Best Piano Learning Software

Best Piano Learning Software – Top 5 Review and Picks

Do you want to learn piano playing? Some of you might have a dream of learning it from childhood. Piano learning software is a great solution. You don’t have to spend thousands against a piano trainer. Folks will get variety of software that will teach them playing a piano. You will gain more interest in the learning process due to its interactive technique.

Trend of piano playing

The piano players are playing the instrument for long years. They play the handheld device at home or in a musical concert. But, the concept of playing piano has change. We are now in a digital world. Everything that we do has an influence of internet. Thus, we can find piano learning software online. Yes, the software will teach you the methods of playing the musical instrument easily. You don’t even need a teacher. There will be interactive sessions while learning through software.

playground sessions

Why you should use best piano learning software?

You must have an impression of a human being when anybody speaks about piano learning. It is just an old practice. Group of students used to go piano learning school. The trainer on the other hand teach the lessons. But, through the piano learning software, the total concept is changed. There is no physical teacher. Even, software will teach every lesson to you. There will be flexibility of learning schedule. This software will help you learn piano within your busy schedule.

Many players are still not aware of piano playing software. The piano players are playing the instrument for long years. Even, folks play the piano device at home or in a musical concert. But, the concept of playing piano has change. We are now in a digital world. Everything that we do has an effect of internet. Thus, we can find piano learning software online. Like, the software will teach you how to play the musical instrument easily. You don’t even need a teacher. There will be face to face sessions to learn the software.

Benefits of piano leaning software

The piano learning software has number of benefits. This will teach you the method of playing with fun. There won’t be any serious and difficult attempt by conventional teachers. Naturally, students can learn  lessons easily. You can easily learn it in your computer, android phones or apple iPhone. The users can find wide range of such piano learning software. If you have digital pianos at home, learning online piano is easy. You can easily connect the digital piano with your smart phones or laptop through the usb connector.

Physical piano trainer Vs piano learning software

It’s time to compare the lessons from a trainer with that of a piano learning software. Following are the vital points to consider:

  • Time flexibility– A real piano teacher has a specific schedule for teaching piano lesson. You cannot approach them too early in the morning or even in the midnight. But, piano learning software do not have such restriction. You can use the software anytime as per your convenience.
  • Affordability- Many individuals with the desire to learn piano may not do it due to their economic status. Most of the piano teachers charges too high rate. But the piano learning software is really very affordable.
  • Start anytime- If you want to start your piano lesson immediately, this can be possible with the help of the piano learning software. It is not possible if you want to take lesson from a real piano trainer. He or she has a schedule for batch. So long the batch does not fills, they cannot start the lesson.
  • Learning favorite songs- The real piano trainer will teach you on his/her strategy. They won’t listen to you on what you say. Imagine if you have a desire to learn a particular song in the beginning, it might not be possible through a real piano teacher. But, with piano learning software, you can learn your favorite song at first.

Features of piano learning software

  • The lessons of traditional piano lessons are expensive. But, piano learning software is a budget friendly option for you.
  • Online chat sessions in many website will clear your doubts
  • There is no specific time for learning through software. Like old days teaching, you don’t have to make yourself free as per your piano teacher’s schedule.  You can learn anytime as per your wish with the software
  • Folks can also get advice from  experts. The online lessons are written by expert musicians. Thus, you can gain more knowledge from their experience
  • Users get  benefit of the virtual keyboard

List of Top 5 piano learning software

Playground sessions

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Playground session is one among the best piano learning software. It will give you the prompt info. As a result, you can play your piano as soon as you start the lesson. Learn through this piano software is very easy. The teaching plan is not like old-style lessons. As a result, even a novice can learn piano very well.

Advantages of Playground session

  1. Fun with piano– You can learn piano lesson with fun. The traditional piano teacher can be very strict while teaching lessons. Students might not feel comfortable that way. But, the piano software named ‘playground sessiongives you fun with piano lessons.
  2. Releasing boredom– The players will never be bored while taking this lesson. You can learn new and creative lessons through the software. The lessons have interactive mode of teaching. Naturally, you won’t feel bored.
  3. Lesson for novice– Novice have the scope to learn easily. People have an impression that, making a novice play a piano is difficult. Only an expert player can do this. But today, the concept has totally changed. The ‘playground session’ can provide best lessons to a novice.
  4. Download songs– It is possible to download the popular songs. The piano learning software does not just leach you the lessons. Rather you get full entertainment with songs download.
  5. Ease in practice– You can easily practice lessons. Some physical teachers are too much strict towards the students. As a result, they are too much pressurized. No one can perform well under pressure. But, with the piano learning software you can practice easily without any pressure.
  6. Possibility of recording– Recording your performance will be easy. If your piano has no facility of recording songs, don’t worry. Just use the ‘playground session’ piano software. This will provide the facility of recording your songs.

