Best Digital Piano for Advanced Players

Best Digital Piano for Advanced Players: Top 5 Expert Review and Picks

Best Digital Piano for Advanced PlayersThe advanced piano players are a level higher than the intermediate players. They are the pianist with superior level of skill. Normally there are 3 levels of players. Beginners, intermediate and advanced level. Beginners are the basic level players. The intermediate level have efficiency higher than beginner’s level but has less skill than the advanced piano players. We are going to discuss the best digital pianos for advanced players.

Best Digital Piano for Advanced Players





Yamaha YDP 143R Arius e1511383645929

Yamaha YDP-143R Arius


111 lbs

Kurzweil MP15 Digital Piano e1511383792396

Kurzweil MP15 Digital Piano


125 lbs

Yamaha P 45B digital piano e1511384015370

Yamaha P 45B digital piano


45 lbs

Nord Piano 3 e1511384446604

Nord Piano 3 digital piano


40 lbs

Yamaha Arius YDP V240 e1511384657881

Yamaha Arius YDP-V240


146 lbs

Acoustic piano for advanced players

Normally, the experts wish to go for the acoustic piano. Not, when the player is of advanced level, they will always desire to get a feel of heavy weighted keys. You will get the sound and feel of acoustic piano in digital piano. Today, you will get all the features of an acoustic piano in a digital piano. The present days pianos are light weighted and portable. But, the players will get a feel of acoustic piano. Thus, the advanced players can easily use this.

playground sessions

Stage pianos for advanced players

The advanced players are generally the professionals. Naturally, they wish to sing in a stage. The professionals with advanced knowledge always look for such piano that is widely audible. The sound quality of such piano must be extraordinary. But the outdated acoustic pianos have one problem. They are too heavy. But the manufacturers of the piano have been thinking of a variety that have all features of a stage piano. Additionally, the manufacturers have made it portable variety. Since, they go for multiple stage shows, they have to carry the piano from one place to another.

Guide for buying best digital piano advanced players

The advanced players are very particular about their piano keyboard. They want perfection in playing. Thus, while buying the best digital pianos for advanced players, there are some factors which you must consider:

  • Touch- The piano is all about keys. The players can’t play the piano without touching. Thus, the sensitivity of touch is an important factor. The advanced piano players look for the excellent effect.
  • Sound- The sound quality in a piano that will be played by an advanced player must be excellent. You will get the tone adjustment feature in the new piano keyboard. Whether and how it sounds to the player or the audience is again an important fact.
  • Action– Another factor before buying a piano for advanced player is the action. You must consider the action of the piano keyboard. A quality casework is a consideration over here. The height must be a factor again.
  • USB slots– The advance players also require good practice. But, this is not always possible within the mass. If you are practicing the keyboard, you need some privacy. Also sound of music must reach to your ear very well. Through the USB slots you can insert the cord which will connect you from ear to piano.

Piano seat for advanced players

The piano seat is a vital fact for the advanced level piano player. If you go for a good quality piano, the accessories will be provided. You can now get the piano bench along with the piano. In order to get concentration in piano playing, one need to sit down. Thus the best digital pianos for advanced players should include the bench or the piano seat.

Price of advanced player’s keyboard

Every individual wish to get good product in least price. The advance piano players are not an exception in this situation. If the manufacturers demand very high price, that will be a negative point for them. The buyer will compare the price of advanced players with same feature available with different piano manufacturer. The one that is best within the same price range must be considered.

Top 5 digital piano for advanced players

Yamaha Arius YDP-143

Yamaha Arius YDP-143
Source :

Yamaha YDP- 143 is a small and sweet sized piano. It will remind you of the spinet sized piano. Whether you want to keep it in a corner of your bedroom or a studio with very less space, this digital piano from Yamaha will fit in a very small place. It is the piano with full 88 keys. It also comes with beautiful wooden stand. You will get a studio performance with this digital piano.

