What Makes a Digital Piano 'High Quality'

What Makes a Digital Piano ‘High Quality’: Explore Key Factors

What Makes a Digital Piano 'High Quality'Gone are the days when you solely depend on the traditional piano. These are quite heavy and lacks many features. The modern day’s piano are digital pianos. People call it piano synthesizer. You can get portable variety of such pianos keyboards in the market. But, it is vital to check its quality.






Casio Privia PX860 e1513735556468

Casio Privia PX860


96 lbs

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Yamaha DGX650 e1513735610965

Yamaha DGX650


84 lbs

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Yamaha P115 e1513735668356

Yamaha P115


37 lbs

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Yamaha P45 e1513735725930

Yamaha P45


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Casio PX160


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How to check high quality?

There are some factors which is important to check. You must do the evaluation before buying the digital piano from the market. You must research about the product beforehand. It is better to check the brand manufacturer of the piano. The good quality piano will always come from good brand. Then check the performance level. You can now get the reviews online. This will give you a complete idea about the digital piano.

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Does high quality means expensive?

Some of the buyers have a misconception. They think that, more they pay better will be the quality of the device. But, this fact is not always right. There are many piano players who believe in exploring the best one in affordable range. No, the statement that, expensive keyboards are high quality is wrong. You will get high quality piano in very affordable range.

High Quality piano for beginners

Are you the beginner in piano playing field? You should not go for too complicated device. Choice of good instrument brand is important. The keys should be less but the sound quality must be impressive. The sound recording system should be included within such variety of beginner’s piano. Being a student, you must be accustomed to play the modern days acoustic piano. Once the piano work well for beginners, it can be named as quality piano for beginners. Some of them include Yamaha Arius YDP 163, Casio Privia PX -860 etc.

High Quality piano for intermediate players

The intermediate players are good in playing piano. They can also create beautiful music. But, they have not achieved the skill level like that of professional or the advanced level piano players. Some of the intermediate players also gets up to stage for a live performance. Now, the quality piano for the intermediate players will be based on some features. The digital pianos must suite with the skill level of intermediate players. Some of the examples of such piano are Yamaha P-45, Kawai- ES 100, Casio PX – 860, etc. Some intermediate players also prefers the hammer action technology system.

Quality piano for advanced players

The advanced level players are the professionals. Better to say they are the experts. For them, price is not a factor. They wish to get flawless piano according to their desire. They often play music on stage. Naturally, they must suit this purpose. The quality piano for advanced players include the acoustic variation. The professional recording artist will look for a digital piano that is full weighted. They look for durability factor and sound quality. The boost in sound pitch is another factor for the advanced piano player to consider. Some of the quality players for advanced players include Nord Piano 3, Kurzweil MP15, and Yamaha YDP-S52.

Factors for high quality digital piano

How will you know that the piano that you possess has high quality? Some essential factors will speak for it. Following are the points:

  • Sound quality– Being a musical instrument, the sound quality speaks a lot. You have to see the speaker system of the piano. Whether it has the maximum polyphony level? What are the additional sound technology?
  • USB connectivity– People no more wish to play and use music in a single device. They wish to share and play the music in other device. Thus, the USB connectivity is important here. The high quality digital piano must have thus feature.
  • Durability– All the electronics devices have a warranty period. But, the product with low quality variation won’t be much durable. Thus, you need to go for the pianos that has durability.
  • Recordings– Some players are also learners. Beginners willing to judge on their level of playing will require the recording feature. They will listen and find out whether their playing is good or not. Based on that they will go for further improvement.

List of  Feature that makes digital piano high quality

Many brands are now available in the market. All of them has a tough competition. Each brand wish to make the best piano that suites the requirement of players. The leading brands are Casio, Yamaha and Roland. They are the frequent makers of pianos. Their products are getting recognition. They are developing new models of piano frequently. They place some effective features within their piano. Thus, the users love to play. Mostly, they manufactures high quality pianos. But, factors can go up and down based on level of piano manufacture. But, they never compromise with the quality.

High quality sound

If you are looking for a high quality piano, check out the sound quality. It is important to have minimum of two speakers to bring high quality sound. This will make the device absolutely loud and clear.

  • Speaker quality

Do you know that each speaker has s specific wattage? According to it specification will be made on how clear and crisp the sound and tune will audible. For a general speaker, the wattage will be 5. But, if you want to go for high quality sound, you need to look for the speaker with 10- 15 watt.

