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Best MIDI Controller for FL Studio: Top 5 Review and Buyer’s Guide

Did you hear about the FL studio? The professionals dealing with music and studios are aware of this fact. Some of my readers may hear this word for the first time. For all of them, FL Studio is a digital audio workstation is a good place for recording. This is the place where both the professionals as well as amateur artists go ahead with recording. You can also have the editing capacity of the studio. Naturally, various kinds of musical instruments are in need. The best MIDI controller for FL studio is going to be discussed in this article.

Top 5 and Best MIDI Controller





Studiologic SL 88 e1510822916497

Studiologic SL-88 Midi Controller


30 lbs

Kawai VPC1 virtual piano controller e1510823158482

Kawai VPC1 virtual piano controller


65 lbs

Roland A 88 e1510823495701

Roland A-88: MIDI Keyboard Controller


35 lbs

Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol e1510823847760

Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol


37 lbs

Why FL studio is popular?

FL studio is a step higher than the traditional recording studios. You will get an advantage of it over the other recording studios. The music players can go ahead with easy access to the recording, also the approach will be highly intuitive. Following are some reasons of its popularity:

playground sessions
  1. The music players can easily edit the composition and reach to the level of final masterpiece
  2. You will get the FL studio with perfect integration of tools and mixing boards
  3. The studio allows great flexibility in the process of recording. One of the reasons behind it is flexibility of its interface
  4. The user can get a complete list of editing tools. You can view and take up the suitable one.
  5. The best MIDI controller for FL studio is used. There will be a perfect integration of the studio along with MIDI. As a result, you get the opportunity to hear and play not one or two but diverse range of sounds.

Approaches of FL studio

Many of the novice or amateur players do not know that, FL studio has two approaches. Following are the list:

  • FL studio allow you to record from your keyboard directly. You can do the recording right from the software or to the device.
  • You can also make a storage of the mix tracks with the orchestral mix. If you have the plugins, the FL studio will allow it to do from the plugin. The creative arrangements are made to work within this FL studio

How to link FL studio to MIDI keyboards?

There is a complete procedure of linking FL studio to MIDI keyboards. Following are the steps

  • Go to the system setting of windows and click the MIDI tab
  • You will find a list of hardware and software MIDI device
  • You must choose the suitable item or items to link
  • You may also get the mixer style interface
  • The user can connect or install the keyboard in windows
  • The USB connected controllers are also widely used. For this you have to install the usb drivers

How to buy the best MIDI controller for FL studio?

There are several parameters based on which you have to decide on how to get the suitable MIDI controller for your FL studio. Let us have a look at the below mentioned points:


Today, no one wish to carry heavy musical instruments from one place to another. The MIDI controller must be portable as well. You must look for the device which is small and is portable. Normally, the MIDI controller that has keyboards with 25 to 37 keys, will be very portable.


The musicians always like the feel of the musical instrument. Only if you can feel them, playing them will be easy. When you are buying the MIDI controller from the market, make sure that you are satisfied with the feel of keyboard. Some of the musicians like heavy weighted keys as this brings them a feel of real piano. But this can vary from person to person.

Extra controls

The users must have extra controls when they are going to get a MIDI controller. Some MIDI controllers have just few buttons, but each one is equally good. But, sometimes you also get an extra control. There are few controls that looks like command center. Extra controls are not for all. If you have plans to use, they can be used.


One of the most crucial factor to consider when you choose a MIDI controller is the budget. Whether you are an entry level player or a superior professional, budget is always a crucial factor. You must fix your budget and see whether you get the musical instrument within that budget.

List of Best MIDI Controller for FL Studio

Nektar IMPACT LX25+

Nektar IMPACT LX25+
Source : Amazon.com

Do you want a premium device for recording? The Nektar IMACT LX25+ is the wonderful variety in front of you. This is one of the best MIDI controller for FL studio that goes well with Mac, Ios, etc. This is also one of the most popular device for recording. You will get this midi controller with semi weighted keypads. As a result, the control will be good.

