Best 88 key Midi Controller

Best 88 key Weighted MIDI Controller: Top 5 Review and Picks

Best 88 key Midi Controller

Are you a piano player? Do you perform in live concert? If not, you may not be aware of a keyboard controller. We will discuss various facts about this product in this particular article. A controller of keyboard is a device linked to piano or a synthesizer. These include sliders, knobs, buttons etc. These are used for transmitting MIDI data.

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What is MIDI Controller?

MIDI controller can be a software or a hardware. It is use to transmit the Musical instrument of digital interface (MIDI) to digital or electronic enabled MIDI device. There are many controllers under this category. But the one which is most commonly used is MIDI controller of the musical keyboard. You will find various keys within these instrument. You can easily press and use it reasonably.

Uses of MIDI controller

The MIDI controller works really well at the time of music production. They have many encoders which helps to process every variation of sounds. You can get a powerful effect within your audio workstation. The 88 key midi controller is widely used by the pianists. If you are a new piano player, try to use it for every single music session.

Preference of weight in MIDI controller

Weight of the key in a MIDI controller is an important fact. Some intermediate players face difficulty with weightlessness factor. Normally, the MIDI keyboards are very light. But, the players do prefer the controller that has weighted key. This is observed in the grand piano style. There are many players, who absolutely hate the plastic feel while playing the keyboard. Thus, 88 key weighted MIDI controller is preferred.

Finding of MIDI controller with weighted keys

The piano and MIDI controller sellers are researching the market. They are finding out what exactly the customers want. Lately they found that most of the piano players prefers the weighted hammer keys. Thus, many companies have launched 88 key midi controller. These are quite weighty and serves the purpose of piano players.

Buying guide for MIDI controller

If you are going to buy the MIDI controllers for your keyboard, there are some factors you need to consider. Following are the points you need to go through:

  1. Control options

The name of the device is controller. Naturally, there must be wider scope of control. Check with the seller about the sound quality and ease of use.

  1. Quality drivers

Another important factor which you have to consider while buying The MIDI controller for your keyboard will be driver’s quality. Check whether it is harming the software or hardware internally. Thus, it is important to go for a good quality driver so that your instrument stays well.

  1. Playability

It is always important to focus on the playability of the device. People buying it from the market overlooks its playability. You must get a feel on the controller. For this you have to compare other controllers and decide.

  1. Construction

How the device is constructed is an important element to mark. For this you have to see the brand. Go for the company that has a good reputation in the market. If the construction of the controller is good, it will stay durable even after a lot of wear and tear. Consider the fact of quality construction while buying it.

  1. Integration of software

The makers of the controller uses specific software. Now, it is important to know whether the software is properly integrated with the hardware. There are many controllers that has the scope of customization. Go for those instruments.

List of Best 88 key midi controller

Roland A-88 keyboard controller

Roland A-88 keyboard controller
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The Roland A-88 keyboard controller will give you a flawless Ivory feel. The controller is iPad and usb compatibility. It has powdered synths that will boost the performance level of the MIDI controller. It comes with the split and layer function. You can also get transpose button, octave button, as well as assignable knobs along with the controller.

Features of the controller

  1. Weighted key– The controller can run on 88 key version keyboard. This means, the keys have a good weight. Most of the intermediate players and even the expert prefers these type of keyboards.
  2. Design– It has a compact and likeable design. Designing is an important fact when you are using the keyboard of a piano. Not all may like similar type of design. But, the controller from this brand gets maximum like.
  3. Easy to carry-Controller is also very light in weight. Naturally, you can carry it wherever you move. If you have a live concert, it won’t be very difficult to take it along.
  4. Usability ease– User can use it very easily. The ease of use is another vital feature. The product is going to be good if the user have a good accessibility. Since the players feel very easy to use this, the controller is a hit.
  5. Inclusive of device– Device comes with two knobs, D-beam controller, two switches. Thus, operating will be convenient. If you don’t know how to operate it, you must read the user manual.
  6. Split keyboard function– Controller has split keyboard function. The keyboard have two sections. You can play different sounds with both the sides of the split keyboard. It will be a fun to play such keyboard.

