano. Do you require touch sensitivity, or you have requirement of weighted keys? What type of tone you prefer is another consideration. How about the LED light that falls over the digital piano screen?

Skill and experience

The requirement of people with different skill level will be different. For example, if you are a novice and a beginner in this trade, your requirement will be very minimum. Intermediate level player will prefer more features. If you are an expert or a professional in piano playing, getting the top featured piano will be preferred.

Key variations

Some individuals prefer weighted keys. There are people who wish to avail piano that has light weight variation. Some pianos have weighted keys in the high note and light weight in the low notes. There is vice versa variation as well. People must decide which one can make them play the piano in comfortable way.

Sound for acoustic feel

It has been observed that the Kawai digital pianos are well known for its key action. Some of the players are too much inclined towards the acoustic piano sound. You must check whether the Kawai piano provides you with the real feel of acoustic wooden piano. It is important to note that the plastic ones won’t give you the sound like that of an acoustic piano.

Know about the mechanics

The user should also know the mechanics behind the Kawai digital piano. The manufacturer has decided to provide it with a more natural privot. Thus, they use extra-long keys. The Kawai manufacturer has made the keyboard graded. Some of the players wish to exert more force to press the lower keys rather than the higher ones. For all of you, Kawai can be the ultimate name. Normally, the plastic keys don’t have springs. As a result, there is response of Kawai triple action key detection. Some of the digital pianos are high priced. But, if you are looking for the cheaper variations, the same will be present here as well.

List of Top 5 Kawai digital piano with weighted keys

1. Kawai CE220 digital piano

Kawai CE220 digital piano
Source : Amazon.com

The Kawai CE-220 digital piano comes with wooden keys with exactly 88 numbers. It has the graded hammer cation keys. You will be spell bound to know that it comes with progressive harmonic imaging sound technology. There is an option of usb outlet through which you can insert chord and connect the same to other devices. You can hear it in your sound system, laptops, mobile phones etc. This is one of the best kawai digital pianos with weighted keys. You will also get the chorus effect and the pleasure of virtual technician.

Features of kawai CE220 digital piano

  • Sound

The sound effect of the digital piano is an important factor which you must consider here. The manufacturer has made it by placing the progressive harmonic imaging sound technology. Naturally, you get professional grade sound.

  • Key

Every piano has a set of keys that can be different from one variation to another. The Kawai CE 220 digital piano comes with 88 keys. This is one of the standard key combination which people prefers. You get weighted keys; thus, it will give you the real feel of acoustic piano.

  • USB connectivity

These days we wish to make all the devices quite flexible. You cannot just carry your piano every were. What will you do when you wish to hear the music and songs that you have played and recorded in piano. The usb connectivity will help you share the files easily.

  • Mode

You can now get the benefit of dual mode in this Kawai digital piano. This will give you the facility of playing two sounds in the same time. In the split mode one sound plays in left side and another in the right side.


The piano with digital variation comes with wooden key action. This comes with the progressive harmonic imaging sound technology. The usb slot will help you connect this device with something else. You can share it and listen to the music over there. This has dual mode. Best for the students willing to learn the piano lesson from their teachers. The seller has associated some essential accessories with this piano which you can enjoy. Users rates it 4 out of 5.

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2. Kawai ES-8 digital piano

Kawai ES-8 digital piano
Source : Amazon.com

You must have seen the facts on several pianos in the market. People generally purchase piano to play music. Thus, the sound and rhythm play a vital role here. You can now get the Kawai ES-8 digital piano with 34 sounds. The sound ranges constitute the church organs as well as digital piano. You will also get the sound of the string and mallet instrument. The Kawai ES-8 digital piano comes with the virtual technician experience. As a result, user can adjust the sound settings

Features of Kawai ES- 8 digital piano

  • Music style

Different types of professional music players have different style of playing music. The digital piano over here will allow you to play music in all styles. You can play, rock, pop, ballad, etc. There is a separate section known as the rhythm section which helps in giving a professional touch to the solo players. Yes, the back accompaniments help to do the same.

  • Multiple device use

There is an option for the usb connector with this digital piano. This will help you to connect the piano with other devices. You can connect it to computer or laptop, as a result MIDI use will be specified. Thus, you can store the sound in a different device and keep the memory of the digital piano free.

  • Variety of sounds

when you are playing live on stage, you will require different types of instrument sounds. Kawai ES-8 digital piano is one among the wonderful digital piano which will present you variety of sounds. Thus, your performance will be enhanced.

  • Key

You may get the pianos in the market, that has less keys. The number of keys might not be within your expectation level. The Kawai ES- 8 digital piano is one among the market that has full key size. You will get 88 keys together to play and enjoy the piano.


