Korg B1SP Digital Piano review

Korg B1SP Digital Piano : Key Feature and In-Depth Review

Korg B1SP Digital Piano reviewFor music buffs who want to create their individual sounds with instruments such as piano and keyboard, the Korg B1SP digital piano with eighty-eight weighted keys is on top of the list. An entry level model, it is ideal for those not possessing adequate experience to play this kind of instrument. Furthermore, the 3 pedal unit plus stand of this specific model enables you to to start training to play correctly and instantly.

Korg is among the most revered musical corporations of the world who have ventured to build thrilling and innovative instruments and have gained popularity, especially for its synthesizers.

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In Depth Look At The Korg B1SP

The following features are included with the Korg B1SP :


The Korg B1SP Digital Piano with 88 Weighted Keys delivers the heavy, rich tones similar to acoustic piano notwithstanding its compact framework. It utilizes Motional Feedback Technology (MFB), a set of whole range speakers apart from a static radiator to attain this audio quality. Moreover, the luxurious, resonant tones which emit from the digital piano prove a feast for the ears.

The speaker setup offers total range fidelity which can be regarded as unique. A dynamic servo accompanied with speaker scheme reduces the distortion associated with low sound frequencies. Certainly, the MFB mechanism enables the system obtain the perfect frequency response along with accurate reproduction of lesser frequency range. The technology also rectifies any sound coloration done by speaker instantly thereby compensating the hall acoustics.

Moreover, the Korg B1SP also contains 3 acoustic piano flavors, 2 electric pianos, 2 organ sounds besides a harpsichord, all delivered immaculately. These multifaceted features assist the budding performer to widen his music genres spectrum. It is possible to recall the Grand Piano note of Concert instantly with the accredited button of Piano Play.


The next vital quality for digital pianos is the touch which is rendered delightful with the Korg B1SP’s NH keyboard. The NH (Normal Weighted Hammer) keypad affords the performer a heavier tap in the lesser registers which changes to a more delicate touch within the higher regions similar to that done with a conventional piano, providing the piano performer with a genuine experience.

Suited to the starter and mid-level pianist, for instructions or exercise, the Korg contains a partner style that permits the keyboard divide into 2 adjacent keyboards, each tuned to similar range. This allows the pupil and teacher to play identical passages simultaneously, offering the correct way to understand a complex lesson. 2 students can exchange one instrument at a classroom environment.

An advanced music rest contains a page-holding pocket which keeps audio pages or folios from shifting unusually while performing.


The impeccable, streamlined design of the Korg B1SP renders it the perfect buy. Further, the price is also compact and convenient. The design of this digital piano affords the player a feel of real touch and user-friendliness.

The state-of-the-art technology employed in the design of the digital piano exceeds all expectations of the piano player.

Additionally, the Korg B1SP includes the steady stand plus metal 3 pedal unit packed with the product. The 3 pedal unit imparts the piano performer an authentic feel of playing a grandiose piano. It even joins the adjacent panels to stave off twisting.

The 3 pedal stand also ensures effortless and uninterrupted playing by the piano performer.

The Korg B1SP comes in 2 colors of Black and White.

Pros And Cons Of The Korg B1SP
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Sophisticated Sampling Technologies Generate Rich, Dynamic Instrument Sounds

Progressive sampling technologies have been utilized to trap the Korg B1SP’s 8 highly exhaustive device sounds. The 3 acoustic piano notes are lush and active with realistic string reverberations plus damper resonance. 2 electric pianos and organ sounds apart from a harpsichord are also provided.

The B1SP offers sufficient sounds within your reserves to cover nearly everything.

Pros And Cons Of The Korg B1SP

The following are the advantages and limitations of the Korg B1SP:


  • Superb for beginners
  • Strong construction
  • The employment of weighted keys affords the similar experience of acoustic piano
  • Cozy chair at proper height
  • Not being extremely loud, it’s the ideal piano for starters to practice


  • A single output jack
  • The highest volume isn’t extremely loud

The Good And The Bad Of The Korg B1SP

The following are the good and the bad of the Korg B1SP:

The Good

  • An economical digital piano containing a complete 88 key range which generally considerably raises the price
  • Extremely simple to operate and equipped with sophisticated technology inbuilt, with a simple design
  • Keys within lesser tones are bulkier than those within  higher tones. It affords a realistic experience to the performer
  • Each key is constructed of high quality materials
  • The keyboard can be configured as per your personal requirements like low, normal and heavy to suit your individual needs
  • The 3 pedal system lets you maintain the tone of specific notes when required

The Bad

  • The stand is not obtained as standard with all packages, though this differs. It is even easily available to buy.
  • Sustain panel is required to be bought separately in most cases, which appears shameful
  • The sound may get a bit distorted if you attempt to reproduce it in a decreased frequency

The Verdict On The Korg B1SP

It is plain that Korg B1SP constitutes an excellent instrument for starters. It is among the most economical gadget of its sort in the market presently, but it doesn’t necessarily functions like an inexpensive instrument. Definitely, the Korg contains all the essential features and components for you to know the manner of playing piano.

The Korg B1SP doesn’t constitute the ideal digital piano, neither is it appropriate for concert and actual players. Nevertheless, if you desire something precise and trustworthy for your kids to take their initial lessons, this may simply be the correct one for yourself.

Frequently, parents detect themselves compelled to buy an extremely pricey digital keyboard, simply to discover later that the kids don’t like playing it. This device has no risk of wasting cash, and most kids and adults seem to enjoy the device extensively, and keep on playing it for most decades. Undoubtedly, you are wholly advised to obtain one yourself.

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