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Best Sounding Digital Piano : Top 5 Review and Picks

Best Sounding Digital PianoThe sound of a digital piano matters a lot. If the sound is not perfect, there is no point buying it. We will take a look at best sounding digital piano available in the market. There are many factors which makes the musical instrument best sounding. Tone of piano is an important fact. Each piano has a different feature within this category.






Casio Privia PX 850


99 lbs

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Yamaha P155


57 lbs

61m%2BBKc1gtL. SL1200

Roland RD-300NX


103 lbs

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Williams Legato 88-Key


19 lbs

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Yamaha DGX 660


83 lbs

Why it is best sounding?

The users playing piano can find different between the sounds of different pianos. The tuning, volume and other details of each piano sound may differ. Did you ever think about why one piano cost low but another cost more than thousands? This is due to the sound quality. The engineers making piano included their hard work to make the piano the best sounding digital piano.

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Difference between best sounding and regular piano

You can find some differences between the sound quality of a regular piano and digital piano that sounds the best. The major difference is found in slabs. In a regular piano, the slabs have very little functions. But, the best sounding digital piano have many workstations. You can also find varied synthesizer. In a best sounding digital piano, you can find wide range of voices. The sound quality will be much better in the latter.

Piano is a musical instrument. Naturally the sound will be a vital fact here. While purchasing it, one of the criteria is the sound quality. You can now get variety of digital pianos online. Each one has a different engineering to bring out perfection of the device. The buyers of piano must speak about the requirement to the seller. Accordingly, they will display the list of best sounding digital piano.

Best sounding for beginners

A beginner’s piano must be different than the intermediate variety. The beginners cannot operate very critical function. Thus, the piano must be easy to use. Practically speaking, beginner’s piano does not come with tone generation feature. But, the latest piano makers are bringing better tone generation. If you find such a variety, get it immediately. Casio Privia PX-130 is one of the best sounding for the beginners.

Best sounding for an expert

The expert piano players will always look out for the best sound. They want more features and specification. The advance level players find it difficult to get the suitable piano of their choice. There are some factors which the expert players considers. The first factor is the sound quality. The piano must be properly tuned. The price will be always more as the level is getting upgraded. The quality of sound must be boosted from the intermediate level piano. The experts will look for variety of sounds included in a single piano. Folks can now get best sounding digital piano with around 939 sounds. Can you imagine? It is a true fact. A performer will require such musical instruments. One of the best sounding for an expert is Roland RD 300NX.

Buying guide for best sounding digital piano

Who won’t to have piano with quality sound? But, you cannot close your eyes while buying the digital piano. There are certain factors which you should consider.

  • Price/cost- You must have a budget for digital piano. You should check the price of digital pianos available in the market. Check whether they are suiting your budget.
  • Volume- Normally, the volume of piano is louder as and when you strike the key hard. But, the present days digital pianos are different. It has volume key which can be adjusted as per your need. You must check how loud the volume can raise.
  • Connectivity- Another fact to check with best sounding piano is its connection with devices. Whether it has a USB slot? Can it be connected to your laptop or smart phone?
  • Capacity of recording- Did you perform with the piano music? Do you want to show your performance later to someone else? Recording capacity in piano will be a must. Thus, you must check whether the piano has recording capacity.

List of best sounding digital piano

Yamaha P115B digital piano, black

Yamaha P115B digital piano
Source :

Yamaha P115B digital piano comes with pure CF sound engine. This is a state of art sampling with great expertise in piano making. This makes the sound quality of device promising. This piano is very useful for concerts. For music play in small space, low sound can do. But, for a piano sound in large area, good volume is must. This piano from Yamaha can serve your purpose.

Features of Yamaha P115B digital piano

  1. Sound Engine– It comes with pure CF sound engine. Fine tune sound quality is the result. The manufacture of the piano has improved its sound to such an extent that even a professional can play it easily.
  2. Weight of digital piano-It has 88 key. The weight is heavier in low note. Piano gets light weight in high end keys. No one wish to carry a musical instrument with a heavy weight. All of the music players are looking for portable variety. Weight becomes an important factor. Yamaha P115B digital piano is quite portable.
  3. Acoustic piano feel-Piano works just like an acoustic. The players I both intermediate and expert level prefers good sound quality. The acoustic pianos are well known for quality sound. But, the traditional acoustic pianos are little heavy. But, today you can get light weight digital piano with great sound.
  4. Graphics and interface-You can use controller app of IOS device. As a result, folks can get great graphics and interface. This is the age of graphics and media. The applications in your smart phones can be easily used in your digital piano. Yamaha P115B digital piano comes with this feature.
  5. Easy Navigation– Navigation part of this digital piano is quite easy. You can easily control the volume of the digital piano. The headphone output and volume knob is used simultaneously. The user can easily navigate between the high notes and low note keys.
  6. Attachments-You can attach a chord with the piano to play in other devices. Today, people are using wide range of attachments with any type of gadgets. It can be laptop, smart phones or any other gadgets. The digital piano is also not an exception in this field. The players can use the USB chords, pen drives, and otg in Yamaha P115B digital piano.

