Yamaha PSR EW400 Review

Yamaha PSR-EW400 Review : Key Feature and In-Depth Review

The Yamaha PSR-EW400 is the brand’s top notch PRS-segment mobile keyboard for piano-oriented players as well as live performers. The Real Time! Grand Piano audio renders this a potent instrument for rehearsal, performance, and building music. Furthermore, personal left and right outputs furnish professional linkage with PA systems and recording hardware.The Yamaha PSR-EW400 constitutes the perfect initial keyboard for learners, a strong educational gadget for classrooms, besides a fun trip instrument plus compositional device for experts. Every of the 76 whole-sized, organ-type keys of the EW400 offer nice resistance and a fast response. This is ideal for performing active string pads upto speedy brass lines plus synth leads. As regards instruments the PSREW400 arrives packed with 758 lush stereo sounds, which never makes students plus recording artists suffer for want of inspiration.

For perfectionists, a one-touch Mobile Grand action sidesteps all developed features to deliver a lush, disturbance-free grandiose piano sound carrying polyphony of 48 note. Its 220 creative backing tracks, USB port linking thumb drives plus MIDI attachment, and the contained 9-instruction Education Suite of Yamaha sum up the PSREW400’s worthy features.

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Main Features Of The Yamaha PSREW400

The Yamaha PSREW400 provides a strong base for your starter pianist with the following features:

  • 76 organ-type keys instructs students on dynamics, technique plus note locations
  • Rich grandiose piano audio containing bass-advanced stereo speakers renders practice time fun
  • One-touch Mobile Grand mode ignores enhanced features and allows the primary grand piano sound
  • 150 arpeggio styles help build complex arrangements
  • Six track recorder enables you trap nearly ten musical ideas
  • 220 innovative accompaniment styles assist you to flesh out tracks
  • Pitch wheel plus two control knobs permit you personalize your performances
  • 758 onboard sounds to instill creativity within rehearsal room and recording studio
  • Expanded polyphony of 48 note reduces dropped notes
  • Onboard reverbs, stereo advancement, choruses plus master EQ provides immediate inspiration
  • 26 kind of harmonization permits you to build harmonies even if you are not theory expert
  • USB to Device and USB to Host mode enables you interact with PCs and tablets
  • Aux-in of 3.5mm enables you perform along by your phone and audio player
  • Contains the Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.) plus removable music rest
  • Includes power supply

In-Depth Look At The Yamaha PSREW400

The Yamaha PSREW400 Is A 76-key Touch Response KeyboardThe Yamaha PSREW400 comprises the newest model plus flagship unit within the PSR-E models. The keyboard constitutes a huge step with the correct way for Yamaha towards advancing the PSR league which incorporates several features that former models could simply have imagined, and retains the value cost point which we anticipate through these keyboards.

Louder And Bolder

The first significant advancement to the PSREW400 lies in its being a keyboard with 76 note. It is now good to finally possess that additional range straight by your fingertips even without moving upwards or downwards an octave. Surely, it will attract lot of players and renders the PSREW400 an excellent alternative for still more real-time performers and house players.

The PSREW400 goes still further with the double speakers of 12 watt to provide probably the strongest signal from a portable keyboard. They perform it nice too, with lot of bottom-end plus absence of audible disintegration at the time of shifting the volume right up. This keyboard can be employed in tiny jam sessions and practices without necessarily requiring a keyboard amplifier or PA.

All Connected

Certainly, the PSREW400 arrives with a lengthy range of styles, voices and songs, like the latest Live Grandiose Piano Voice. The extensive connectivity range includes a USB-to-host attachment for MIDI and audio transfer. This permits you to store your playing straight to your computer application which can be Cubase. You even obtain a USB-to-gadget connection enabling you to store settings and move them with a USB drive.

Additionally, the PSREW400 arrives with fixed left plus right outputs upon 6.5mm attachers leading to a PA mechanism. It marks a huge step forward from dividing a signal from a headphone output, which was the standard till now. Furthermore, an aux input permits audio replay from a preferred audio player with a variety of iOS applications present for extra MIDI management over sounds, effects and settings. These may be utilized wirelessly by adding the alternative Bluetooth adapter into the device for final control.

Jacks for Aux Out permits audio to be dispatched to an exterior amplifier or charged speaker.This offers robust performances during parties and live events. These expert 1/4″ jacks attach without deactivating the inbuilt speakers.