Unique selling point

Yes, Roland A-88 keyboard controller is different as compared to other keyboard controller. This comes with an exclusive D-Beam controller. Here you can easily get the feature of interacting. This can be done as you wave your hand over the controller. You can make it run as per your wish. The parameters that you will choose can be pitch or volume.


The Roland A-88 keyboard controller is a portable and lightweight variation. According to many users, it gives acoustic feel. Most of the people are happy with its controlling efficiency with regards to pitch and volume. You will get a playability approach in his controller. You can get all these features in less than $ 1000. The users rates it 4.2 out of 5.

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Kawai VPC1 virtual piano controller

Kawai VPC1 virtual piano controller

The Kawai VPC1 virtual piano controller is for the pianists using the virtual piano software. The controller have the ivory touch over its key surfaces. You will be surprised to find out its moisture touch feature. Users will be happy to get the virtual piano controller with 88 key weighted controller. Even the intermediate players will feel that they are actually playing the piano.

Features of Kawai VPC1 virtual piano controller

  1. Type of key- This piano controller manufactured by Kawai has wooden keys numbering to 88. This has an ivory touch over its surface. Pianists will be happy to enjoy the triple sensor key detection feature.
  2. Dimension- The measurement with regards to its length, breadth and width is 54 ⅓” (W) x 16 ¾” (D) x 7 ⅓” (H). It is a standard dimension which can be easily carried. Ample space is present to type the buttons on controller.
  3. Bundled software- It is a controller with virtual piano software. Naturally, there will be presence of such variation of software. The product has the VPC editor. You can easily edit the touch curves with this feature. The player can edit individual key velocity.
  4. Compatibility- Before buying the piano controller, you need to check whether it is compatible with other devices or not. Yes, the Kawai VPC1 virtual piano controller can work on both windows and iOS.
  5. Plug and play- The devices is very user friendly. You don’t have to do much before playing. Just plug in and start playing. It is so easy to play that even a novice without the knowledge of piano can operate easily.

Design of Kawai VPC1 virtual piano controller

The piano player also focus on the design. You will get a real piano illusion with Kawai VPC1 virtual piano controller. It has a simple but elegant style. Like other pianos it does not have any wheels, sliders or knobs. This is very simple to operate with the USB facility and the traditional MIDI I/O combination.


The users have positive review about the Kawai VPC1 virtual piano controller. It is little different from the acoustic grand. But, you can get the feel of an acoustic piano. Its software feature is very useful for many piano player. The controller is compatible with both the windows and iOS variation. Users gives it 4.8 out of 5.

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Akai Professional MPK88 hammer action USB midi controller

Akai Professional MPK88 hammer action USB midi controller
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Do you want a high quality keyboard controller? Is the high price not a factor for you? Akai Professional MPK88 hammer action USB midi controller is the variety you can trust. This is the expert level controller preferred by many professional piano players. This comes with 88 key fully weighted and the hammer action keyboard. Naturally, the players will get a feel of real piano with heavy keys. It comes with velocity sensitivity feature with MPC pads.

Features of Akai midi controller

  1. Weighted key- The 88 number weighted key is associated with Akai Professional MPK88 hammer action USB midi controller. It has the exclusive hammer touch keyboard that has melody with after touch expression.
  2. Linked in cable- You can get the slot for USB cable. Thus, the plug and play option can be a great feature. The midi controller is associated with bus power.
  3. High quality- You can get the high quality keyboard with the Professional MPK88 hammer action USB midi controller brought by Akai. You can get a wonderful feel after the touch.
  4. MPC pads- The 88 key midi controller is attached with MPC pads. It is velocity and pressure sensitive. Audience will get a feel like thumping on the drums.
  5. Sounds- You can get USB midi controller with 52 different sounds. The manufacturer has specially programmed the sounds into it. The feature will be great with swing and note repeat.


