Best Acoustic Guitar Under 500

Best Acoustic Guitar Under $500: Top 5 Review and Buyer’s Guide

You can get wide range of guitars in the market. Acoustic guitars are the professional grade. But, while trying to buy such guitars, there will be variety of factors. You must be too much concerned about the same. The price is one among the factors. It is also an exciting process to choose such acoustic guitars. Here are step by step process of getting a suitable acoustic guitar in the market. Few of you may take help from the professionals. Best Acoustic Guitar Under $500 are now available in the market. But, you must ask several questions to yourself.

Top 5 Acoustic Guitar For You To Choose



Body Material Type

Number of Strings


Martin DRS2 Dreadnought Acoustic Electric Guitar e1511647625901

Martin DRS2 Acoustic Guitar

D-14 fret


9.2 x 47.2 x 20.5 inches

Yamaha A Series A3R Acoutic Electric Guitar e1511648272102

Yamaha A3R Acoutic Guitar



42.5 x 21.7 x 6.1 inches

Taylor 114ce N Matte Natural e1512087922806

Taylor Guitars 114CE- acoustic guitar

Taylor Nylon GA


45 x 19 x 7.8

Ovation 2778 AX Standard Elite e1512088152330

Ovation standard elite 2778



42.5 x 6.8 x 19.5

Epiphone DR 100 Acoustic Guitar e1512088429810

Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar



18.5 x 42 x 5.5

What kind of sound you prefer?

You must ask yourself on what kind of sound do you prefer. The procedure of playing guitar of each one is different. If you are a fingerstyle player, you will want the wood to respond corresponding the freight. Some of you may use the pick to play the music. The sound so observed is quite different from one another. The wood that is placed at the top of guitar will be a factor which brings a good sound.

playground sessions

Type of wood used

The guitar manufacturing company uses several types of woods to play the guitar music. The use of each type of wood provides different type of sounds and is the reason to have an increase or decrease in the price. Also, there are players who prefers specific wood while making the guitar. Following are some of the variety:


This is the most preferred and used wood in the guitar. But when it is used at the top portion of guitar, the response rate becomes too low. But, this wood variation has a strong punchy tone. Do you know what type of guitar players prefers this sound? The professionals playing blues prefers the same.


This is one of the rarely used woods on your guitar. Mostly the western red cedar is used over here. This wood placed at the top of the guitar will bring the warm sound which is balanced as well. The fingerstyle guitar players mostly prefer this type of wood. This gives quick response.


If you are looking for an acoustic guitar that provides high response rate, rosewood will be a great option. You will also enjoy the wide range of overtone with this wonderful wood variation. Also, the players will find richness in tone in the upper register.


Maple is not a single name, you will rather get various species of maple. Those are bear claw, big leaf, sugar, etc. They have high degree of internal damping along with the low response rate. This also have a tonal characteristic. The top is heard even if you add any weighty tonal coloration.

Acoustic or acoustic electric?

You may find two types of variations within the acoustic variety of guitars. One is simply acoustic and the other one is acoustic electric. Even here you need to decide on how you wish to use your instrument. The simple acoustic guitar is manually used. But, in an electric acoustic guitar, you can easily get some electric pickups. The advantage of electric one is the fact that the user can plug it inside an amplifier and listed to the recorded sound.

Benefit of electric acoustic guitar

The electric acoustic guitars are the present days technology used in the olden days acoustic guitars. Use of electricity in playing the guitar has made the operations quite easy. You can easily enjoy your music without playing it live. You can plug your guitar over an audio interface and carry on recording the sound. You don’t need a microphone in this process. Thus, getting to the song ideas will be quite easy. Even, you can avoid the room noise which you can face while recording in a room.

What to look in an acoustic guitar?


These days, almost all the guitars have become electronics. But some features like getting mounted in a whole or mount inside a sound hole will be important to consider.


This feature is very important as you can know whether the notes will play in tune while you play the guitar. You need to check the distance between the freight. If it is less, there can be issue in notes.


Have a look at the neck of the guitar while buying it. You must choose the neck design as per the size of your hand. You will be suggested once you speak to an expect while buying the guitar.


You must have a look at the wood that is used with the guitar. Each type of wood produces different type of sound. The manufacturer give emphasis to the top as it determines the tonal quality.

Finger board and bridge

The finger board as well as bridge is a vital component in an acoustic guitar. The sound can also differ with the combination of the bridge and the fingerboard. You must keep in mind about the quality and the variety of finger board while purchasing an acoustic guitar.

