Best Entry Level Digital Piano in the Market

Best Entry Level Digital Piano in the Market – Top 5 Review and Picks

Best Entry Level Digital Piano in the MarketThe entry level pianos are those with very minimum features. These are for the beginner level users. You can now get wide range of such pianos in the market. Choosing the appropriate one is vital. Price is also an important factor over here. You should see whether the features present in the entry level piano match with the price. WE are going to discuss the best entry level digital piano in the market.





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Yamaha P45B Digital Piano


35.4 lbs


Casio Privia PX160


24.5 lbs

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Williams Legato 88-Key


19 lbs

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Williams Allegro 2 88-Key


29.8 lbs

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Korg SP170s Piano


35 lbs

Accessories in best entry level piano

The entry level piano comes with some basic accessories. But, not all sellers or the manufacturers provides all accessories. You must find the product and the brand which provides wider variety of accessories in an entry level piano. Following are some of them:

playground sessions
  • Keyboard bench- Did you ever think, where will you place your piano keyboard if there is no appropriate place? The keyboard bench is one of the accessories which you should consider here. The benches are available with height adjustment feature.
  • Headphones- When you are playing a piano, you will need utmost concentration. The sounds that are coming to your ear from outside can create disturbance. Thus, the Best piano headphone that covers both your ears will be important. Another use of headphone is, it will create clarity of sound when you are hearing it from the piano.
  • Audio sustain pedal- If you are a beginner in the piano using operation, the  best sustain pedal is an important consideration. You will get the resistance equal to that of that of a grand piano sustain. This will help you to stay in one place and don’t move when the piano is played.
  • Digital piano pedal- This accessory is also available in many variations. The brands making piano keyboard makes this digital piano pedal. You will get the alignment same as that of the grand piano. The best part is, when you are using, the pedal won’t slide on floor.

How to buy the best entry level digital piano?

You must consider variety of factors while buying the entry level digital piano.

Good instrument

If you are buying digital piano for a beginner, it is important to check its instrument variation. It is important to make the beginner use the good instrument. Don’t go for a cheap quality product at all.

Cost of the piano

There is probably a factor of cost with the digital piano. You cannot make the beginner level piano player to use the piano that is of the price of professional level. It is always good to have a check of price. You can now have a look at the varied type of pianos and the price list in it.

Sound effect

Speaking about piano, sound is an important fact. It is always good to avail piano that has softer sound. The beginner level piano must bring out moderate amount of sound. It should not be too loud or too less.


If you are buying a piano, you don’t generally thing to throw it away after using for a year or two. You must have thought about its long years of usability. Now, it depends of the type of piano. If you are buying an electronics keyboard, it will last for 3-5 years. Digital pianos lasts for 5-10 years. If you are buying the upright piano, you can get it in use for 20-30 years. The grand pianos lasts for a long time. You can keep it operated for 30-50 years.

Is the beginners piano portable?

Generally, the professionals prefer the grand and upright piano variations. They want to feel the hammer touch. But, the beginners don’t understand this much. They are comfortable with all types. Now, the world is getting improved. People requires relaxation and ease of operation. Thus, the piano manufacturing companies are concentrating on the portability factor. There is a good chance that, most of the beginner’s level piano has portability feature.

Keys for beginners

Now, the beginner piano player will think about the number of keys they are likely to use in a piano keyboard. Normally, a general keyboard comes with 88 keys. But, for a beginner, all 88 keys won’t be in use. Since you don’t need to know and practice just like an advanced piano player, so many keys and functions will make you confused. The keyboard with 61 or 76 keys will appropriate. Generally the players tends to use their fingers in the middle portion of the keyboard. Thus, that much of keys will be placed in beginners’ level keyboard.

List of Best Entry Level Digital Piano in the Market

Yamaha P-45

Yamaha P-45
Source :

This is one of the newly found digital piano in the market that is quite affordable. People willing to learn piano at the first stage must go for Yamaha P-45. You can get all types of features that is needed in a beginner’s piano. You can also get some additional features as well. You get double polyphony in this piano as compared to others available in the market.

Features of Yamaha P-45

  • Touch response- When you are touching the piano keys with your fingers, you need to do a sensitivity test. The Yamaha P-45 passes this test. If you touch the keyboard you will absolutely get the sensitive appearance. Individuals can also adjust the sensitivity level.
  • Music rest- Normally, you won’t get accessories with the beginner’s level piano. But, the Yamaha P-45 will provide music rest. You can also get switch style sustain pedal.
  • Sound engine- You can also get an exclusive sound engine with this beginner’s level piano. Yes, this comes with the most popular sound engine, i.e. AWM sound engine. With this you get the maximum polyphone of 64 note.
  • Dual mode sound- This feature is present in very few pianos in the beginner’s level. The manufacturers has created it by making the layering of two sounds together. The keyboard is split in two different zones. One is for teacher and another for student.


The Yamaha P-45 is one of the wonderful beginner’s level digital keyboard widely available in the market. The sensitivity level, sound engine, weighted keys etc. The best feature of the entry level digital piano is the dual mode sound. This is absolutely a learning piano as in this dual mode both the teacher and the student can operate. The users absolutely liked it and give it 4.5 out of 5.

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Williams Allegro 2, 88- key hammer action digital piano

Williams Allegro 2, 88- key hammer action digital piano
Source :

This is a piano that is better than Williams Allegro. But the 2nd version of Williams Allegro is better than its predecessor. At the same time it is quite affordable. Though it is treated as the beginner’s level piano, it comes with 88 keys with fully weighted hammer action variation. The users can get the feel of ultra-realistic piano sound.