Features of Yamaha YDP- 143

  • Console- The YDP-143 has the console which includes three traditional pedals. If you compare this one with other piano keyboard, you will find this one is better as this has no loose wires.
  • Bench and music rest- The manufacturer deal has included two vital accessories with this advanced pianist piano. One is the piano bench and the other one is music rest. It makes the player play the piano comfortably.
  • CF sound engine– If you are speaking about piano, sound quality is the vital phenomenon. The advanced player’s piano comes with an exclusive CF sound engine. The loud sounding speakers creates a boost in the sound quality.
  • Polyphony– The manufacturer of YDP-143 made it with available with 192 note polyphony feature. It helps you handle the big songs easily. It creates the sustainability and rapidity of use.
  • Bluetooth connectivity– The connectivity of the keyboard is another important factor. The keyboard has the usb slot within. You can easily connect it with your laptop


The digital piano from the bucket of advanced players makes it work efficiently. You are going to get this piano with 3 pedals. The CF sound engine provides a boost in the sound quality of piano. You can connect it with iOS and android. Yamaha YDP- 143 is taken as one among the best digital pianos for advanced players. The users rates it 4 out of 5.

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Kurzweil MP15

Kurzweil MP15
Source :

The Kurzweil MP15 is not only the piano played by advance pianist, rather the intermediate pianist can also play the same. The manufacturer has made this piano for the ease of both intermediate players and the advanced piano players. It is again 88 key digital piano with beautiful black wood. This has more than 100 voices with different instruments.

Features of Kurzweil MP15

  • Sound chip technology- The sound quality of Kurzweil MP15 piano is quite different than other variation of advanced player piano. The reason behind it is the sound chip technology. The users are very satisfied with the sound quality of this keyboard variation.
  • Instrumental effects- The particular advanced pianist piano comes with wide range of instrumental effects. It includes the sound effects of 16 drums and percussion kits, 16 guitars, etc. You get the facility of playing with 8 organs and 16 synth.
  • Touch sensitive- The Kurzweil MP15 have full-fledged 88 keys within its keyboard. The piano have the touch sensitive variation. Also, the sensitivity is very strong. You can make it work just with the feather touch. But, it is possible to adjust the sensitivity.
  • Recorder and sequencer- You can now hear your own performance with the recorder feature. The lyrics which you have played can be stored within the piano. You can hear it in your free time and check whether you could do justice to the song.
  • Display- The display of the advanced player’s piano is also worth mentioning. You can see all the texts and the lyrics in the display. Yes, it will be presented in blue backlit LCD. It is possible to view 1 line, 16 character at a time.


Kurzweil MP15 is quite an advanced pianist keyboard with wide number of features. It comes with the control panel and also the larger preset sound pallet. You can enjoy the pleasure of 4- zone multi- instrument setup. The LCD screen displays the texts very well. The diverse instrumental effects within the piano makes its audibility more refined. Users gives it 4.2 out of 5.

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Yamaha P 45B digital piano

Yamaha P 45B digital piano
Source :

This is one of the latest model piano within the range of contemporary piano. But, this is made by keeping in the mind all such individuals who are playing the piano in advanced level. Yes. This is for the professional variation. This model has replaced its predecessor, P-35. It comes with 88 weighted key variation. The Yamaha P255 also uses a technology called as Advanced Wave Management (AWM). As, a result, the users are presented with rich music library.

Features of Yamaha P 45B

  • Weighted action key- The professionals or the piano players in the advanced level always wish to get the keys that are little weighted. According to them, they get a feel of the real piano playing.
  • USB connectivity- These days people don’t just use the piano as it is. They want it to connect to different other devices. But for that, they would require the USB port. The Yamaha P 45B comes with such ports so that you can connect it to multiple devices.
  • Single bottom function- This feature will be missing in various advanced level piano. But the Yamaha piano manufacturer has kept it within this instrument. Due to this unique single button feature, you can easily change wide range of settings with a touch of your finger tip.
  • Chorus effect- If you are a professional, you must be playing different category of music. Some of them also requires the chorus effect in the background. The Yamaha P 45B comes with such chorus effect.
  • Dual/ Split mode- Another wonderful feature of the Yamaha P 45B is its dual split feature. This will help you to get a perfect combination of all the built in voices to make your performance much more creative. The split mode helps you use the two different sounds in both the lower and higher end.