The best Acoustic guitar under $500

Takamine GD93 acoustic guitar

Takamine GD93-NAT Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
Source :

This is the acoustic guitar that comes with an exclusive dreadnaught style steel string acoustic. The guitar also comes with the sides made up of rosewoods. The speciality of the guitar exclusively lies with the back portion of the guitar. Here 3-piece rosewood is used with quilted design of maple. You will get the experience of great intonation as it comes with split saddle design. You will enjoy playing the country style licks with this wonderful acoustic guitar.

Features of Takamine GD93 acoustic guitar

  • Body of guitar

The sides of the Takamine GD93 acoustic guitar is made up of rosewood. The top portion has solid spruce. The shape brought out in the acoustic guitar is that of the dreadbought cutaway. The back portion has 3-piece rosewood which is having the quilt maple centre.

  • Intonation

This feature is very important when you are buying an acoustic guitar from the market. The Takamine GD93 acoustic guitar has the split saddle design. This comes with exclusive creation of rosewood bridge. Thus, the result it brought out is the superior intonation.

  • Finish

The finish of the musical instrument, especially guitar is an important fact. You will get the glossy body finish in this musical instrument. The neck of the guitar is made up of the Mahogany wood. The fingerboard is rosewood. Even the mahogany finish in this acoustic guitar is glossy.

  • User access

It is important to note that the user purchasing the musical instrument must be easy to use. The players do not want too much of complication. Takamine GD93 acoustic guitar is the one with very simple design. Thus, playing it will be quite easy. It is also very familiar to players with all level of proficiency.


This one is an electric guitar with the real feel of acoustic guitar. The finish of the body and the neck is commendable. It has an ease of use, yet has a contemporary look. The special back construction of the Takamine GD93 acoustic guitar has impressed most of the users involved in playing an acoustic guitar. The neck is very slim with 12-inch radius. Also, the fingerboard is made up of rosewood. This brings exclusive playability and wonderful feeling. Also, it comes in lower than $500.

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Seagull Entourage Rustic CW QIT acoustic guitar

Seagull Entourage Rustic Concert
Source :

Different people need assorted styles in guitar. The Seagull Entourage rustic CW QIT acoustic guitar comes with the vintage style. But, you will also get modern playability in the feature. The manufacturer of the guitar has created a single cutaway dreadnought body shape. Even it is made up with the solid cedar that is pressure tested. You will get slim C – shaped neck. The fretboard is made up of rosewood as well. Technology wise also it is very improved as it includes the Godin Quantum IT system.

Features of Seagull Entourage acoustic guitar

  • Body and neck

The designing of the neck and body in this acoustic guitar is great. This comes with single cutaway Top wood. The pattern is also quite different. Yes, it comes with Canadian Wild cherry bracing pattern. The body has semi-gloss custom polished finish.

  • Easy access

The ease of use and accessibility is a crucial factor over here. If you are using an acoustic guitar, you must be familiar with the use. Also, the complicated system is not liked by people. The Seagull Entourage acoustic guitar is one of the best in the market that will allow the user to access the upper frets easily.

  • Performance

People look for the performance in a musical instrument. The acoustic guitar is not an exception over here. The musical instrument has a very simple design. But, the performance is great. The reason behind it is the use of Quantum I electronics. This has the built-in tuner with the addition of feature in the cutaway.

  • Sound production

The sound production of the device is remarkable. You will get very rich as well as full sound production in this wonderful acoustic guitar in the market. This, is also reported by many users. The built in high quality digital Chromatic tuner with LED display is another excellent feature.


Seagull Entourage acoustic guitar is the acoustic guitar that comes with the great craftmanship within the series of acoustic guitar. This comes with onboard Quantam I electronics along with the added feature of built in tuner. This has the custom polished finish with the slim neck. This has high quality digital Chromatic tuner. You will also get the LED display. The very rich sound production in the entire system is again great advantage.

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Taylor Guitar Big Baby Taylor, BBT

Taylor Guitars Big Baby Taylor
Source :

This is the full-sized guitar which really has an impressive look. The playability, sound as well as the craftmanship is remarkable. The solid Sitka spruce topped body is another important feature of the professional guitar. This is having a dreadnaught shape. The scale length of 25.5”. The neck is the slim profile Sapele style. This comes with the genuine African ebony fretboard which include 20 frets. This is also having associated with the excellent padded Taylor gig bag.