Requirements of each individual or the player using the digital piano will be different. But, Kawai ES-8 digital piano is the one that is availed by most of the people. Do you know the reason? It is due to its diverse features. The music style you can play is not one. The professional can play the styles like ballad, rock, pop, Latin etc. You will get the full sized 88 keys in this digital piano. You get a good rating, of the digital piano.

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3. Kawai KDP90 digital piano

Kawai KDP90 digital piano
Source : Amazon.com

When you are buying a product in the market, the first important fact its presentation. Kawai KDP90 digital piano is one of the most beautiful piano which provide an amazing sound. You can close your else and listen to its sound and music. This will emulate all different instruments. You get this digital piano with dual as well as 4 hands modes. The sliding key cover is an important accompaniment with the digital piano.

Features of Kawai KDP90 digital piano

  • Technology

The makers of the Kawai digital piano has built the harmonic imaging sound technology within this. The piano also come with the graded hammer action that include sound of 15 exceptional instrument sounds.

  • Modes

The piano comes with dual as well as four hand modes. You will get the pleasure of 192 note polyphony sound. Not only this, you will get the pleasure of listening the sound of 15 instruments which is quite exceptional. You can play two different sounds at the same time.

  • Built

The manufacturer has created the built in Alfred piano lessons inside the digital piano. You can get this piano with the grand feel pedal system. The features also include the audio outputs, 2 headphone jacks as well as MIDI in/out.

  • Wood

The digital piano comes with the wood that is having rosewood finish. Most of the people prefers piano with this wood. You will get another feature known as advanced hammer action IV-F graded hammer action.


The piano named as Kawai KDP90 digital piano comes with perfect harmony. The piano comes with the dual and four hand modes. This is the 88 keys full sized digital piano which also have the display of another instrument sound. The grand feel pedal system is another advantage of this piano. The rosewood is used to give a wonderful finish to this piano. All these you get in within $1200. People rates it 4.2 out of 5.

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4. Kawai ES110 digital piano

Kawai ES110 digital piano
Source : Amazon.com

Kawai ES110 digital piano comes with basic set of 19 sounds. This is the digital piano that works well with the beginners. It is extremely light and portable in nature. The weight of the piano is just 30 lbs. The price is quite affordable. The keys of the piano are weighted in variation. You get the built-in lesson within the piano. As a result, you can practice as per your convenience.

Features of Kawai ES 110 digital piano

  • Portable

If you are playing the piano outside home, it is important to carry it. Thus, portability is something you require here. The Kawai ES110 digital piano is very portable in nature.

  • Sound

You must be thinking about how the Kawai ES 110 digital piano sound. The sound is quite loud because of which you can comfortably play it in the studio. You will get 8 piano sounds in a device.

  • User interface

It has a very simple interface. As a result, the user can work on it in end number of ways. Also, if you are not very used to with the pianos, using the interface will be easy.

  • Connectivity

You can easily connect the piano with any other devices. The Bluetooth 4.0 can be a way to connect. There are usb ports that can connect this piano with the computer, tablets etc.


The Kawai ES 110 digital piano is a variety of digital piano that is extremely light. Thus, you can carry it from one place to another. The device with very simple user interface have the sides with plastic variation. The players don’t just play but also feel the musical instrument. The users gives it 3.7 out of 5.

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5. Kawai MP7 digital piano

Kawai MP7 digital piano
Source : Amazon.com

Are you looking for a digital piano that will be used in stage among the orchestral band? The Kawai MP7 digital piano is a variation for you. This comes with the harmonic imaging XL variation. The device also has the sensor detection feature. You can share the files to other devices through the usb port. This piano exactly has 88 keys with triple sensor detection.

Features of Kawai ES 110 digital piano

  • Keys

The digital piano keys are one of the best way to judge a digital piano. The variety comes with 88 keys. You will also get imaging XLRH2 with this piano.

  • Sound

Kawai ES 110 digital piano has a great sound for the professional player as this comes with the 256 sounds along with the user setup. This will help you play and record WAV a well as MP3 files.

  • Touch

Today people are using the touch devices in almost all fields. Piano cannot be an exception over here. This comes with the ivory sensor technology with triple action RH2 variation

  • Price

People will have a look at the price point whenever they wish to get a piano from the market. But this one is affordable. The professionals willing to get digital piano will bang for this.


The 88-key digital piano is also known as the master controller. This comes with Harmonic imaging XL. The manufacturer has made this available with the RH2 action. The sensor detection feature is another great feature of this Kawai ES 110 digital piano. This has the virtual technician sustain pedal. But, if you don’t want to take this, it will be sold separately.

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