Best Acoustic Guitars under $1000

Best Acoustic Guitars under $1,000 : Top 5 Expert Review and Picks

Best Acoustic Guitars under $1000You may find many types of musical instruments in the market. Guitar is one very popular instruments which you can hold and play around. Acoustic guitars produces sound acoustically. The mechanism is little different. It transmits the vibration that is produced by the strings of the guitar right to the air. There is a good difference of mechanism between an acoustic guitar and the electric guitar. The instruments works to strengthen the string vibration. For this, it uses the sound board and sound box.

Best Acoustic Guitars under $1,000



Body Material Type

Number of Strings


Martin DRS2 Dreadnought Acoustic Electric Guitar e1511647625901

Martin DRS2 Acoustic Guitar

D-14 fret


9.2 x 47.2 x 20.5 inches

Yamaha A Series A3R Acoutic Electric Guitar e1511648272102

Yamaha A3R Acoutic Guitar



42.5 x 21.7 x 6.1 inches

Taylor 114ce N Matte Natural e1512087922806

Taylor Guitars 114CE- acoustic guitar

Taylor Nylon GA


45 x 19 x 7.8

Ovation 2778 AX Standard Elite e1512088152330

Ovation standard elite 2778



42.5 x 6.8 x 19.5

Epiphone DR 100 Acoustic Guitar e1512088429810

Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar



18.5 x 42 x 5.5

How to choose best acoustic guitar?

There are variety points to consider while buying an acoustic guitar. Whether the electric guitar is satisfying all these factors is an important fact. Following are the categories:

playground sessions


Before buying the guitar, it is important to find out the real purpose. Why do you exactly require the electric guitar? Is playing guitar is your hobby? Did you consider guitar playing as a profession? This facts are important to consider while choosing acoustic guitar.

Skill level

Are you a beginners level guitar player or intermediate level. The acoustic guitar for beginner’s level will be of a particular type. But if your skill level is that of professional grade, you have to buy acoustic piano of different level.


When you are going to buy a musical instrument, sound is something you must keep in mind. Just check the tone, density and shrill of the tone and audibility with guitar string stroke. You must love the sound quality in the acoustic guitar that you are buying.


You should always check the quality while buying guitar from the market. You can look into its specification. The expert’s comments will also specify about its quality. You have to look into such facts before buying this musical instrument.


People spends as per their suitability and capacity. Even if you have money that does not mean that you have to spend the major part on your savings. If you see that one brand is charging too high, you can absolutely go for other brands. There are many companies that provides electric guitars in affordable price.

Recommendation of acoustic guitar

If you are going to buy an acoustic guitar under $ 1000, it is important to find some facts. There are variety of factors which you can consider. Most important part is the recommendation. Now your next question will be, from where you will get the recommendation. Today, internet has made everything possible. There was a time when we use to speak to our friends and relatives before buying something. WE ask whether they have used these before, if yes how is the performance of such products or devices. But today, internet has make this easier. You don’t have to depend on your friends and relatives before buying something. There are user’s reviews available online. They are the genuine users who bought the products. They will give you honest review on the goods and services. You have to take their views and recommendation before buying the guitars.

Size of acoustic guitar

People with different heights plays guitar. Now, some are short height and some are tall. Now, it is very odd for a short heighted men to hold a very big and lengthier guitar. Also, tall heighted players will feel uncomfortable in holding low heighted guitar. They have to stoop down and play. Thus, it is always important to have a view of the size. The experts dealing with the acoustic guitars are available online as well as physical store. You can easily speak to them and pick up the right acoustic guitar for you.

List of Top 5 acoustic guitars under $1000

Martin DRS2

Martin DRS2
Source :

Martin is one of the best companies that is known for its business for years. The company is in market for around 150 years. You will get wide range of American made high quality music instruments. Martin DRS2 is the one among the mass. This guitar comes with the dreadnought style body. You will be fascinated to have a view at the Sitka spruce top. You get the perfect combination of clarity in sound along with the depth of volume.

