Best Synthesizer Keyboards for Beginners

Best Synthesizer Keyboards for Beginners – Top 5 Review and Picks

Best Synthesizer Keyboards for Beginners Piano keyboard has several revolutionary effect. Now, the synthesizer keyboard is one among the variety. It is an electronic musical instrument which is widely used these days. The instrument generates signals which is again converted through the tools like headphones, amplifiers as well as loudspeakers. This will be attached to your musical instrument to create a boost in your musical performance. We are going to discuss the best synthesizer keyboards for beginners.

Best synthesizer keyboards for beginners





Casio XW P1 synthesizer e1511258525629

Casio XW- P1 synthesizer


30 lbs

Korg MicroKORG XL synthesizer e1511260205251

Korg microKORG XL Synthesizer


4.4 lbs

Roland JUNO Gi Synthesizer e1511261769636

Roland JUNO-Gi Synthesizer


12.6 lbs

Yamaha REFACE DX Portable FM Synthesizer e1511262142424

Yamaha REFACE DX Portable FM Synthesizer


6 lbs

Moog LPSSUB001 Sub Phatty Analog Synthesizer e1511262390455

Moog LPSSUB001 Analog Synthesizer


16 lbs

About synthesizer

An individual named Bob Moog has created an instrument. Bob was not a musician, rather he was only an electrician. The device he invented was enough to challenge the traditional sound generation devices. This was the synthesizer. An instrument that contributed in the electrical world of music. The electronic world of music is now boosted with the synthesizer.

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History of synthesizer

Do you know when was the synthesizer first used? It was first used in the year 1960. Slowly people have come to know about it. In the year 1970, the synthesizer started to be used in the discos. Previously the price of such instruments were too high. But, after it has become popular, the synthesizer has become quite inexpensive. Today, the synthesizer keyboards are used for many genres, such as dance music, pop and rock.

Guides to buy synthesizer keyboards for beginners

Before buying a synthesizer keyboard, it is important to see whether it meets the criteria for a beginner, intermediate or a professional. In this article we are discussing about the best synthesizer keyboards for beginners. Following are the guidelines:

  • The synthesizer must have sport 5 octaves with full sized keys
  • For the beginners usage, the synthesizer must include the functions such as pitch adjustment, transpose as well as touch sensitivity
  • It should have good collections of tones and sounds. You will also get some of the auto rhythms within the synthesizer
  • Since it is the beginner’s level of synthesizer, the keys are designed especially for the youngsters. Thus, the size and shape are smaller.

Analog or digital synthesizer?

Now, this synthesizer can be further divided into two categories. One is known as digital synthesizer and the other one is analog synthesizer. If you are using the analog synthesizer, it uses the electric current to generate signals. You can get those signals within the keyboards.

But, the digital synthesizers are little different as compared to the analog variety. As a matter of fact, it is more advanced formula in a synthesizer. This runs on the sounds that is created digitally sound signal. The sounds can be further altered or manipulated by the computer.

The digital synthesizers have advantages over the analog variety. The digital variety can create wide range of sounds. Thus, this system can cover a huge territory in the world of music. Thus, while choosing the best synthesizer keyboards for beginners, you must go for digital synthesizer.

Monophonic or Polyphonic

Another variety from which you can choose is among the Monophonic and Polyphonic variety of synthesizer. It is also a good consideration altogether. Monophonic synthesizers are those varieties which can play only one note of the piano at a particular time. Many analog and digital synthesizers are available in monophonic variety.

But, the Polyphonic synths have an advantage over the monophonic variety as it has the capacity to play many notes at the same time. Polyphonic synths allow the users to play multiple tones simultaneously.

Thus, the price of Monophonic synths are lower than that of the polyphonic variety. If you are fine with playing one note at a time, the monophonic synths will be suitable for you. But, most of the people prefers the polyphonic variety as these can give you more variety and tones to be played at a particular point of time.

List of top 5 synthesizer keyboards for beginners

Casio XW- P1 synthesizer

Casio XW- P1 synthesizer
Source :

Casio XW-P1 synthesizer is often said the true performance synthesizer. This is a monophonic synthesizer, but it speaks on quality. You will get features like beautiful drum sounds, high quality strings as well as organic instrument. It comes with 61 keys which works well to fulfill the beginner’s requirement. It is also a professional synthesizer keyboard which has 400 fully sounds with editable variation. The Casio XW- P1 synthesizer also comes with 9 sliders.