Yamaha P 45B is one among the wonderful piano that has variety of features. The weighted action key, dual split mode as well as USB connectivity are some of its positive effect. The players will easily get a real feel of piano with this musical instrument. You can use it at home or in the outdoors. It has better portability as well. The users rates it 5 out of 5.

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Nord Piano 3

Nord Piano 3
Source :

The presentation of the Nord Piano 3 is eye catchy with its red color body. Many professionals said that, playing piano through this keyboard gives a damn good experience. Nord has given more emphasis on the quality of the sounds and the keyboard. It has 88 senor triple sensor keys with the grand weighted action. This is done for providing better key response.

Features of Nord Piano 3

  • OLED display- You must have heard this term associated with the smart phone. The customers are surprise to get this feature in the piano keyboard. Getting OLED display means, you are using the best keyboard.
  • Instrumental effects- While playing the piano, you can also get the instrumental effects. This is possible as the particular Nord Piano comes with different instruments such as choirs, strings, pads, brass etc. The effect on the audience will be awesome.
  • Deep chorusing- The advance pianist always prefers the keyboard that has the chorus effect. This is the piano variation that comes with chorusing and tremolo. The audience will be happy to get this effect on your piano.
  • Tone variation- Unlike other piano keyboard, the Nord Piano 3 comes with 6 ultra-high quality piano. You can shape it exactly the way you wish. Naturally, you can deliver more dynamic performance to your audience.
  • Sample synth section- Another feature you can explore is through its sample synth section. It includes the envelopes as well as filters. Naturally, it will bring you image of a real synthesizer.


The advanced pianist piano named as Nord Piano 3 has wide number of features. While you play the piano, you can get the full panel of effect. People going to perform in stage through this piano can make maximum people happy. You get the headphone and MIDI USB within the two output. Most of the people love it as the feeling of typing the keys is really awesome. Users rates it 5 out of 5.

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Yamaha YDP – v240

Yamaha YDP – v240
Source :

The Yamaha YDP- V240 is a wonderful piano to behold. It was manufactured with a beautiful solid wooden frame. If you see it in the first instance, you will have a feeling that it has come directly from the factory. The dark rosewood finish of the piano is another reason for attraction. It is also really portable as compared to other advanced piano variations. The LCD screen has a length of 4.5 inch which is placed at the middle portion of interface.

Features of Yamaha YDP- V240

  • Hammer action technology– The keys used in the keyboard is an important feature while making the product. The advanced player are inclined towards the weighted keys. Yamaha YDP- V240 comes exclusively with weighted keys.
  • Sound quality– One of the most important necessity of the piano is the sound quality. It is the musical instrument. Thus, if the sound quality is not good, people won’t take it. The sound quality of this piano is successful in keeping other consoles of digital pianos apart.
  • Finger response– The touch sensitivity feature is again an important point. Since the keyboard is totally touch system, you need to check whether and to what respect the touch is responding. This device come with stereo sampling technology. Thus, the touch response to your fingers will be awesome,
  • Polyphony– The very dynamic Yamaha YDP- V240 piano comes with 20 watt amplifier speakers. Thus, this will help you even when there is a need of broader hearing. The 64 note polyphony feature can take almost everything you wish to push in it.
  • USB slots– This feature is a must for every pianos these days. People are now gadget freak. They will wish to connect their piano music with the smart phones and laptop. Thus, the piano also have usb slots for connection.


Yamaha YDP- V240 is defined as a wonderful piece of machinery. If you want to say about its looks, it will definitely fail many such pianos within this price range. The sound quality, weightier hammer keys and the touch sensitivity of the piano again gives more score. The users gives it 4 out of 5 marks.

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