Best Digital Piano for Intermediate Players

Best Digital Piano for Intermediate Players – Top 5 Review and Picks

Best Digital Piano for Intermediate PlayersPlaying a piano is about art. Some individuals have the inherent skill. But, maximum population need to learn it. The intermediate players are placed between the beginners and experts. Means, they know far more than the piano basics, but need to know more to reach the level of experts. Thus, the piano they are going to select must be something different. We will mention some of the best digital piano for intermediate players in this content.

Best Digital Piano for Intermediate Players





Korg SP280 88 Keys digital pianos

Korg SP280 88 Keys Digital Piano


33 lbs

Yamaha P 115

Yamaha P115 88 Key Digital Piano


26 lbs

Casio PX 860

Casio Privia PX-860 Digital Piano


90 lbs

Kawai ES 100 1

Kawai ES- 100 Digital Piano


33 lbs

Korg SP280WH 88 Key Digital Piano

Korg SP280WH 88 Key Digital Piano


41.9 lbs

About the piano

Piano is one of the musical devices. It consists of a set of keypad. The players use their fingers of both hands to play such pianos. The harmony of the musical gadget touches heart of millions of viewers. Time has change a lot. You can now see the progress in the construction of musical instruments. There is no need to adopt a traditional acoustic piano. Those were very hard to play. But the digital pianos are a result of tech advance. It is a portable piano synthesizer. Operating it is also very easy. It will give you feeling of old-style acoustic piano.

playground sessions

Who are intermediate players?

Intermediate players are between entry level or fresher and an expert pianist. They are the piano players who have intermediate level skill. For them, the entry level pianos are inferior. At the same time, the advanced level can be harder for them. Only an expert can choose the suitable piano for intermediate players. These players know more than the general stuffs. They always look for the piano with more advanced features. But they cannot play very complicated pianos.

Necessities in intermediate player’s piano

  • Improved design
  • Must have 88 keys full length piano
  • Much more responsive than entry level piano
  • Place for usb connectivity
  • More features with displays and panels in piano
  • Improved level of touch sensitivity

Buying guide for intermediate piano

Design concept

When you are going to buy an intermediate piano, look at the shapes and sizes. You can also get the upright piano for the intermediate players. These piano must have 88 key in their keyboard.

Quality and feel

There is a fair difference between a beginner’s level piano and intermediate. There will be god difference of engineering in both the pianos. The intermediate piano will last longer. Also, it is very responsive.

Price factor

Buying any product will involve price. Now, if you are buying an intermediate piano, it will be obviously more priced than the beginner’s piano. You must check the price other sellers. Buy the one who provide best price.

Maintenance service

Check whether the piano seller provides an after sales service. If you feel any disparity in piano’s touch and tone after few years of purchase, the representatives must visit and sort it.

Compare good intermediate pianos

It is always better to research before than repenting afterwards. The market is flooded with the wide range of intermediate pianos. You can easily check out the features and specification of each piano for intermediate players. After viewing them you will understand which one will be suitable for you. You can also read the review of the customers. They will tell you all the positive and negative elements of intermediate pianos. There after you can choose the best digital piano for intermediate players.

Top 5 digital piano for intermediate players

Korg SP280 88 Keys digital pianos

Korg SP280 88 Keys digital pianos
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The digital piano named as Korg SP280 has a superior configuration. The keyboard is ivory white color combined with black matte. You can also get a stand with this piano. The height adjustment is possible with the stand. The display of the intermediate piano has minimum feature. Thus, confusion of too many keys will be removed. The full length 88 keys will be great feature.

Features of Korg SP280 88 Keys piano

  • Rich feel– This piano play an acoustic piano sound with rich feel. Who wants a low quality sound? The intermediate player will always need good quality sound in a piano. This is present in Korg SP280.
  • Live performance– It is good for live performance as it plays authentic vintage electric piano sounds. Some of the intermediate players go for the live performance. They play the pianos to entertain audience. This particular piano will serve this purpose.
  • Keys- The piano comes with 88 keys hammer action piano. This is the most standard key range. The players will be happy to operate such keyboard styles. The performance level remains really good.
  • Headphones– You can get stereo headphones and X style keyboard. The headphone is very well audible. Once you put it on your ears, it will feel like a studio. The sound will be played around your ear and mind.
  • Volume– The volume is quite high with high output amp section. In sound pianos, people complains about the low volume. As a result, it won’t be audible in a large space. But the Korg SP280 has a good volume to suite varied spaces.