Sound enhance

The article is about the best sounding piano. Naturally, some features must be present in the device related to that. The manufacturers has improved this feature in P-115 model. Did you hear its melody lines? Those are quite bright and expressive in nature. The device comes with new configuration. Naturally, the sound has sparkle within the tonal range.


This is a wonderful sounding portable piano with CF sound engine. You can get the feeling of the acoustic piano. You can connect this to many other devices. Listening to tracks alone without disturbing the crowd is now possible. It can be attached to usb cord. You can use the headphone to listen music from best sounding digital piano.

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Yamaha DGX- 660

Yamaha DGX- 660
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The digital piano comes with variety of features. One of the important features is its sound quality. It is also portable in nature. The damper resonance feature of the device makes it different. The Yamaha DGX- 660 gives you the scope of app integration. Another superior feature of the device is its intelligent acoustic control.

Features of Yamaha DGX- 660

  • Number of keys-Piano have 88 grade hammer standard keys. It comes with the split keyboard. Particular part of the tuner play one sound. Again, you may get different sound from other part of keyboard.
  • Polyphony feature– 192 maximum polyphony feature makes this one of the best sounding digital piano. The keyboard add perfect harmony. The piano also have style recommending option. It will display exactly the style that you prefer.
  • Drums and kits– Sound include 15 drums/ SFX kits. Thus, the music will bring lots of beats. This is very suitable for professional piano players. The audience will be able to hear the sound of drums and kits.
  • Education suite-You get exclusive Yamaha education suite. This comes with a perfect guide that helps you to learn piano perfectly. You can get the music notation over the screen. You can find out different levels of learning. The functions are Minus One, Waiting and Your Tempo.
  • App integration-App integration feature is another positive point of the digital piano. You can use the OS which you have been using in your smart phones and other digital devices. You can attach microphone with this and start playing.

Intelligent acoustic control

This feature is present in very less pianos. Yamaha DGX- 660 is the one with such automatic feature. This creates an adjustment of sound. As a result, trackless sounds can be balanced. But, surprisingly, you don’t have to go for too many adjustments in this piano.


If you are going for digital pianos, comparison is a must. Yamaha DGX- 660 is one of the best sounding musical instruments for advanced performance. It has several features like 192 polyphony, 12 new voices, 15 additional music database etc. makes it worth buying. It has compatible wireless adaptor and microphone jack. Users rates it 4.8 out of 5.

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Casio PX-860

Casio PX-860
Source :

PX- 860 is probably the replacement of the bestselling piano of Casio. The changes in the present piano is not much. Keeping the general look same, Casio has improved its features. The sound quality is boosted as well. The 88 keys comes with Ebony and Ivory feel. The keyboard simulator feature is outstanding in Casio PX-860.

Features of Casio PX-860

  1. Tri sensor keyboard– The piano comes with Tri sensor keyboard. Digital piano has 3 sensors. One works as damper simulation. The two more sensor work to trigger the first sensor. Thus, the sound become smooth and continuous.
  2. Touch response-It has scaled hammer action feature. When you play the piano, you will get a smooth feel with its touch. As, a result, the players will get good feel. The 88 keys in the piano have Ivory and Ebony feel.
  3. Multidimensional -The piano has Morphing air and multidimensional feature. This is a benefit enjoyed by the pianist. It provides semantic proximity. This provide stress improvement when played for a long time.
  4. Best sounding feature– Impressive sound quality is another feature of Casio PX-860. According to the players, this gives feeling of acoustic piano sound. The quality is really tempting. The players hardly can resist.
  5. Build quality– Classic feel build quality is another feature of the digital piano. You will get a modern look in this particular piano. The musical instrument is also really slim with a classic feel. You can get a feel of an old grand piano.

Sound quality of Casio PX-860

The content is about the best sounding digital piano. Naturally, the sound quality of piano is an important fact. One of the strength of Casio PX-860 is its sound quality. The device comes with acoustic sound. You will get a feel of playing an old grand piano in a newly built digital piano. You get the sound quality exactly like PX-850. You can also get the seductive melody within this device.