Features of Casio XW- P1 synthesizer

  • Portability- Today, people are looking for the portable variety of keyboards rather than the heavy weight variations. The particular synthesizer right from the bucket of Casio has a great portability factor.
  • Sequencers and Arpeggios- This particular synthesizers have facility of producing wide ranges of music. It includes animated synths, pulsing dance grooves etc. The synth helps in getting the step sequencer along with the phrase sequencer. As a result, wide arrays of sound possibilities is detected.
  • Sound- Another feature to be marked for the Casio XW- P1 synthesizer is its sound quality. You will absolutely find its sound similar to that of an acoustic piano. You will get a good combination of the analog and digital sounds.
  • Controls- Whether and to what extent the user can control the synth while operating is an important fact. The device comes with 9 sliders, 4 knobs with real time controlling variation. You can also easily monitor your computer, Mp3 player etc. with the audio input.


Casio XW- P1 synthesizer is a versatile keyboard which include the drawbar organ, programmable solo synths, varied tones, etc. All of them are editable. You also get the SD card slots. As a result inserting the USB inside it is quite easy. The users can get two types of touch response in it. The synthesizer are many more features. User’s rates is 4.5 out of 5.

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Korg MicroKORG XL + synthesizer

Korg MicroKORG XL + synthesizer
Source :

This is one among the modern day synths available in the market. You will be able to enjoy 128 sounds onboard through the Korg MicroKORG XL synth. The size of the synth is very small and cute. It has 37 mini keys. The sound released after playing the synth is really amazing. The most important advantage of this musical keyboard is its affordability. You can now get the original synth from Korg once you are tuned to the online shopping sites.

Features of Korg MicroKORG XL synth

  • Sound engine– The sound quality of the synth has been made better with its improved sound engine. This was possible as the makers have associated the device with some handful of tweaks. Korg MicroKORG XL synth is an update to the classic variety.
  • Portable– As stated above, the new synth brought in the market by KORG is really portable. It not only looks small, rather it can be carried easily from one place to another. The players like this one for the particular feature.
  • Keys– Since it is for the beginners synths, too much of keys will make them feel complicated. The makers of Korg MicroKORG XL synth has made justice with this feature. The device comes with 37 keys. Thus, the beginners can learn the important tones at first.
  • Touch– The touch on the keyboard must be feathery. The sensitivity is quite high. The players will be happy to play the piano with such a wonderful response. But, it is also possible to adjust the sensitivity.


Korg MicroKORG XL synth is the beginner’s level synth with 37 keys. This features makes the learning process less complicated. The users will be able to learn playing those keys easily. The portability feature is another plus point with the synth. You can move it from one place to another easily without trouble. The usb slot helps to get the microphone attached. The sound quality is really good for this level. Users rates it 4.8 out of 5.

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Roland Juno-Gi

Roland Juno-Gi
Source :

The Roland Juno – Gi is a variety of synth which is known for its legendary quality. You will be able to realize the creation of the mobile synth experience with the same. It comes with 128 voice polyphony with a wide library of voices. You will be able to go ahead with the live performance through its 1300 high quality sounds. The Roland Juno – Gi also has eight track digital recorder.

Features of Roland Juno – Gi

  • Light weight– No piano users would like to get the keyboard or a synth that is very heavy. Rather, a light weight variation is preferable. You get the synth with compact body. The synth is so light that you will be able to lift it with a single hand. Thus, a teenage can also use this easily.
  • Arpeggiator and Memory chord function– You will be delighted to know that, the Roland Juno – Gi comes with an arpeggiator. You will be able to use it with the electronic pop music as well as dance function. Playing such synth will be a fun. While you are performing the show, it will be easy to create a secondary rhythm.
  • Screen and display– Another important feature of Roland synth is its display. It comes with a large monochrome affair. The color on the screen is also better. You can see several key buttons around the display. Through this you will be able to proceed to the GI sound.
  • Sound quality– When you are speaking about a musical instrument, the sound quality speaks a lot. There will be discovery of some occasional settings. You can easily get an excellent overall sound quality when you play the Roland Juno – Gi
  • Recorder function– It will be very disappointing if you cannot hear the music which you have created. But the sound recorder system of the Roland piano has this facility. It comes with an extra ordinary eight track recorder. The device can also hold 99 songs at a stretch. Also, more space can be created for getting the record right from the synth.