Features of Taylor Guitar Baby guitar

  • Body and presentation

The built of the musical instrument is again an important fact. The wonderful guitar comes with the back portion which is Sapele laminate back. Even the side has the same type of lamination. It also has a nice finish which will attract many musicians.

  • Portability

Another vital feature with the musical instrument is the portability. You can take this guitar anywhere according to your wish. It is the light weight instrument which you can easily take on your shoulder and carry to concert or studio.

  • Innovation

The manufacturer of the musical instrument has imbibed the innovation with the technology. This is the combination of the modern technology use as well as innovation. This gives rise to best sounding guitar in the market.

  • Price

People look for the musical instrument that is within their range. The economic condition of all individual may not be same. All of you may not be comfortable to spend a lot in a guitar. But this one is the one with affordable price.


The innovative design and the exclusive craftmanship of the acoustic guitar will win over your heart. The sound quality of the device is commendable. This is due to the body design. The neck is also having a perfect style. This comes with genuine African ebony fretboard. The manufacturer has made it with rich crispness. You will get great value within this price range.

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Luna Fauna Phoenix Acoustic guitar

Luna Fauna Phoenix Acoustic Guitar
Source :

If you are looking for the electric guitar you will get variety of options. The Luna Fauna Phoenix Acoustic guitar is the variety in front of you. This is the variety that comes with the built-in tuner. This is the variety of guitar that comes with the music that comes with timeless joy. The body is made up of Mahogany sides and back. The fingerboard is made up of rosewood. Luna Fauna Phoenix Acoustic guitar is the variety that you can use in all places.

Features of Luna Fauna Phoenix acoustic guitar

  • Body

You are now very eager to know about the body of acoustic guitar. The back and sides are made up of mahogany. Even the neck is made with the same wood. The fingerboard is made with rosewood. It also has the petite neck profile.

  • Tone and sound

It is very important to observe the tone and the sound of a musical instrument. The Luna Fauna Phoenix acoustic guitar is the variety has a little different sound. Even the tone of the guitar is impressive. The bass is turned up to get a low-end variation. You can even raise the sound to peak.

  • Style and presentation

People normally look for the style of a guitar. This is the musical instrument which you have to carry all alone. This is the black guitar with great glossy finish. Very impressive image is placed over the left side of the guitar. The neck is simple but sober. You can carry it easily.

  • Price

The price is again an important factor over here. If you are a frequent guitar buyer, you will be aware of the market rate. It is better to get it online. This one will cost you as less as $449,


Luna Fauna Phoenix Acoustic guitar is the acoustic guitar available in the market has the folk style cutaway. The body of the guitar is made up of Mahogany sides as well as back. The neck is also made up of rosewood or mahogany. You can easily play it without any issue. This can be used by both professionals and novice. You can get it in as less as $449.

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Ovation CS24-5 Acoustic electric guitar, black

Ovation CS24-5 Acoustic-Electric Guitar
Source :

Acoustic guitar has many designs and built. Ovation S24-5 acoustic electric guitar is the variety that you can trust. This has the classic mid-depth body with Lyrachord cutaway. This also comes with an exclusive solid spruce top. The ovulating bracing pattern is having new design. The sound is wonderful with the combination of the top as well as the body.

Features of Ovation CS24-5 Acoustic electric guitar

  • Design

The design of the acoustic guitar speaks a lot. The ovation has the exclusively different pattern that has been reviewed earlier. The response is optimal along with the presence of natural tone. The black body with contrasting neck makes a great combination.

  • Sound

The sound and the tone create a different impact again on the listener who is handling a musical instrument. This comes with the full projection and the remarkable note clarity. Though it has a tonal complexity, it will still have a good sound for audience.

  • Finish

While buying a musical instrument, you must also think about the finish. This has the pearloid rosette that has elegant look. The body of the entire guitar is beautiful black along with shine and glossy finish.

  • Price

With the price point of view, this variety of acoustic guitar is having a great advantage. Can you imagine that, the seller is offering this one in just $369?


Are you looking for a guitar which is of the acoustic category? Also, you need good tone, performance and the looks. Ovation CS24-5 Acoustic electric guitar is the one that you can bang upon. The classing ovation sound is created with the help of its body and top. You will get a good clarity as well as balance through the acoustic electric guitar. People really likes it as it is provided with the rating of 5 out of 5.

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