Look of Korg SP280 88 Keys piano

The buyers are always eager towards the presentation of the device. Piano is also one of the variations over here. Korg SP280 is a unique shaped piano. Unlike other pianos, it has an oval shape with rounded edges. This piano is a wonderful instrument for concert or a stage show. The piano has a stereo system that provides maximum polyphony. Yes, it can bear till 120 voices.

Verdict of Korg SP280 88 Keys piano

Korg SP280 88 Keys is a digital piano with 30 sounds. With the natural weighted hammer action system, the piano typing will be quite easy. The touch response is too good. The sensitivity does not die even if the levels of touch are light, heavy or normal. With all its feature, it can be considered among one of the best digital piano for intermediate players.

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Yamaha P-115

Yamaha P-115
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The digital piano from Yamaha is manufactured with pure CF sound engine. It has an authentic touch pad with lighter sound variation. The sound variety will be exactly like hammer inside the acoustic piano. This is a digital piano for the intermediate players. It is associated with AUX out jacks. The audio sound can be sent to external amplifiers.

Features of Yamaha P-115

  • Keyboard- It comes with 88 keys lighter in high end and heavier in low end. The both variations of keys in the piano gives a better feel to a piano player. They can synchronize while playing the music.
  • Acoustic piano feel-The music player behaves just like acoustic piano. Most of the people prefers the sound quality of an acoustic piano. But, those are too costly. Thus, affordability is a question. But, Yamaha P 115, being an intermediate piano will give you the pleasure of acoustic piano.
  • Connectors– Scope of connection with mp3 or audio deck through USB connector. These days’ people uses the instrument in variety of devices. The intermediate piano has this facility. There is a scope of connectivity. As a result, you can connect it with other devices and listen easily.
  • Graphics and controller– You get rich graphics user interface with controller app. This is one of the new features of the wonderful intermediate piano. This will make the youngsters happy the particular variation.
  • Style- The device comes with exclusive pianist style. As a result, you get a feel of full piano accompaniment. The Yamaha P- 115 is well known for this style. The demand of it has increased among different stage of piano players.

Built in rhythm feature

The digital piano comes with the exclusive built in rhythm. This is good when you are practicing a song. Yamaha P-115 is very efficient in its sound quality and rhythmic feature. There are various patterns of rhythms associated with it. This will start from basic rock music. You can even enjoy the swing beats of the wonderful piano. This will be a great instrument for live performances.


If you can compare this piano with other models of the same range, finding various advantages will be easier. It has improved sound quality along with many user friendly features. It has compact design to fit the need of intermediate players. The price is less than $ 600. Users rate it 4.6 out of 5.

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Casio PX-860

Casio PX-860-or intermediate players
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Casio is another well-known brand that manufactures many electronic devices. The organization has worked on manufacturing various musical instruments. Digital pianos are one among the list. You get many advantages while using this digital piano named as Casio PX- 860. You also get a furniture along with the piano where the musical instrument will stand. The music can be easily plays in a concert play mode.

Features of Casio PX- 860

  • Weighted hammer key– It comes with the exclusive weighted hammer keys with ivory textures and ebony stimulation. The feel of the keyboard is really awesome. Any intermediate piano player will like it.
  • Varied tones and rhythm– The piano has tones and rhythms more than 100 in its inbuilt system. Thus, you don’t have to search for other sources. It will be a convenient feature for all the players who wish to listen and play more.
  • Super grand experience– You get the experience of superior grand piano. Yes, this feature is also a plus point when you are going to buy a digital piano for intermediate players.
  • Powerful speaker– It is a powerful 4 speaker stereo system. As a result, you will get nice feel of the music and the sound. This is a feature of a professional piano. You are going to get this in Casio PX- 860.
  • Stylish cabinet– Wooden cabinet is stylish with moveable variation. Today, no one wish to get a piano that is going to be heavy. The traditional style is also an outdated variation. The intermediate piano from Casio is really stylish with mobile feature.
  • Touch response– Three sensitive levels of touch response features is another advantage. This is found in most of the expert level piano. The intermediate piano players are getting it in such a low cost.
  • Stimulator keyboard– Device have key off stimulator keyboard. The playing of piano will be awesome when you touch and release the device. Your fingers will get a soft feel with this stimulator key.