Roland Juno – Gi is a powerful keyboard altogether. You get the digital recording function with the device. The stage performers can be benefited with the same. The synth also comes with the multi- track function. The sound quality is also awesome. The light weight synth is also really portable. You can carry this light weight digital piano from one place to another without any trouble.

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Yamaha DX-7

Yamaha DX-7
Source :

Have you ever have a view of the vintage synths? Yamaha DX-7 is the one to be considered. The instrument was released in the year 1983. This is one of the most affordable variety of synth which have a wonderful sound quality. You will get a good control over the device. This particular devices is also used by the stage models and the lead musicians.

Features of Yamaha DX-7

  • Touch sensitivity– The synth developed by the Yamaha has a good deal on the touch sensitivity. Yes, the device come with the exclusive clever touch panel. There are four columns which is well versed with onscreen selected function. Operating it is also very easy. You just need to press red button. This will automatically bring your level up.
  • Polyphony- The synth from the makers of Yamaha has included polyphony variation in Yamaha DX-7. You will be able to get 16 voices, you can also get the facility of 16 bit digital 6 operator FM. This is the reason why most of the piano players prefers this variety.
  • Sound quality- The users of the synth has reported that, Yamaha DX-7 has the wonderful sound quality. It is quite like the modern moog oscillator. It comes with the continuous variable waveform.
  • Memory- It is important to find out the memory level of Yamaha DX-7. The expert reviewer says that, it comes with 32 patches of memory. The keyboard of the particular Yamaha synth comes with 61 keys. Thus, beginners will enjoy playing it without any hassle.


The Yamaha DX-7 is a well-known FM synth. It has now become a successful digital synthesizer. You don’t need to worry about the price as the device is not very expensive. It has a very good sound quality. The synth also comes with 32 patches of memory. The 61 keys associated with the device is suitable for the beginners using the synth. This is the wonderful device which allows the user to play and record their music in finger tips. Users rates it 4.5 out of 5.

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Moog LPSSUB001 Sub Phatty analog synthesizer

Moog LPSSUB001 Sub Phatty analog synthesizer
Source :

This is a variety of analog synthesizer that comes with 25 semi weighted keys. For the beginners this will be a great option as it does not have many keys which is likely to make it complicated. The user can control the synth immediately with the help of its ultra-stable variable wave. It comes with wide range of classic as well as modern sounds. The musical instrument comes with dual oscillators with its analog signal path. Moog LPSSUB001 is one among the powerful mono synths.

Features of Moog sub phatty

  • Multi drive feature- The Moog LPSSUB001 is such a synth which comes with the multidrive feature. The synth also has the multidrive circuit. As a result, you will get a proper control over the rich post filter overdrive.
  • Modulation- Who does not want to get a perfect modulation of the synth? Moog LPSSUB001 is the device you can bang upon. You can easily modulate your device with the help of its sound generating oscillators.
  • Impressive knobularoty- The popularity of Moog has increased for its superior circuit. Bob Moong was the first to discover this feature. Yes, it is the original ladder filter. You can a classy and impressive sound with this feature.
  • Switches and knobs- The number of switch and the operation is also an important fact to discover in Moog LPSSUB001 It comes with 31 knobs. Also you get the 13 switches which is easily operate able. It is also possible to get an immediate control over it.


To conclude, the Moog LPSSUB001 Sub Phatty analog synthesizer is one among the best synths available in the market. It has the analog variation. But, the usability for the beginners will be perfect with its 31 knobs and 13 keys. It comes with the on board noise generator. It is 25 semi weighted keys which is really affordable in the market. It has got inspiration of its designing from the classic synths. The editor and librarian software is also included with the particular device. It is quite popular and user rates it 5 out of 5.

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