Features of Martin DRS2

  • Tone

The tone of guitar depends mostly depends on the neck angle. This have the innovation over the Godin’s neck matching technology. There is a compound curve at the top. This will give the guitar an additional stability. Also, with the optimum neck pitch you get a wonderful guitar tone.

  • Quality

No one can ever say about the quality issue of this particular electric guitar. This is one among the best hand crafted guitars which has special finish with the solid top. You will get a great performance and feel of this acoustic guitar.

  • Design

The users are eager to know the design of the guitar they are going to get from the market. This particular guitar comes with an exclusive spruce and mahogany construction. It also have the chrome hardware that makes it a hit. People are inclined towards this feature.

  • Intonation

If you are playing the musical instrument like guitar, the intonation is an important part. The rise and fall of the pitch at the appropriate level is very important. This is what you will get in this particular model of the guitar. The better intonation effect is due to compensated saddle and Tusq nut effect.


If you are looking for the right electric guitar, the facts like designing, tone as well as performance needs to be kept in mind. This is the acoustic guitar which is within your budget. You will get it in much lesser variation. Yes, it will cost as less as $ 600. The acoustic guitar is manufactured in North America. The double action trust rod in it will make the instrument really very durable. The rating of the guitar is really good. People rates it 4.2 out of 5.

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Yamaha A3R acoustic guitar

Yamaha A3R acoustic guitar
Source :

You will get this electric acoustic guitar in many variation. Those are mahogany, solid mahogany, rosewood and solid rosewood. Yamaha is the brand which is always present when you speak about the acoustic musical instruments. Yamaha is also for all those guitar players who wishes to learn right from the beginning. Yes, the company is one of the best in the market that manufactures budget guitars. Yamaha A3R is the well-known model available in the market.

Features of Yamaha A 3R

  • Built And looks

Do you want to get a guitar that has elegant look. The Yamaha A3R is a wonderful variation with wonderful built and elegant look. Apparently it is really simple. But, if you go into its detail, you can easily find its worth. It has new head stock which is prominent. You get original wood inlays in it.

  • Budget

You must be looking for the acoustic guitar that costs less than $ 1,000. Yamaha A3R is a good option for you as it is less than $ 800. Though the shipping charges will be extra, even then it won’t cross $ 1,000.

  • Sound and tone

The deep tone will be having clear sound. Also, the deep pitch with detailed mid-range have a great impact on the audience. This will help you get less mistakes while playing. You can give the opportunity to the studio to breathe before playing.

  • Natural feel

When you are playing music with the musical instrument, you must have a natural feel. Unless and until you get such feeling, you won’t have a zeal of playing that. Yamaha A 3R have that facility. It is because of the perfect wood finish and smooth finish.


This is one of very few acoustic guitars in the market that have several variations. One is rosewood, another is maple, solid mahogany etc. The style and finish of the particular acoustic guitar is very impressive. People will get a natural feel while playing it. The sound and tones are documented in such a manner that you will get mistake while playing. People likes it and has given 4.4 out of 5.

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Taylor Guitars 114CE- acoustic guitar

Taylor 114ce 100 Series Acoustic Guitar

This is the nylon string acoustic guitar in the market. Due to this part, the affordability is observed. But don’t think that its quality of sound gets disrupted. No, the sound quality is equally good. Also, it is really durable. You can use it for lifetime. The guitar is coated with black color walnut nominate. This makes it really durable. You can play it easily irrespective of very high skill.

Features of Taylor Guitar 114CE

  • Design and built

The designing of the Taylor guitar is little different. I has perfect depth and width of dreadnought. But, it has narrow waist. It also comes with a sleek look with classic model. You can play it comfortably even in long performance. The back sides of guitar are layered walnut in variation.

  • Tone and projection

Do you want to know about the acoustic guitar’s tone? Yes, it has full tone with clear projection. You also get an addition of solid Sitka spruce. Since the guitar has the open sound of the spruce, the tone balance will be maintained.

  • Sound

As we know that it has a designing with laminated wood, yet, its voice is clear and crisp. You can get a lively audibility with the sound of the guitar. You will get the projection of defined raw voice. This will also give out vibrant response.

