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Roland VR-09 Piano Review : Overview, Feature and Sound

Roland VR-09 Piano Review

Roland VR-09 Piano ReviewThe Roland VR-09  Piano review highlights  a digital piano, Roland with flawless sound quality and convenience of use for musicians overages. This piano delivers sound, has instant control and was designed with the playing musicians and professionals in mind.

This digital piano has an LCD interface which makes it simple for users to view the sounds and rhythms chosen by them. It also helps users to add up effects fast or for dividing or layering. The machine provides similar 88 key arrangement like a piano and permits the player to integrate 7 DSP effects in one go. This helps to create a rare sound.

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Main Features

Roland-VR-09-2The key features which we will analyze in the Roland VR-09 Piano review includes:

LCD interface

The interface shows details such as rhythm pattern, applied effects, and the tone. The 9 slider bars provides the player real-time command over producing the tone. The users can combine DSP effects to their tones also, like reverb, distortion, compressor, delay or chorus.

Additionally, the machine also displays front panel knobs reserved for use together with DSP effects, for the players to make changes on the fly with no need for navigation across menus. The interface lets the players divide the keyboard and layer sounds by tapping a button, thereby make it best for performers.

Sound Versatility

Musicians admire Roland’s versatility regarding sound. Rather, players especially enjoyed that they did not have to explore through menus to trace their preferred sound. Nor do they have to divide the keyboard and many users found it excellent for playing pop or rock, funk, electronic and even blues music.

Moreover, the players often enjoyed the sound quality of the available tones, more so the electric piano, synthesizer and organ sounds.

Lightweight & Money Worth

The unit is comparatively handy and lightweight for an instrument featuring 88 keys and sound variety which it creates. The Roland VR-o9 has outstanding worth for the buck, more so for professional players wanting equipment to gig with.


The VR-09 modes are like having three various instruments integrated into its cases such as a digital piano, synthesizer, and an organ. You can switch from piano mode or synth mode by tapping the chosen mode button in their designated spaces on the front panel.

Definitely, the VR-09 provides you the freedom to play various levels of varying sounds with the help of digital piano and synthesizers.

Organ models for organ emulations

Roland VR-09 offers three models to you to select the organ sound. They are Rock,Jazz and Electronic organ. If you want to alter the organ models , simply tap on the ORGAN segment’s TYPE button to choose your organ type.

Furthermore, lots of organ sounds can be sculpted through its Super Natural Tone Wheel improvisation that offers various settings to be used.

Transpose features

Roland VR-09 Transpose component lets you comfortably change the notes which the keyboard plays into any key or octave. This gives you the comfort to play a key using the fingerings.

Variety of listening ways

The common ways of listening to the VR-09 in many ways include connecting stereo headphones to the rear-panel phones jack. This is the speediest way to continue, and an excellent way to hear the VR-09.

You can also link the VR-09 to a stereo amp-with the VR-09’s OUTPUT L/MONO and R jacks joined to the amp’s left and right input channels.

You can also employ a mono amp-and the VR-09’s L/MONO output, but eventually hearing the stereo is the perfect way to perfectly admire its sound.

EFX segment

This part contains the knobs that regulate the VR-09 6 real global effects. These knobs create an extraordinary level of energetic fun, letting you upgrade and of course, tamper sounds on the run in performance.

Battery Operations of VR-09

Running  VR-09 on 8 Ni-MH AA-size batteries makes it an excellent instrument to carry anywhere. Although battery life rests on the battery quality itself, the VR-09 will generally run constantly for nearly 5 hours on batteries if you’re not employing the USB Song Player or nearly 3 hours in case you are.

Stage specifications of Roland VR-09

The Roland VR-09 is a professional keyboard with immediate access operation for playing musicians

Its acoustic is of professional standards, and its electric pianos consist of grand piano with 88-note stereo multi sampling

The instrument has Super Natural-charged virtual tone wheel organ with 9 harmonic bars. Additionally, it also contains recently developed transistor- type ’60s organ tone. Besides, it  can also present a wide variety of synth tones.

You can achieve 7 simultaneous effects with  devoted real-time controls in the Roland VR-09 instrument.

Moreover, Looper and built-in rhythm formations help in WAV/MP3/SMF song playback with preferred USB memory

Free VRR-09 editor program is also available for iPad.

For its charge, the Roland VR-09 stage keyboard is a classic piece of equipment and a beautiful addition to any inspiring or skilled musician.

You can imagine the VR-09 as carrying 3 various instruments built into its box: a digital piano, a synthesizer, and organ. You can hold the preferred MODE button to shift between these gadgets.

You can also enter Piano mode or Synth mode by selecting a sound button in their scheduled areas on the front panel.

The digital piano and synthesizer really play various sounds which make it a great instrument.

Final Verdict

In view of the features discussed, it can be said that the Roland VR-09 is a fine piece of instrument crafted for excellent performance at live shows. It’s effective software choices also make it a great tool for the musicians. Furthermore, it provides an excellent choice of gadgets to suit the need of the players.

You can alter, edit or blend the sound to create something different. A novel thing about the keyboard is its iPad applications.

Above all, a committed piano, organ and synthesizer sound engines that have been systematically installed on the anterior panel. It qualifies as a great quality acoustic plus electric piano for professional performance.

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In conclusion, Roland VR-09 is regarded as a perfect instrument for musicians needing a machine for tweaking.

Its sound adaptability is inbuilt and lets the user enjoy the sound they desire. It works well for every gigging player, except those who want to divide the keyboard into two sectors.

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