How to purchase?

The students has to know its disposal. You can easily purchase the subscription of Playground session. Three types of payment are possible. You can pay the subscription on monthly or annually. There is a lifetime plan. You can get by paying at once. The online payment is accepted through credit card, debit card or Paypal.


Playground session is a great approach of teaching piano lessons online. You can play music with fun and enjoyment. This will reduce your boredom. You will get a new design of dashboard within the particular piano learning software. People can play, record and practice your favorite songs. This brings the easiest way of learning piano. Even novice can grab lessons. People gives it 9.5 out of 10.

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Piano Marvel


The learner can easily learn here through the interactive lessons.  Several segments are present, in which the entire lesson is divided. This provide  learner an ease in know-how. You can now learn playing piano as soon as you connect your device to internet. Users get a library of songs with the lesson. This will allow you practice and learn. Piano marvel can be nominated for best piano learning software.

Advantage of Piano Marvel

  1. Division in lesson-It breaks the lessons into different parts. It is always easy to learn a lesson once it is divided into several parts. With Piano marvel, you get this advantage.
  2. Easy to understand– Understanding becomes easy through the technique used in the piano learning software. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate player, the level of understanding will be different. With the particular piano learning software, each individual get the scope of understanding the lessons.
  3. Manageable lessons– Each segment of the piano lesson is manageable. Normally, the theory of piano lesson becomes very difficult to understand. There must be an expert to explain. But, with the help of piano learning software, lessons can be easily manageable.
  4. Award winner-This is a silver award winner piano lesson software. Thus, the learner can imagine how effective it is. It has received worldwide recognition. The Piano marvel provide exclusive interactive lessons.
  5. Affordable– You get the access with a minimum monthly subscription fee. Thus, the Piano marvel learning software provide the scope for every piano learner of different economic background.

Student’s experience

To access the piano lesson software, student’s experience is an important fact. Students are no more interested with a long introductions.  Theoretical stuffs are also not their liking. But, with Piano marvel, many students have learned to play right from the first lesson. The progress of lessons can be tracked through MIDI controller.


This is an entry level piano lesson which is inexpensive. Software makes you learn piano on your own. It is really a fun. The format of  piano lesson is just like a game. Thus, you will stay ever bored. Rather, the engagement is what you will get through the lessons.  It is also having interactive session. Learning becomes very easy and interesting through this process. This is a silver award winner piano learning software. Naturally, a great demand is noticed. People gives it 9.47 out of 10.

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Flowkey- piano software

Many individuals have desire to learn online piano. But, are they able to learn it completely? A proper setup of piano lesson is very important. This will boost the willingness among the learner. They must be convinced to take online piano lessons. You can also get the app that can help you get the lesson in your tablet. People can use it online within your laptop.

Benefits of Flowkey

  1. Friendly interface-The piano learning software comes with user friendly interface. This is an important feature for any piano learning software. If the interface is rigid, it will be difficult to operate.
  2. Play any song– Everyone has a desire to play the music of their favorite song. This is when they start playing the piano for the first time. But, the conventional piano trainer will provide lessons from beginning. But, this piano software has this advantage. You can choose and play your favorite songs from the list.
  3. Fun with piano– People have an impression that, playing a piano is as hard as following an academic lesson. But, this content may not help the student right from their heart. Also, there won’t be any scope for exploring the tunes. But with this software, playing and learning piano through this lesson is a fun.
  4. Microphone attached– It has the built in microphone within the tablet or computer to listen the lessons. You can now play and sing song just like a single solo performer. The clarity of sound and volume is heard with this piano software.
  5. Skill of acoustic piano– You can play acoustic piano after learning this. People have an impression that, playing acoustic piano increases the self-esteem of a piano player. With the help of this software you can easily develop this as well.

Purchase and subscription

It is mandatory to subscribe to Flowkey. You can get free trial of the software for a month before subscribing. But, remember that, you may not be able to use all the songs within the free trial. But, as soon as you pay for subscription, you can get all songs.


Among the piano learning software, Flowkey is the name that comes with great enjoyment. Also, the software is very easy to use. You get wide list of song variety within the online piano lesson. It is possible to get a free trial with this piano lesson variation. You will be expert in operating both chords and hand while operating. The users rates it 6.93 out of 10.

