Best Piano Benches

Best Piano Benches: Top 5 Piano Bench Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Piano BenchesPiano benches are used to keep the keyboard of piano at an optimum level. The musical instrument may not come with a bench at the time of purchase. Some sellers may provide accessories but others don’t. Sometimes these benches are used for the pianist to sit. The long benches can accommodate two people to sit side by side while playing the music. You can now get piano benches for different types of pianos. You can choose the products as per your need.

Difference between Upright piano bench and grand piano bench

The users will truly draw a difference between the piano bench for upright and grand piano. Normally the measurement of an upright piano bench remains 30 “x 19”. This is the bench which users can used while operating all the pianos of the same type. You can get a very pleasing finish of a piano bench for a duet. This will be good for a teacher and students who need to sit side by side while learning.

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On the other hand, the measurement of the grand piano bench remains between the widths of 33 inches to 36 inches width. You will see the width of the piano bench is proportionate to the music player. Thus, it adds elegance to the entire look of device. The bench so form can be easily used by piano players of different types. For example you can use it for full size grand piano and upright piano. This measurement will be best for two people sitting side by side and playing the music. You can also choose between upholstered benches and the bench with wood top. The benches made for Grand piano has wonderful adjustable feature. You can easily change your sitting positions with this feature.

Difference between adjustable bench and artist bench

The artist bench and adjustable bench are quite similar. But, there are certain differences which makes it unique. Both the variety can be moved up and down. You can use the side knobs for the height adjustment. The only difference among them is the face that the Artist bench has solid apron around. This is absent in the adjustable bench.

What makes the benches the best piano benches?

How do you know that few variations of the piano benches are good? How can you differentiate them from the inferior variety? There are some features which will make the piano benches one of the best in the market. Following are some of them:

  • The quality of the wood used in the bench should be superior
  • The length and breadth must be optimized in such a way that it becomes appropriate for pianist to play
  • Proper cushioning over the bench is vital. The soft padded seat is preferable
  • It is better if the seat of the piano benches are adjustable.
  • You must be able to bring the sit up and down as the height of the pianist gets up and down
  • The bench must be lengthier for duet to sit properly
  • The features must come in very affordable price.

List of best piano benches

Yamaha PKBB1 adjustable padded keyboard bench

Yamaha PKBB1 adjustable padded keyboard bench
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The bench dedicated for Yamaha PKBB1 is very comfortable in nature. This is one of the most top selling bench of Yamaha. You can sit on an ultra-thick padding to get extra comfort while playing the piano. This is one of the best piano benches that is adjustable in nature. You can get it online from Ecommerce stores. The bench is extra wide to sit with the height ranging from 17.5 to 19.5 inches.

Features of Yamaha PKBB1 piano bench

  • The bench comes with adjustable feature. You can adjust height between 17.9 to 19.5 inches
  • The bench comes with padded seat
  • You can fold the piano bench easily
  • Storing it is very easy
  • The construction of the bench has steel metal. As a result, you can get height adjustment of 3 positions

Portable bench

If you are a musician, you will invariably have concerts. The shows may not be restricted to a place. You are required to carry your musical instruments. Yamaha PKBB1 piano bench is portable. You can fold it and carry from one place to another easily. It is easy to transport. The light weight bench is easy to move.

Verdict of Yamaha PKBB1 piano bench

Yamaha PKBB1 piano bench has adjustable feature. The soft cushioning on the bench is another advantage. It is also collapsible and light weight in nature. You can raise its weight up to 19 inches. It can be reduced as well. The pianist with both short and long height can sit here. The price is also very affordable. The users rates it 4.4 out of 5.

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Walnut grand piano bench with music storage

Walnut grand piano bench with music storage
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Some of you may be really fascinated about the piano bench. This is a walnut color piano bench with good cushioning. You get an additional music storage facility with this walnut grand piano bench. The measurement of the bench is 30” in length, 19” in height and 14” in dept. The particular bench is made up of very good quality hard wood. The presentation of the bench is very attractive.

