Best Piano Lessons for Beginners

Best Piano Lessons for Beginners – Top 5 Review and Buyer’s Guide

Best Piano Lessons for Beginners

Finding the best beginner piano lessons no longer means that you need to find a piano teacher willing to come your home. There are many software-based piano lessons for beginners which can put you on the path to becoming an expert piano player.

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When looking for the best beginner piano lessons, there are a number of factors that you should keep in mind. For example:

Many people start off with the notion that they will spend hours learning the piano but quickly give up when it becomes more difficult to learn. Therefore, it is good to also take into consideration your or your child’s determination to continue learning.

So, before the review looks at the 3 best beginner piano lessons, we will look at the best type of piano for you.

The Best Piano for Beginner Piano Lessons

If you are serious about learning to play the piano, then the best type of piano for starting to learn will be a full-size piano.

There is a range of high-quality digital pianos for reasonable prices which are great for beginning piano lessons. These have 88 keys and have the look and feel of an acoustic piano. These are also better than an electric keyboard because they have weighted keys which are similar to an acoustic piano. This means that you will find it very easy to play on any piano.

However, if you are not sure about how much you will use your piano, then it is probably better to get a smaller piano or electric keyboard with 61 or 71 keys. These are usually much cheaper than digital pianos and offer a wide range of sounds and rhythms that can help you master tunes very quickly.






Casio Privia PX860 e1513735556468

Casio Privia PX860


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Yamaha DGX650


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How to Choose the Best Piano Lessons for Beginners?

Many people now choose to look for online courses or computer programs if they are beginning piano lessons. Although personalized instruction with a qualified teacher is always advantageous, there are many digital options which can be just as good.

There are many advantages to buying piano lesson for beginner’s software. Some of these are:

  • Much cheaper than a private tutor
  • Instruction from world-famous piano tutors
  • You can learn where you want to and when you want to
  • Many options to choose from

Here are 3 of the best beginner piano lessons that are available.

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eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method v3

eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method v3

This beginner piano lesson contains over 300 lessons and includes a library of 100 popular songs to learn. The piano lesson course takes you from the very beginning in how to read music and where to place your fingers on the keyboard to playing along with songs by Elton John and Billy Joel.

The lessons are conducted by Irma Irene Justicia who taught at the famous Julliard School of Music.

The software incorporates audio-recognition technology so that you can use it even if you don’t have a digital piano. However, if you have a digital piano you can connect via the MIDI connection. This also lets you record your learning progress which can be very useful if you plan a recital for your friends to show off your new talents.

All the lessons are divided into 12 chapters which also helps you learn about the history of classical and Modern American music.

Features of the eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method

What are the various features that you can enjoy with the Piano and Keyboard Method?

  • Many interactive features
  • Animated keyboard to show proper finger placement
  • Interactive Performance Evaluation to help you improve on mistakes
  • Contains over 70 videos
  • Can be used on both acoustic and digital pianos
  • You can record your progress
  • Music tracking to highlight the note or chords to play.
  • Multi-track playback accompaniment

Benefits of the eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method v3

The eMedia Piano and Keyboard has been designed for both adults and children beginners alike. For children, there is an interactive lesson section with instructional games that can make learning fun. It is also very easy to set up and there is technical assistance available if needed.


The eMedia Piano and Keyboard is one of the best beginner piano lessons software. This is because is offer a host of many features to take you from novice to playing like a pro. It is also very reasonably priced. It also works just as well with acoustic pianos as with digital pianos.

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eMedia My Piano Starter Pack

eMedia My Piano Starter Pack

The My Piano Starter Pack by eMedia is a beginner piano lesson pack which is definitely aimed at helping children to learn the piano. In fact, if you would like a young child to learn the piano, then this is definitely one of the best beginner piano lessons.

The starter pack comes complete with an electronic keyboard which is specially designed for small fingers, a USB cable to connect to a computer, and over 100 piano lessons.

Each lesson has been designed to make learning the piano a fun and enjoyable experience for kids. They also receive instruction from Irma Irene Justicia, who taught at the world-renowned Julliard School of Music.

Features of the eMedia My Piano Starter Pack

What are the various features that you can enjoy with the My Piano Starter Pack?

  • 49-key electronic keyboard with midsize keys
  • eMedia My Piano software
  • 100 realistic sampled instrument sounds
  • Connection to a computer via USB
  • Record and playback feature
  • Lightweight and portable

Benefits of the eMedia My Piano Starter Pack

One of the great benefits of the eMedia starter pack for beginner piano lessons is that it is a complete package. It is also very easy to use and children will love learning on this. The included videos also have live recorded songs.


The eMedia Piano and Keyboard one of the best beginner piano lessons for children who want to learn the piano. It contains everything that you need to make lessons fun and enjoyable. It is also reasonable priced.

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Learn and Master Piano

Learn and Master Piano course for beginners

The Learn and Master Piano course for beginners has been designed with adults in mind. The goal of these beginner piano lessons is to help adults quickly master complex songs. The idea is that it breaks down songs so that the learner can understand it first.

The lesson pack comes with 20 DVDs, 5 play-along CDs and a lesson book with over 100 pages. The lessons consist of clear step-by-step instructions to help develop skills and master the piano.

The DVD instruction course is divided into different sessions and workshops. Each lesson begins with the basics of the song, then instructs on progressions, rhythm, and music theory. Then there is a workshop with the teacher.

It also included access to a lot of resources on their website.

Features of the Learn and Master Piano beginner lessons

What are the various features that you can enjoy with the Learn and Master Piano?

  • Professional produced videos
  • 20 DVDs and a large lesson book
  • Covers popular music genres: Blues, Boogie-Woogie, Pop, Ragtime, and Jazz
  • Multi-track play-along CDs
  • Access to their website forums

Benefits of the Learn and Master piano course

One of the biggest benefits of the Learn and Master Piano course is that it helps beginners to quickly play songs. Once you have learned to play a song on the DVD course you can then play along to the song on the multi-track CD.


The Learn and Master piano course doesn’t have the interactive features of other beginner piano lessons, but this is a high-quality teaching course if you want to quickly master the piano. If you learned the piano as a child and gave up, then this is the perfect piano lesson course to get you playing the piano again.

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