The keyboard is not that heavy within the range. You can compare the same with the other controllers within the same range. You don’t need many people to carry it to an outdoor show or a concert. Only one person can carry it and set up can be easily done by one person. Even you don’t need a car or a trolley to carry it.


The 88 key MIDI controller from Akai is exclusively made for the experts. The professionals working in a live concert will be happy with the performance of this instrument. The high quality sound, heavy weight keys, velocity and pressure sensitivity features will make it stand out among the list. The users gives it 4.8 out of 5.

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Roland A- 88 key MIDI keyboard controller

Roland A- 88 key MIDI keyboard controller

This is one of the best products within the bucket of the manufacturer Roland. This will give you an ivory feel G- keyboard. You will get the supernatural power synths with Roland A- 88 key MIDI keyboard controller. It has the layer function and the keyboard. You can also get an expression pedal inputs. It comes with 3 OS compatibility factor.

Features of Roland A-88 MIDI

  1. Knob and switches- The exclusive design MIDI keyboard controller has assignable knobs and switches. It makes the user feel the ease while playing. There are variety of option you can get. It is better to read the user manual before using.
  2. Feel of keyboard- When the players do play the piano, they must get a great feel while playing the keyboard. Roland A- 88 key MIDI keyboard controller will give you ivory feel. The D-beam controller is really wonderful.
  3. Special buttons- You will be surprised to know that the Roland A- 88 midi controller comes with transpose and octave buttons. This feature is not present in most of the professional pianos.
  4. Hammer style- This feature is a must to include within the controller. This is one of the best 88 key MIDI controller available in the market. The design and the flexibility has a different dimension.
  5. Sound selection – This device comes with a dedicated super natural mode button. As a result, this will easily unlock the sound selection feature. You will get the INTEGRA- 7 sound module.

Unique selling point-

The 88 KEY midi keyboard controller have the light weight variation. Thus the portability is not at all an issue for this. You can also use the iPad with this piano midi controller. But, you have to use the AC power adapter when using with the iPad. The unique selling point of this piano controller is the infrared beam named as D- Beam. This is an exclusive feature. You can communicate by waving hand over it.


Many people are very happy for the low weight feature of Roland A- 88 key MIDI keyboard controller. The product is also very portable. The user gets the feel of an acoustic piano. It has a smart gesture, i.e. when you wave hand over it, interaction is possible.

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Komplete Kontrol S88

Komplete Kontrol S88
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The Komplete Kontrol S88 is the MIDI controller from the bucket of Native instruments. This comes with 88 key hammer action keyboard. This will easily play the scales or chords. The instrument can even control the DAW right. It has a simple and perfect design. The device has intuitive browser control. This feature will help you call up the NI instrument in your collection. You can easily select individual preset.

Features of Komplete Kontrol S88

  1. Powerful keyboard– The Komplete Kontrol S88 comes with the powerful keyboard. Thus, you can easily enjoy playing the musical instrument. This has an unrivaled integration. This comes with fully weighted hammer action key.
  2. Display– The display of the midi controller has a clear view. You will be able to see all the details in a glance. The text so displayed can be read anytime easily.
  3. Flexible touch strip– The manufacturer of the controller has used a physics to get a flexible touch strip. The control becomes really great. This can also go beyond mod wheels and pitch.
  4. Browsing– There is an undefined browsing feature with Komplete Kontrol S88. Once you search properly, you will be able to find your sounds and music.
  5. Software bundle– You get collection of 11 instruments attached to the particular midi controller. Some of the variations are reaktor 6 factor selection, massive. Retro machine MK2, kontakt 5 player etc

Workflow enhancement-

You can now find many function over the keyboard of Komplete Kontrol S88. This will make the process of playing the piano much more with fun. This will help you play the piano with single key or the chords. This will easily boost your workflow. There will be creativity associated with piano play.


The midi controller brought by the native instruments comes with the perfect software integration technique. This will also match the designed parameters. The plugins are present to create customized sound. You can also edit sound anytime you wish. The screen is really bright and also very easy to read option. With all these features, viewers give it 4.8 out of 5.

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