Sound quality

When it is a musical instrument, we must be aware of the sound quality. The wonderful digital piano named as Casio PX- 860 is one among the variety that comes with extra ordinary level of sound quality. This is one of the strengths of this digital piano. You will get an acoustic sound quality with this.


The digital piano from the house of Casio has a wonderful built. The digital keyboard has a modern look. Users will get a classic feel while playing it. The touch and the feel of the Casio PX- 860 is just awesome. It is absolutely great for the intermediate piano players. You can play a great sound and perform well with this piano. Users gives it 4.9 out of 5.

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Kawai ES- 100 Digital Piano

Kawai ES- 100-piano for intermediate players
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One of the great name in the market of digital piano is Kawai ES-100. You get the device with extremely great quality. This is the product made for the hi- end concerts. This is reliable as well as professional pianos ideal for the intermediate players. The digital piano comes with 3 pedal functionality. You get such an elegant finish in just than $1000.

Features of Kawai ES- 100

  • AHA iv- F keyboard– You get a true piano experience with the AHA IV- F keyboard. For every piano keyboard is an important factor. The intermediate piano, Kawai ES-100 has sorted this issue.
  • Choice of sounds– Choice of 19 different sounds available. You can now play the piano with variations of sounds. Every player will like variations while playing piano. The intermediate players will enjoy the feature here.
  • Saving feature– Sound saving mechanism that you have created. Today, everything you do must be saved. When you have played a rhythm, it is important to save it. You can listen to it in future.
  • Number of piano keys– 88 hammer action key. This is a very common feature in most of the piano. But, for a piano to become standard, this feature is a must.
  • Different instruments– Piano sounds comprises of 3 different pianos with brass and string music. The audience will be happy to hear the sound of other instruments in the middle of the piano playing.
  • Tones– You get 8 exclusive different piano tones. This is not present in most of the intermediate piano variation. But, Kawai ES- 100 brings it as a surprise feature

Kawai ES-100 Vs Yamaha P-115

You can now compare the piano with its competitors. Yamaha P-115 is one of the list. You can find Kawai ES-100 is superior with regards to its lower price and pro features. Yamaha P-115 is a strong competitor. But, Kawai can provide maximum polyphony on the sound.


Kawai ES-100 is one of the affordable products among the digital piano instruments. Not only the intermediate players but even the students can use it well. You get an exclusive piano experience with this musical instrument of Kawai. You may not get the piano in entry level feel. But, spending few dollars more will give a lifetime investment asset. It comes with superior graded hammer action keyboard. Users give it 4.5 out of 5.

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Korg SP 170s Digital Piano

Korg SP280WH 88 Key Digital Piano
Source :

People wants more every time they buy a new product. This fact is true for digital piano also. Korg SP 170 have become much more improved than its previous manufactured product. You will now get extra buttons on this piano along with the ones present. 4 new buttons will rest over the surface of the digital keyboard. You get a concert piano tone with this Korg piano for intermediate players.

Features of Korg SP 170

  • New button– Piano comes with added button for user’s ease. The more is the button, more will be the operations. It might take time to know about it in the beginning. But, the new key will provide more convenience.
  • Sound quality– The sound quality gives the live concert experience. The intermediate players are almost ready to perform as an artist. Thus, they want to give the experience of a live concert to audience.
  • Keyboard– Comes with single note of 88 key piano. The Korg SP 170 have this feature like other intermediate pianos in the market. The piano maintains its standard.
  • Design- It has elegant and warm design. You will be happy to have a look at the design of this piano. You won’t feel it to be in an old style. It is totally a brand new style piano.
  • Tones– Smooth and authentic tone with two electric piano tones. The players and singers will enjoy this feature. This will bring a zeal while you play the piano.

Better sound with speakers

The Korg SP 170 has better sound quality. The new digital piano comes with amplifying system. It also comes with speakers to bring best sound quality. Also, the speakers are oval in shape with dimensions of 10 cm by 5 cm. The structure of the digital piano has become improved. Even, it has the dual audio jack system that will allow you listen to music privately without disturbing the others.


The digital piano named as Korg SP 170 has great features. The most important feature is its added buttons. The quality of sound and the built of the piano is amazing. It is really going to be an appropriate item for intermediate players. Also the price is quite reasonable. Can you imagine the digital piano in less than $ 500? All the functionality is like the professional grade.

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