Features of walnut grand piano bench

  • The piano bench is made of solid and good quality hard wood
  • It comes with synthetic leather seat. Naturally it becomes very comfortable
  • It has the dimension of 30 x 19 x 14 inches
  • With walnut brown color, you get glossy finish of the bench
  • Spacious storage inside the bench is added advantage.

Space for music storage

The walnut grand piano bench comes with a rare feature. You can get this piano bench with music storage. There is an absolutely different place for music storage inside the piano bench. You can store lot of music and songs inside this storage piano bench. This feature is very rare. You can find this feature in very few pianos.

Verdict of walnut grand piano bench

Unlike other feeble piano benches, this comes with solid hardwood. As a result, you can trust the quality. The comfort is achieved with great cushioning of the piano bench. The storage inside the piano bench is another extra ordinary feature. The presentation is great with the glossy finish. You get all these in competitive price. Users give 4.7 out of 5.

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On stage KT7800 plus padded keyboard bench

On stage KT7800 plus padded keyboard bench

This is one of the top of the line keyboard bench which great combination of comfort and durability. The On stage KT7800 won’t allow your back pain even sitting and playing piano for a long time. This comes with an innovative technology that suites the requirement of studio. Also it is equally good for playing piano at home.

Features of On stage KT7800

  • The piano bench has a great cushion with the thickness of 3 inches
  • It can hold weight of around 360 LBS
  • The height of the piano bench is adjustable. You can start from 19 inches till it goes up to 25 inches
  • It can be foldable and kept at any place for storage
  • It comes with rubber cap which prevents slip
  • The bench is spring loaded in nature. You get mechanism of double deadbolt locking

Support on back

The hip rest is the main factor for any sitting bench. On stage KT7800 has a wonderful support and comfort for the individual sitting there. It comes with deluxe safety and pain relief even after sitting for a long time. The adjustable legs plays an added advantage.


The On stage KT7800 will provide great comfort. It is also very affordable in nature. The adjustment of leg height, depth of the cushion placed over the bench top makes it really superior. It also have double deadbolt locking system. As a result, this will be very safe. It is very reputed bench. Users gives it 4.7 out of 5.

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Adjustable duet size genuine leather artist piano bench in Ebony

Adjustable duet size genuine leather artist piano bench in Ebony
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The CPS Duet piano bench is adjustable. It is longer than the other type of piano bench. The result is its duet size appearance. It has an actual weight of 34 pound. The quality of this piano bench is really good with its solid hardwood built. The designing is great with its cover of genuine leather. The ebony color of the bench has great look. It can accommodate two person together.

Features of CPS Duet piano bench

  • This is a piano bench for duet. Means two people can sit together
  • It is made up of 100% genuine leather.
  • It is 13 button deep tufted seat
  • The bench is durable due to its solid wood construction
  • Design is excellent with high gloss effect
  • You get genuine leather with this piano bench.


The ebony finish piano bench has good depth and length. It is 14 inches deep and have a length of 28 inches. You can adjust the bench very well from 19 inches to 22 inches. You get a 100% genuine leather cover over it. Sitting on it will be very comfortable. The glossy finish legs have attractive looks. The price is little high. But, the quality is great. Users gives it 4.3 out of 5.

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Ebony grand piano bench with music storage

Ebony grand piano bench with music storage

Piano benches are normally used to keep in front of the piano. It is where the player will sit and play the keyword. Not all pianist have a same height. Naturally, height adjustment is vital. The Ebony grand piano bench has many features. The padded leather will allow you sit in front of piano for long hours. There won’t be any pain on your hips. The high gloss finish legs are attractive.


  • The piano bench is made up of solid hard wood
  • Wonderful design with wood trim around the bench top. The leader made seat looks really great
  • It is also a bench type made for duet.
  • You get a storage compartment with the bench. Where you can store your music.


Are you looking for a piano bench with perfect built and comfort? Ebony grand piano bench will be one of the best for you. It is made up of hard wood for durability. The leather trim to make it look classy. It comes with high gloss wooden legs. Two person can sit together in this bench. This has a great demand in the market. User gives it 4.3 out of 5.

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