Best Sustain Pedal For Digital Piano

Best Sustain Pedal For Digital Piano – Top 5 Sustain Pedal Review

Are you a piano learner? Do you have the musical instrument at home? Is it with your trainer in the studio? If you have played the piano keyboard, it’s quite easy to have knowledge about piano pedal. But, many of you do not know about it even today. This content is for all of them. We will speak about the Best sustain pedal for digital piano. It is a foot operated lever. These are placed at the base of piano. This boost the sound of your musical instrument.

How to operate digital piano pedal?

There are step by step procedure to use the piano pedal. Take a look at the below points:

playground sessions
  • Adjust your bench in front of piano keyboard
  • Place your legs in such a way that each feet falls on the pedal
  • Now press the pedals up and down simultaneously
  • Use the feet portion to press the pedal
  • Remember to keep your heels on ground
  • Try to press it from low to high pressure. You can experiment and see what happens
  • Then you can adjust the pedal as per musical rhythm

Types of digital piano pedal

  • Damper pedal- This is also known as sustain pedals. It is normally placed at right hand side. As a result, the user can access it conveniently. All the strings gets damper off. This happens when the damper pedal raises. It will give rise to rich tonal quality.
  • Half- blow pedal- The modern upright piano is little different. Also, half blown pedal is a variety you can attach with such piano. You can activate this pedal, the hammer and strings become close.
  • Una Corda pedal- This is the pedal used for modifying the piano sound. If you have modern pianos, this can be operated from left hand side.
  • Sostenuto pedal- A paddle was added at the middle portion of modern grand piano. The Sostenuto pedal has its inspiration from France.

Best Sustain Pedal For Digital Piano

Ammoon Sustain Pedal For Yamaha and Casio Piano Keyboard


A sustain pedal is an essential accessory for the development of a soulful and expressive piano.
Ammoon sustain pedal has 1.5 meters of cable length and durable construction to guarantee you a great playing experience


  • High-quality sustain pedal designed for electronic keyboards and digital pianos.
  • Chrome plated pedal & plastic shell, sturdy and durable.
  • With dual polarity switch for better playing experience.
  • 4 slip-resistant rubber feet at the bottom of the plastic shell, more stable.
  • Includes a 1.5m/ 4.9ft long cable with 1/4″ jack.


This sustain pedal is one of the best in the market . It has a pedal size of 3 * 7 * 6cm / 9.1 * 2.8 * 2.4 inch which makes it good fit for your foot to use. Also it is light weight and is less then 1 pound which make it easier to carry.  It can be purchase for our store

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Yamaha FC3 Dual zone Piano style sustain pedal

Yamaha FC3 Dual zone Piano style sustain pedal
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Yamaha FC3 dual zone sustain pedal is one of the best sustain pedals for piano. It comes with continuous zone and is unique. You can also get different types of sustains with this. Thus, user can recreate notes again. It contains 1/4th inch of plug. As a result, user can get both half and full damper. This dual zone piano pedal will give you a feel of the acoustic piano.

Features of Yamaha FC3 dual zone sustain pedal

  • The sustain pedal provides continuous performance.
  • Pedal gives the feel of an acoustic piano
  • You can enjoy different types of sustain
  • It is easy to control its pressure
  • Gives an expensive feel over budget keyboard sound


The sustain pedal of Piano is one of the best in the market. It has the weight of 2 pounds. This gives the scope of continuous performance. The pedal also have different types of sustain. Some of you must be worrying about the price. This is product with affordable cost. But, the quality of sound that you can get from here is like an expensive variety of sustain pedal. The Users are very happy about the product. They gives it a rating of 3.8 out of 5.

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Midiplus SP-2

Midiplus SP-2

The Midiplus SP-2 is one among the sustain pedals that you can use for all piano models. The advantage of the product lies with its price. Yes, the product cost quite less as compared to other brands based on this quality. Moreover, the product can create wonderful sound once it is in operation.