Features of Nektar IMPACT LX25+

  • Sensitive pads- The best MIDI controller for FL studio comes with the backlit pads. This will help you to play even if the surrounding area is dark. There are 8 such backlit pads all of which are hyper sensitive.
  • Software- The software used by the manufacturer while creating the MIDI controller is of very good quality. Those are so effective that it is mapped automatically to the controls.
  • Synths and modulation- The Nektar impact is the MIDI controller with premium quality. You get this device with 25 expressive synth action keys. In order to get superior performance, the MIDI controller comes with the modulation wheels as well as on board pitch blend.
  • Compatibility- These days people wish to connect the MIDI controller for FL studio to other devices. But, all controllers are not compatible with all devices. But, the Nektar IMPACT LX25+ is one among the list that is compatible with the Mac PC as well as Ios.



You must look for a MIDI controller that is flexible enough to play. The Nektar IMPACT is the one you can consider. The recording artist gets great flexibility with the help of this MIDI controller. You also get a transpose and octave buttons. You will get the mixer controls, pads as well as pre- set instrument with the Nektar Impact MIDI controller. The user likes this device very much. Thus, the rating given is 4.3 out of 5.

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Novation Impulse 49

Novation Impulse 49
Source : Amazon.com

Are you looking for a MIDI controller with wider sound effects? The MIDI keyboard named as Novation Impulse 49 will provide a good support. The product comes with not one but with wide range of sounds. You will get semi weighted keys with this. The user will get an after-touch effect with better playing capacity. The feature of trigger pad is present in this MIDI controller. This is a complete recording master piece for professionals.

Features of Novation Impulse 49

  • Keyboard– The MIDI controller that comes with FL studio is backed with the semi weighted keyboard. This comes with ultra-responsive feature. You get the benefit of after touch variation.
  • Bass and synthNovation Impulse 49 is known as one of the well-known MIDI controller available in the market. You get this device with Ableton live lite. The loop master sample pack is associated with this well-known MIDI controller.
  • Software- It has auto map 4 control software. Do you know the use of this software? Yes, it provides instant hands on the access to your plugins and Daws present in this MIDI controller.
  • Keys and buttons- Every MIDI controller has several buttons and keys. Now, the performance of each depends on each button. Novation Impulse 49 is one of the best MIDI controller for FL studio that comes with 9 faders and 8 knobs.



Novation Impulse 49 is the MIDI controller that comes with the precision keyboard. The auto map control software is one of the wonderful features of this MIDI controller. This comes with 8 back lit drum pads. This helps in rolling beats and wrap arpeggios. You get instant access to plug-ins, DAW’s mixer and transport. You get the benefit of Novation Bass station. The loop master’s sample library is another feature. It gets 3 out of 5 ranks.

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M-Audio Oxygen 49

M-Audio Oxygen 49
Source : Amazon.com

The compatibility feature of the MIDI controller is viewed in M-Audio Oxygen 49. You can also get enough flexibility while playing this MIDI controller. As compared to other controls you get additional control feature. You get dynamic control, velocity as well as sensitive keys associated with this MIDI controller. The keyboard also comes with exclusive modulation, drum pads, pitch and sliders.

Features of M-Audio Oxygen 49

  • Velocity sensitivity- The MIDI controller named as M-Audio Oxygen 49 comes with 8 velocity sensitive trigger. This is very essential for a professional keyboard player when they come with beat production.
  • Knobs and button- The MIDI controller is the best for FL studio with variety of keys and knobs. This has 8 velocity sensitive trigger pads. These are good for the beat production. You get the benefit of clip launch with these knobs and buttons.
  • Streamlined control- You get a series of faders, knobs and pads. This provides a total control over the software. The users and professional piano players will get the pleasure of creative recording flow. Mixing music is also possible with this controller.
  • DAW use- The manufacturer of this MIDI controller brings in popular DAWs within the product. You get the variations like logic, Ableton live, Pro tools etc. The benefit of transporting windows, tweaking mixers etc. is enjoyed by the players.