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The users of Pianokeyz get step by step online lesson.  Total lessons include 60 hours. Within this, each student will get the tutorial of 50 popular songs. Every day, you will get new lessons through this piano learning software. Thus, chances of growing is wide. After each section you will get some questions. This will access your understanding level.  Particular piano learning software taught complete piano operations to hundreds of people.

Advantage of Pianokeyz

  • Step by step lessons– The step by step lessons helps to learn easily.  Pianokeyz is a wonderful software that helps you get the lesson in every step. You can refer to the previous step if you forget it in the middle.
  • No dependency– You don’t have to depend on any piano teacher. Folks can get instant access to their online lessons 24 hours.
  • No influence– The piano learning software does not have any influence of a physical trainer. You can get a non-partial training. There will be no scope of favorism for specific group of people.
  • Learn popular songs– You can also learn and play the popular songs after the lesson. Individuals don’t have to depend on someone for learning your favorite tune. You can do this yourself.
  • Lesson for all– Players of different skill levels can get lessons. The basic level piano player gets lesson from beginner level guide. For the intermediate students, the next level is present. There are advanced lessons for professionals.
  • Detail lessons-The tutorials provide all details on how to play a piano. You will get the detail of your lesson in such a way which may even not be present in a physical book.

Purchasing term of Pianokey

The piano software providing company provides a term of purchasing.  You will be provided with a test for one month subscription of the particular Pianokeyz piano lessons. Folks can now purchase the lesson online. Students can easily learn about the numbering fingers in first two lessons. Individuals can also make a purchase by using your credit card or debit card.


People gets bored with too much of information. Pianokeyz piano lessons understands this fact. Thus, it provides ample knowledge and piano operating skill to the user. At the same time, they won’t be bored by listening to too much information. You will get video tutorial. Learning by viewing such tutorial will be quite easy. Students can also look at the feedback of students using this piano lesson. The rating of this product is 6.3 out of 10.

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Piano with Willie

Piano with Willie

This is an exclusive piano lesson online with a name behind its development. Willie Myette is the developer of the piano learning software named as ‘Piano with Willie. He is a well-known pianist completed his music degree from Berklee College of Music, Boston.  The learners of this piano learning software can learn many piano playing styles. It is due to the fact that Willie offers more than 3,500 lessons.

Benefits of Piano with Willie

  • Varied styles– Everyone wish to play pianos in different styles. But, it was not possible with the traditional pianos. An individual can learn around 3500 styles from this software. Thus, you have this advantage.
  • Steady learning-It teaches you to learn lessons in steady pace. If you do anything in a hurry, the result won’t be very effective. The software has the efficiency to give you proper piano playing skill with time.
  • Remove boredom– Most of the people don’t wish to attend traditional piano class as it becomes very monotonous as times. Thus, people become too much bored by playing a single type of music. The lessons are not at all boring
  • Exact lessons– It will teach you exactly the way you can learn the lesson quickly. Not all individuals have a similar way of learning. Some may catch up the lessons very quickly. But, other might not be very sharp to do that. Traditional trainer won’t be able concentrate on each student. But, this piano software is absolutely worth.
  • Substitute to conventional piano-This is an alternative to conventional piano lesson. Some of you have a passion to learn piano from a piano expert. But, due to busy schedule or any other reason, they could not do it so long. This particular piano software is an ultimate substitute to a conventional piano.

How to subscribe?

The subscription procedure is of two types. You can pay $49 in a month. This can be paid in a quarterly and annually basis. You can download MIDI and MP3 track with the help of sheet music. User can also become the premier member. This will give you an additional benefit.  You can get live training session with skype.


The piano is developed by the great musician, Willie Myette. This, will give you a boost in your piano playing process. You can be a novice or a big player, this lesson is for all. This has a particular structure that makes it very easy to operate. There is a scope for playing piano in many different styles after getting this lessons. People rates it 8.68 out of 10.

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  1. Hi Protima

    I’ve tried most of these that you listed, and they work good, but I want one that I can own. No monthly payments. Like I own Cubase, and I own Excel and Word.

    Do know about any piano learning software that you can just buy and install on your computer.

    • Michele Cannito

      Look at the eMedia website. They have Piano and Keyboard Method and Music for Dummies. Then buy either on eBay. Make sure you get CD-Rom and not a book or play-along audio CD. I ordered the eMedia Piano one– more songs and lessons. btw, you can get a free 3-month subscription to Skooze by going to Roland and creating a free online account. You can purchase Playground Sessions and some of the others by getting a lifetime membership. Check out Pianote. Not interactive, is subscription, but lots of to-keep physical products.

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