Features of Midiplus SP-2

  • The device comes with polarity switch.
  • User can connect and use it in many keyboards
  • You can press the pedal and stop the sustained notes
  • Folks can fix issues by flipping polarity switch
  • It comes with a protective plastic cover
  • The product has a fair built in quality


Midiplus SP-2 is one of the best sustain pedal for digital piano. It has a good body finish and protective cover with a plastic material. More people are purchasing this product from the market. The reason behind it is the low price range. But, like all products Midiplus SP-2 also have some cons. When you use the pedals, they tends to slip backwards. But, one can get a firm pedal resistance within this product. Users are quite happy after using this product. They rate it 4.2 out of 5.

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Auray FP-P1L piano pedal

Auray FP-P1L piano pedal
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This is one of the sustain pedal for digital piano that has high quality rugged build. It has unique feature, named as, ‘switchable polarity.’ This feature will make the pedal compatible with all types of keyboards. But, remember those electric keyboards must have 14 foot switch input jack. The Auray FP-P1L comes with the chrome finish foot pedal. It has a great resistance power and durability.

Features of Auray FP-P1L

  • It has a high quality rugged build
  • Device will be compatible with most electronic keyboards
  • Pedals look good with a wonderful Chrome finish
  • You get a feel of playing an acoustic piano
  • User gets proper balance with its 6 non slip rubber feet rest
  • Comes with switchable polarity for the brands like Korg, Yamaha, Casio, and Roland etc.


The Auray FP-P1L is the piano pedal with intuitive right angle connector. This will easily slip into the jack without the need of bending. It looks good with the Chrome finish. Product also has foot pedals for getting proper resistance. You also get a feel of playing a real acoustic piano. The lever so formed has a perfect height. It is light weight and portable product. Users are very happy with the product. The average rating so formed is 4.5 out of 5.

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Nektar NP-2 piano pedal

Nektar NP-2 piano pedal
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This is an interesting pedal for digital piano. Particular foot switch pedal has dual built. One is the rubber coating and the other one is the metal base. The switch pedal is not like the conventional foot switch pedal like the acoustic piano pedal. Rather, the makers have remodeled it to boost its usability. You can use this sustain pedal at home as well as studio.

Features of Nektar NP- 2 piano pedal

  • The piano pedal comes with rubberized cover
  • You can get the polarity switch with this
  • It comes with solid metal base as well
  • Device comes with 6 ‘ cable with ¼” TS jack
  • It is compatible with almost all the piano keyboards
  • This plays nicely with all the leading brands
  • You get a high performance with Nektar NP-2 piano pedal


Nektar NP-2 piano pedal goes with almost all the piano keyboards. It is not only built with a metal base. Rather, you can also a great durability with the rubber coating. The device is made for home as well as studio. This is a light weight pedal. The pianist can carry it in all the places where they conducts shows. It is a lever with a good spring. As a result, accessibility will be great. All these you can get only under $ 20. User rates it 4.4 out of 5.

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Casio SP20 piano style sustain pedal

Casio SP20 piano style sustain pedal
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Are you looking for the piano pedal with classic style? This is the particular variety you can consider. The stylish design of the pedal can be among the high end instruments. Also, the notes will be sustained in the way the influence of damper pedal falls over the acoustic piano. There is no complication in its process of operation. You just need to plug in and play. It is as simple as that.

Features of Casio SP20 piano style sustain pedal

  • You will get a long chord with the pedal. As a result, you can connect even the connection point is high up or far.
  • The weight of the device is 1.9 pound
  • Even, the built and finish of the pedal is appropriate
  • You can connect it to all Casio keyboard
  • This will boost the sound quality
  • You can plug in and play


Casio SP20 piano style sustain pedal is a variety, that comes with ease of use. It will start as soon as you plug in and play. Certainly, the pedal works with the keyword of all the Casio pianos. It comes with polarity switch. But, it is better not to use it with other piano brands. This can give rise to complexity in future. You can buy it easily online. The superior quality branded piano pedal is available in less than $30. Even, users are very satisfied with product. They rates it 4.5 out of 5.

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The above mentioned sustain pedals for digital pianos are best in the market. People have used it several times. You can have a look at the rating of each one. Folks can get it easily in online Ecommerce websites. Purchasing it is quite easy. But, you have to compare the features and benefits of each one. Also, compare the price to find out which one suites you the best. This way you can choose the best sustain pedal for digital piano.

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