The M-Audio Oxygen 49 comes with the sensitive keys and pads. The users get dynamic controls to FL studio. It has the capacity to utilize DAW. You will get a series of faders, pitch wheels, modulation, sliders etc. This has the velocity sensitive keys along with dynamic controls. The MIDI controller also comes with sustain pedals. You also get solid drum pads with the keyboard. People rates it 3.3 out of 5.

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Akai MPK249 MIDI controller

Akai MPK249 MIDI controller
Source : Amazon.com

Who will not wish to get his or her recording perfect? But, due to some limitations, the desire is not fulfilled. But you can easily make your recording perfect with Akai MPK249 MIDI controller. The MIDI lovers will like this product. The MIDI controller has 16 pads for the recording. Naturally, the semi weighted keys over here are used for added benefit.

Features of Akai MPK249 MIDI controller

  • Velocity sensitivity- The velocity sensitivity feature of the MIDI controller is a wonderful character. You will get this feature in the Akai MIDI controller. This comes with exclusive piano style keypad. It is also having after touch feature and velocity sensitivity variation.
  • Compatibility- These days people are too much concerned about the compatibility feature. They want to connect the MIDI controller with their other devices. The user over here is benefited with this feature as well. This has Ios compatibility feature. Also, you can get apple camera kit separately with this.
  • Connectivity- The MIDI controller for FL studio include usb port. Thus, you can connect it with usb chord and play the music anywhere you wish. You can transfer files to your smart phone, laptop as well as tablet.
  • Keys and knobs- The control knob is again a crucial factor in this MIDI controller. You will get a complete package with 3 banks, 8 knobs, 8 faders etc. All these makes it efficient in the world of music.



The Akai MPK249 MIDI controller have very impressive keybed. The best part is, its process of communicating the expression of music to the software that you possess. You also get the intuitive control surface. The 16 RGB keypads with illuminated MPC style is again a marvelous concept. You can see everything of your operation through the LCD screen. This product comes with bundle of other software. With so many feature people gives it 4.7 out of 5.

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M-Audio Axiom Air

M-Audio Axiom Air
Source : Amazon.com

This particular MIDI controller has two versions. One is known as air mini 32 keyboard variations. Another comes with 49 keys. If you are a beginner in this musical world, go for the mini version. There are scopes for people to use the product which is neither for beginners and nor for fully professionals. This is known as premium variety. The MIDI controller comes with bundle of features. We will discuss them one by one in this article.

Features of M- Audio Axion Air MIDI controller

  • Realistic feel- Do you want to get realistic feel of a piano. It is now possible with M-Audio MIDI controller. It has the roll button that will give you a feeling of realistic drum playing. There are some exclusive controls that is ideal for front panel programming.
  • Synth action keys- The MIDI controller comes with 49 synth action keys which are very expressive. You get the feature of after touch variation. To keep the pressure and velocity stable, the MIDI controller brings 12 trigger pads.
  • Keys and knobs-When you are going to get a midi controller from the market, it is very important to check number of keys and knobs along with this. The Axion Air MIDI controller eight rotary encoder knobs, faders which is 70 mm long, etc
  • Style and performance- You must feel comfortable while playing the MIDI controller. You can adopt any style of playing. The system will take it and make your performance better. It also comes with the selectable velocity curves. This, feature is used to match your playing style.



The MIDI controller named as M-Audio Axion Air has many benefits. Along with being an instrument for recording, it is having some features of latest technology. It comes with the hyper controls feature. Thus, the technology easily maps the controller to the software. The drum pad learn is another feature of this MIDI controller. This will identify the buttons. The user likes this product very much. Thus, the rating they received is really good.

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