The mesmerizing sound quality of Casio PX-860 is one of the criteria to make it best sounding digital piano. It has a great build quality with classic feel. It has polished pedals with smooth touch feel. The piano comes with ivory and ebony keys. Users rates it 4.5 out of 5.

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Kawai ES-100

Kawai ES-10
Source :

Kawai is the brand with extreme high quality devices. The Kawai ES-100 comes in both black as well as white color. This piano comes with optional stylish furniture. The construction of digital piano looks little expensive. But, the quality is very good. It has the lightweight chassis. Thus, handing it will be easy. Several switches are available beside the sound and volume. The track recording can be done easily. You can also practice in silence with Kawai ES-100 digital piano.

Features of Kawai ES-100

  1. Sound engine– Best sound with harmonic imaging sound engine. The engineers put their effort to make it piano with wonderful sound. If you compare it with any other pianos of the same type, you can always find this one has superior sound.
  2. Device connectivity– It has USB slot that can easily help connect it to other devices. You can connect it to microphone. If you want to listen music without disturbing others, the headphone connectivity with the piano is the best.
  3. Save sound-Whatever you do cannot be wasted. If you have composed a music in the particular piano, it can easily be saved. You can easily hear it again in future. There is a button at the top of the chassis. Once you press that, the sound will be easily recalled.
  4. Piano tones– You can now find 8 different piano tones. It has AHA IV-F hammer action keyboard for real piano feel. You can find as much as 19 sounds from those tones. It also comes with maximum polyphony of 192 notes.
  5. Killer piano sound– The volume of a piano is an important fact. The superior sound is composed of all mechanical sounds. This gives a real piano feel. Layer/ split mode for solo song. The piano also has velocity sensitivity.

True piano experience

Kawai ES-100 is one of the best sounding piano. It is due to its harmonic imaging sound engine. User can experience natural sound with great quality. It comes with AHA IV-F keyboard. 3 additional features makes this device with exclusive sound. Those are pedal resonance, velocity sensitivity and maximum polyphony of 192 notes.


Kawai ES-100 is one of the best sounding digital pianos with modern look. This has got all the features of a professional pianist. The harmonic imaging sound engine has made it stand among the crowd. Both the experienced and fresher can use it. You get realistic piano tones over here. Users rates it 5 out of 5.

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Roland RD 300 NX

Roland RD 300 NX
Source :

The previous model, Roland RD 700 NX has been a hit. This has inspired the makers of piano. As a result, Roland RD 300 NX came into the market. The 88 key digital piano has wonderful sound quality. The musical instrument is well designed with just 38 pound. The device looks great with nice dots LCD graphics on the display set.

Features of Roland RD 300 NX

  1. Design feature– The piano is lightweight in variation. You can view the beautiful metallic black finish keyboard. It comes with dotted LCD graphics backlit display. This gives a traditional touch with modern design.
  2. Voice and tones– The superior quality sound and voice gives a heavenly feel. You get as much as 939 piano tones. Piano has a strong sound of grand piano. You will get 23 rhythm kits and GM2 tones.
  3. Touch feature– The touch feature of Roland RD 300 NX is different as compared to other variation of pianos in the market. You can navigate between the live set function. You will get the sounds of guitar/ bass, mallet, organs, string pads etc.
  4. Sound focus– The sound in Roland RD 300 NX focus on more detail. This comes with enhancement of audio technology. This has audio phase correction feature. Due to this, digital piano sound cannot be drowned in a concert.
  5. Polyphony note– 128 notes polyphony feature of Roland RD 300 NX is again a notable feature. This again gets combined with pedal, layering and dual split technology. You don’t have to click the instrument. A feather touch will be enough.

Comparison of Roland RD 300 NX with Roland RD 700 NX

You can compare the previous model of Roland piano with the latest Roland RD 300 NX. The best benefit is the drop in price. You can get all features of RD 700 NX in very low cost. The manufacturing company did not compromise its quality. The shape and built is different from one another. Both have 128 notes polyphony features. RD 700 NX have hammer action high end graded keyboard. But, 300 NX comes with ivory feel.


Roland RD 300 NX comes with a dynamic feel of ivory touch. This comes with electric piano sound engine. You get sound quality of the grand piano. You get other sound tones such as bras, strings and choir. It is worth considering as one of the best sounding digital pianos. Users rates it 4.6 out of 5.

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