Features of Williams Allegro 2

  • Sound library- The Williams Allegro 2 comes with the sound library. The sound over here is not like that of other pianos. Rather, you get it through the unique hi definition instrument sounds. It will be good to get the sounds of the musical instruments like bass, organs, electric piano, grand piano, etc.
  • Connectivity- These days, people emphasize on the connectivity feature more. The William Allegro 2 comes with the same. You have the USB slot within the beginner’s piano. This will help you connect to the laptop, tablet, smart phone etc.
  • Control- The piano comes with an exclusive control. Yes, this is a modulation/ FX for a realistic view. It also has the vibrato effect with the rotary control. This is true on selected instrument.
  • Display- It is important to have a clean view. The LCD screen associated with the piano will help you fulfill this desire. This is very important for the parameter adjustment and ease of view.


People says the William Allegro 2 is a beginners level piano. But, it is a full size digital piano. It comes with the weighted key that is 88 in number. The piano has a new sound library which can be customized. It is versatile in nature. The control part can be handled easily. The piano comes with graphic LCD display. Thus, you can easily go ahead with split and layer function. This is a best instrument to play and practice music. People rates it 4.3 out of 5.

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Casio PX – 150

Casio PX – 150
Source :

Casio model is not restricted to that of beginner’s level piano. Rather, the features that you will view over here will be available in the pianos that are quite expensive. You will feel happy to play this piano that comes with multi-dimensional morphing air sound source. You will be able to get an experience of amazing piano playing.

Features of Casio PX- 150

  • Sound variety- The beginner’s level piano as stated here comes with 18 beautiful sounds. You can also find a built in DSP along with this. The beginners will be benefited with its exclusive 60 songs.
  • Keys and keyboards- Normally a piano used by the beginners has very less number of keys. But, this one has as much as 88 keys. The weights of the keys are different in the higher as well as lower notes.
  • Split layer mode- This mode in a piano is absolutely a wonderful feature. Beginners need this as a piano teacher will require one mode and the other will be taken by the learner. There is also the built in DSP feature. As a result, the effects will be maximum.
  • Stimulator- The beginner’s level piano, Casio PX- 150 comes with different levels of stimulators. Those are named as string resonance, hammer resonance, Lid stimulator, damper resonance, string resonance etc.


The new Casio PX-15 is the beginners level piano with powerful sound engine. It is stylish and lightweight. You will get wide variety of sound and tunes. The split layer mode of the piano is one of the best features. Experts have redesigned the piano with 88 keys that too with the tri sensor scale. The keys are of ivory texture with ebony stimulation. People gives it 4.2 out of 5.

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Korg B1 88 key digital piano

Korg B1 88 key digital piano

You can now get an enhanced look in a beginner’s level piano in this Korg B1 piano. Are you going to practice it at home? This is going to be a perfect one. The keyboard has 88 number of keys with hammer action variation. You can also get the digital sample sound of around 8 numbers. You will get accessories along with it. Yes, the sellers has made available the keyboard stand along with this. Thus, you can easily practice it without any difficulties.

Features of Korg B1

  • Sound system- Even in the beginner’s level, the sound system should be enhanced. The exclusive sound engine of this entry level piano has the perfect sound. This comes with an exclusive stereo sound system. You get a superior sound with this.
  • Design- The piano comes with a sleek and slim design. The wonderful keyboard touch is one of its specialties. People says, it is the authentic piano touch. While carrying also, you don’t have to give much efforts. There will be absolute ease of use.
  • Keyboard stand- Sometimes you may find it really difficult to operate a piano when there is no space to keep. But this problem of yours can be solved with Korg B1 digital beginner’s keyboard. But this will be an optional.
  • Keys- You will get in total of 88 keys in this particular digital piano variation. The device can also provide a chorus effect. It is an effective feature for a stage performance.


The beginner’s level piano must have an easy access for the users. The Korg B1 is one of such variation which has a wonderful design. The portable variation of the beginner’s keyboard can be carried easily from one place to another. The user’s rates is really well. They gave a score of 4.3 out of 5.

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Alesis Coda Pro digital piano

Alesis Coda Pro digital piano
Source :

The previous version of piano made by the same manufacturer is now replaced. That was quite disappointing. But, this one is proved to be an effective combination of sound, layout, design and other features. You will get an exclusive piano tone in it. You will definitely get 19 voices within this Alesis Coda Pro Digital piano. There is an option for the split and layer modes. Thus, the practice scope for learners and teaching scope of teacher will be fulfilled here.

Features of Alesis Coda Pro digital piano

  • Keyboard- The beginner’s level piano has 88 number of keys. Now, these are also the hammer action key variation. The quality is well recognized with competitive variation in product.
  • Split and layer- This feature has become a must these days. Especially when you are going to get a beginners level piano. There will be someone who teaches and another one who can learn. This feature is really effective when the keyboard has two modes.
  • Duet mode- When you are going to perform over the stage, duet mode is effective. You and your co-partner can perform together. Also it has 50 accompaniment patters.
  • Voices- The piano has 20 built in voices. Thus, the layering of two voices in simultaneous fashion is easy. This feature is also an effective one while buying a beginner’s piano.


It’s time for the beginners to get a feedback. It is only possible if you have a recording system. The Alesis Coda Pro is such a piano variation which gives you an opportunity for record and perform. If you are looking for good piano class, the guide or the teacher can teach you really well through this. You will get a USB system connected to this. People rates is 4.2 out of 5.

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