Yamaha P115B Digital Piano

Yamaha P115B Digital Piano : Key Feature and In-Depth Review

Yamaha P115B Digital PianoYamaha comprises a reputed brand with its keyboards being a regular fixture in houses of numerous piano admirers. Their keyboards plus pianos extend from basic entry-level alternatives to models with cutting edge technology. So, Yamaha may be a wonderful brand while shopping for keyboards as you are endowed with superb quality.

When selecting between different digital pianos, keep a watch on the Yamaha P115B Digital Piano. The piano bears the mark of the top-selling P-models and incorporates a lot of user-friendly components.

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In-depth Look At The Yamaha P115B

The following gives a feel of the amazing features of the Yamaha P115B:

Genuine CF Piano Engine

The Authentic CF audio engine is an outcome of Yamaha’s decades of piano-building skill as the market leader of digital piano expertise. Sourced from Yamaha’s personal famed CF III concert grandiose piano listened to on stages across the globe, the P115B utilizes Yamaha’s “Genuine CF sound engine”, a maiden to the P-versions, enabling amazing dynamics plus expressiveness.

Moreover, an improvement included in the Yamaha P115B as against the P105 relates to raising the polyphony till 192 voices.

Inbuilt Rythms

The Yamaha P115B carries built-in drum rhythm sequences (varying from plain rock to sway beats) for learning and performance. These may be attached to piano note while training or utilizing it like a quasi-drummer while extending a performance.

Genuine Feel

The Yamaha P115B flaunts a Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) technology which permits this lightweight device to offer a genuine piano touch. Similar to the hammers within a acoustic piano, this P115B carries bulkier touch at the under side and lighter feel at the upper end, with extra option of modifying the degree of sensitivity of keys. Moreover, budding pianists would discover this helpful to build a correct finger technique while playing on a conventional acoustic piano.

Additionally, the matte polish of black keys slip less when performing for longer durations.

Pianist Styles

The amazing characteristic of the Yamaha P115B alters the plain chords into rich accompaniments. Just strike a chord for Pianist Style to afford you ten cautiously chosen styles for convenient, piano like complement to your individual performance!

The P115B is filled with a range of lush voices, from pianos and electric pianos to organs, strings and bass plus more. Further, the voices may be improved by 4 separate reverbs which you can modify as per your choice.

  • Recital Hall – Distinct reverberation, as witnessed in a mid sized hall employed for piano performances.
  • Concert Hall – Sharp, bold reverberation, heard within a big hall used for performance by orchestras.
  • Salon – The soothing echo of a big room used for chamber audio.
  • Club – The snappy reverberation present in live music event and jazz club.

This feature performs your personal dueling partner – strike chords by your left or right hand for which Pianist Style delivers the accompaniment styles to beautify your playing. Moreover, the other hand of yours remains free to strike different chords and tunes to render your performance sound more better.

Charge Your Performances

A jack for Aux Out enables the Yamaha P115B to link with an exterior amplifier or charged speakers to effect a strong outdoor performance. Furthermore, the presence of a USB upto Host port enables the device to directly attach to a PC or iPad to utilize with different tutorial or audio production softwares.

At the keyboard’s rear is present a port for DC in, 2 ports for Aux out – L/R (whose left may act like single source), a port of pedal unit (to join Yamaha’s alternate 3 pedal LP-5A component) and a regular port for sustain pedal. 2 headphone jacks of ¼” are present on the anterior left beneath the keyboard.

Audio and Performance

The Yamaha P115B displays a couple of stereo 2 way speakers both powered by an amplifier of 7w. The speakers include a woofer of 4½” and a tweeter of 1½”. The tweeter is mounted to be inclined towards the performer’s head.

The tweeter placement has been developed in the Yamaha P115B to fall in line to the performer’s ears. Melody lines plus treble passages become shinier and more demonstrative on account of this. This new setting guarantees that the device sounds glitter and come to life across the whole tonal range.

The piano sound is quite good regarding the speakers size. The below end contains adequate oomph to satisfy the player. Indeed, the alternate stand or pedals of the P115B will provide a concert of living-room for your companions and family.

The keyboard also feels pretty good with a pleasant weight and a finish feeling like a nice grandiose piano keyboard. However, the return reaction on keys may be slightly sluggish and speedily repeated notes can’t be precisely played since the return of the keys is not quick enough.

A bonus feature of the Yamaha P115B are the samples of damper resonance. Further, when you press sustain pedal of the acoustic piano to strike a note, the remaining strings of the piano provide sympathetic vibrations.

Piano App Allows Simpler Operation

Though the piano can be operated easily by itself, the charge-less ‘Digital Piano Controller‘ app contained in it renders operation still easier. Specifically, this app lets you to access and manage the different operations of P115B right from your iPad or smartphone.

A lot of functions like transposition, tuning, echo management plus demo song picking are accessible with a mix of different interface button  plus keyboard note taps.

Pros And Cons Of The Yamaha P115B

The following are the advantages and drawbacks of the Yamaha P115B:


  • Can be utilized at home or home studio as well as on stage
  • The digital piano carries a port for ‘USB till Host’
  • Possesses polyphony of 192 notes
  • The Yamaha P115B can be transported easily, weighing only 37.7 pounds


  • The Three Year limited warranty on parts and labor is only availed on purchasing the P115B from accredited dealers like Amazon.com

The Verdict On The Yamaha P115B

In conclusion, it appears that there is a digital piano resurgence in the sub $1000 category in the market during the last year or nearly. The Yamaha P115B definitely seems to be a strong contender in the arena.

The Piano has great feel plus sound straight out of box. Similar to any advanced digital piano, the sound feels superb immediately after activating power button. The vital functions are conveniently reachable on the neat and plain front panel.

The P115B possesses excellent sound plus feel. Though no substitute for the skill of acoustic piano, the affordable, ease and space-conserving features offered by digital pianos makes the Yamaha an outstanding package.

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