  • Performance

The performance level of the guitar remains intact even if there is an involvement of amp. You can play and flourish yourself as per your wish. Even the entry level guitar performs really well.


The particular Taylor guitar comes with sapele laminate. The top is having an effect of Sitka spruce. The manufacturer has used the laminates in different portions. At the back and the sides of the guitar, the laminates used is sapele. The guitar has the exact weight of 6.6 pounds. You can easily get it in online shopping stores. You can get this guitar in right hand orientation. But, if you place a special order, the manufacturer can modify and get you left hand orientation variation. The price is even less than $ 800. The users are very happy using it and have rated it 5 out of 5.

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Ovation standard elite 2778

Ovation standard elite 2778

Many guitar players and the users have declared themselves as the fan of Ovation guitars. The built, quality and the performance of the guitar is worth mentioning. The brand is in the market from decades. Today, it is making the excellent variety of acoustic guitars. The popularity of these guitars are its bowl composite body. This is a wonderful feature where conjunction of back and sides are made. As a result, this gives you maximum acoustic output.

Features of Ovation standard elite 2778

  • Durability

The guitar is very durable in nature as it comes with solid spruce top. Even the top is made of AA grade. The exotic hardwoods are used in construction of this guitar. As a result, you get more strength in this.

  • Design and color

If you can have a view at the presentation of this acoustic guitar, you will find its designing little different. The front potion of the guitar comes with two different colors. One is known as New England burst and the other one is black. Just at the point of guitar body and neck conjunction, you get two designs angling from two sides. Little bit of leaves and black rounds. This is present in both the colors. This makes the instrument different from mass.

  • Sound

Users says that, you will get somewhat dark sound with the Ovation standard elite 2778. Can you remember the sound of traditional jumbo acoustic guitar? The sound will absolutely resemble the same. This is fully bass with big projection. It will be ideal to play in a big auditorium or an open outdoor.

  • Control

The control on the musical instrument that you are playing is an important fact. The guitar comes with 1k pickup with the pre – EQ shaper button. You will absolutely be in a state of gaining control over the EQ sliders.


The looks and build of the particular guitar will remind you about the traditional acoustic guitar. It comes with pearl dot diamond inlay. The neck is blessed with mahogany affair. The sound is so loud that, the players playing in outdoors and studious will love it. All these comes with less than $1000 range. Don’t you think it is unbelievable? Customer reviews is good as well. People gives it full marks.

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Epiphone DR- 500 MC acoustic guitar

Epiphone DR- 500 MC acoustic guitar
Source :

Epiphone is the acoustic guitar making company that has been working for decades. The makers know how to deal with the premium tone woods. The manufacturer has used the solid Sitka spruce top. The sides of the guitar are round with mellow which in turn has the ample projection. This can be considered as one among the best acoustic pianos under $ 1,000. If you buy it online, you get it in as less as $ 800.

Features of Epiphone DR acoustic guitar

  • Design

As stated before, the Epiphone DR acoustic guitar comes with slid mahogany body. Even the side of the instrument is made with the same material. But, the top is made with something else. Yes, it is made with solid Sitka spruce. The neck shape is slim and trim.

  • Fingerboard

In order to play the musical instrument like guitar, you need to have a look at the fingerboard. The particular product has the finger board made up with rosewood. Also, it has the split diamond inlays.

  • Controls

The factor of controlling the musical instrument is again an important fact. You get the components like master volume pot, stereo output, anti-feedback switch. Thus, control factor of the musical instrument will be very well established.

  • Price

You must be worried about the price. Do you think the guitar with some many features is out of your budget? No, it is not. You will get it in less than $ 1000.


Epiphone DR acoustic guitar is the well-known electric guitar with many features. The designing is perfect with the mahogany body. This makes the guitar really durable. Also the design of the neck part gives it a sleek look. The product also comes with the premium tone woods. You get all these in only $ 650. It is available online. You can get it easily without any issue. The rating is 4.4 out of 5.

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