  • Polyphony

Both players with intermediate and professionals need maximum polyphony feature. If you are having the 32 note polyphony feature in a digital piano that will be the lowest grade. That might not be considered among the high quality variation. But, if you can get a piano that has 64 notes, that can give you quality feature.

Appearance and form

You can get the digital piano with wide range of shapes and sizes. But, the inspiration of all the designs has come from the traditional upright pianos. Even, the designs have some similarities with the grand pianos. But, the manufacturers has created some twist over the traditional acoustic design pianos. The branded piano manufacturing companies such as Yamaha, Casio, Roland, etc. are concentrating on their looks.

The models are contemporary. The elegant looks has attracted people with all age groups. Another changes which the present days piano makers has done is its weight. They have made the keyboard quite lighter. Some changes in colors and layout of the counter parts is again an important part. Today, every product is getting a customized variety. It means, each one must suit the need and preference of the buyer. People getting such appearance and form will automatically say, these piano are high quality.

Build quality

Experts says, products should not be judged by its appearance. The parts inside it must be evaluated. Anyone can get an attractive cover over the piano. But, the inside might be a complete zero. Thus, the build quality is important to find out. The classic aesthetic acoustic pianos are known for its build quality. They are better known for its weighted key variation, material used to build it and the key action.

These days, the digital pianos also have included this feature. The weighted key is a feature which most of the digital pianos are considering. But the weight is little reduced due to the ease of use. Many of the users are associated with orchestral group. Naturally, they have to carry their musical instruments from one place to another. Light weight keyboard will be easier for them to use. Thus, the manufacturers are concentrating on this part. Today you can get the high quality piano with all the features like the classic acoustic type piano. But, they have a light weight altogether.

Touch quality

Today, people are preferring touch sensitivity features in all devices. This inspiration has come from the smart phones. Thus, the manufacturers of pianos has known about this demand in the market. They are making the piano keyboard that has the touch feature. You can get the ivory or ebony finish over the keyboard. Also the sensitivity can be adjusted from low to high. If the touch sensitivity is too high, even with wind plow, the piano will start playing. The manufacturers have included the system with which you can adjust it easily. Also, the texture of the key is important factor to get a high quality piano. Don’t go for the slippery keys as this can make your rhythm lose.

Performance of digital piano

The user always judge the performance level of a device that they are buying from the market. The digital piano cannot be an exception in this case. This will be understood with the help of users review. Before buying the piano, you must have a look at the customer’s review. The individuals who have purchased and already used the digital piano will speak about this. Naturally, those will be honest and impartial reviews. You can easily know about the performance of such digital piano. There after you can decide on its buying part.


Whether the piano has high quality or not can be judged with the help of its tone. These days, the digital pianos have many tones. Each tone has a different use. In order to compose a lyrics or a song, getting varied tones can be helpful. Sometimes the quality of a piano can be judged with increase in number of tones. Every musician may not like particular tone. Thus, if the piano has wide range of tones, the players will be able to select the one they like. Thus, a high quality piano will come with wide range of tones.

Number of keys

Now, there will be variation of key’s number with the preference of players. Some manufacturers have made pianos with keys as less as 25 number. Naturally, it is for the beginner’s level piano player. But, that does not mean that the piano is bad quality. Even in such a less number of keys if the device can cover wider function, you can say the device come with high quality.

Does the size impact quality?

You will definitely get the piano keyboard with different size and shapes. Some of the individuals have a misconception that small size means inferior quality and big size means good quality. But, this is not at all right. The sizes of the piano are separated according to demand and usability of each individual. Some keyboards have less keys. Whereas others have more keys. The length of the keyboard will be increased as more keys are included in it. Also, there are types of keyboards which accommodates many keys in a small space. In such a case, the key sizes are reduced. The quality of keyboard is said to be good when the keys used are of good material. Also, the response of key is another vital fact.


People wish to get maximum feature in low price. But, while doing so, the quality of the product gets affected. Thus, it is better to pay additional price with each facilities you wish. This will motivate the manufacturers to make more products of good quality. At the same time the user too will be happy to get good quality product for the price they paid. But, these days due to high competition of digital keyboard in the market, the manufacturers are bound to reduce price. This force them to compromise quality. All the users must check the products and its quality through user reviews before buying.

You should never buy a digital piano by viewing the price. Some of you must have a tendency to buy piano that is set on sale. Don’t go for the cheapest models. It is also good to avoid the complicated and flashy pianos. It is always good to try the piano yourself. Test it with your own hand before buying. You can of course seek help from experts. But, the final judgement will be yours. The keyboard or the piano that makes you comfortable and cozy while playing is the high quality piano for you.

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