The Melody Suppressor puts you ahead by reducing the volume of audios plus melody lines.

By attaching an alternate flash drive of USB, you can save and shift performances captured by you on the interior song recorder. It offers you virtually limitless storage possibilities for your creative pieces.

Master Of Everything

The Yamaha PSREW400 contains a stunning 758 high grade voices like the latest Live! Grandiose Piano voice which offers you an excellent portable grandiose piano experience. Eight Sweet voices plus Three Cool sounds also utilize the advanced sampling techniques of Yamaha to trap the realism plus features of every sound. Whether your style be breakbeat or ballad and all inbetween, the Yamaha has you marked.

The Yamaha PSREW400 possesses 48 voice polyphony, implying that till 48 notes may be played simultaneously at any single time. Indeed it extremely useful at the time of layering and splitting sounds across the big 76-key velocity responsive keybed.

The EW400’s enlarged polyphony of 48 note lets you play more complicated melodies and chords while not dropping notes. Further greater notes imply increased effect modes, also: 9 kinds of onboard echo plus 4 choruses permits you to insert piano-hall ambience into your concert renderings and soft jazz modulation for electric pianos. The 26 kind of harmonization of the EW400 are a handy compositional plus recording tool, enabling you to study major, minor plus parallel harmonies even if you are not an expert in theory.

Live Magic

Developing on the splendid internal voices, the Yamaha PSREW400 also affords you the ability to manage live DSP effects. The capacity to employ filters, delays, reverb besides others makes the sounds instantly more lively and expressive. The useful pitch bend wheel lets you copy string bends upon guitar oriented instruments and generate several cool effects.

Two exchangeable control knobs of real-time allows you to filter and modify your sounds similar to an analog synthesizer. Furthermore, ten brand new effects of DSP can be designated and operated with the knobs to render active and expressive real-time performance.

Earmark one knob to cutoff frequency with the second to resonance to generate traditional filter effects. Moreover, you can also designate them to particular effects intended to operate with Styles plus DJ patterns.

The wheel of Pitch Bend alters the sound’s pitch delivering voices such as Guitar, Trumpet and Sax to life.

More than 200 harmonic styles may also be managed on-the-fly imparting a lot of depth in your performance. Similar to the voices, the Yamaha PSREW400 offers you an extensive collection of styles to perform with from across the world. Moreover, for creating something wholly unique, you can utilize the inbuilt pattern function to design grooves from the beginning.

Arpeggio Function

Strike into instant motivation with Arpeggio operation, that has been enhanced for easier playability. Notably, your hands are freed by Hold Mode plus Designated key-range, permitting you to devise across the pattern. Arpeggio patterns numbering 150 modify and morph across the notes plus chords played by you on keyboard enabling almost unending creativity.

Pattern Function For Designing Your Individual Grooves

Pattern function provides an abundance of potent loops plus beats right to your fingertips, permitting you to immediately design actively varied music during activity as a DJ. Additionally, for still more genuine performance, attempt the Crossfade or Retrigger functions.

Worldwide Sounds Back Your Creations

A rich series of ethnic audios plus scale tunings permit you to revel numerous music styles over the world, like Latin, Arabic, Indian, Chinese and African.

Yamaha Education Suite

Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.) comprises an advanced package of helpful instruction tools incorporated in the instrument, enabling you instruct yourself on how to render and perform irrespective of your capacity. Select from 9 step-by-step instructions for right, left or the two hands. Y.E.S. assists you learn a song easily.

Music Database

Make a dynamic start – pick a song for the Music Database to instantly choose the finest accompaniment and sounds to begin playing for you immediately.

XG Lite Library

The XG Lite library has a bigger and higher-grade collection of instrument Voices as against the General MIDI regular Voice library, which renders XG MIDI tracks sound a lot better. Yamaha gadgets with XG Lite compliance gain from this huge library and big assortment of XG songs (present at www.yamahamusicsoft.com) rendering MIDI song replay a feast for the ears.



This is how the Yamaha PSREW400 stands out against the other models.

Yamaha PSREW400 Versus Yamaha PSREW300

The PSREW400 stands higher within the PSR segment, and commands higher price as against the PSREW300. Furthermore, the Yamaha PSREW400 contains more strong speakers, greater sounds, and is also equipped with pitch-bender.

Yamaha PSREW400 Versus Yamaha PSRE453

The Yamaha PSRE453 as well as Yamaha PSREW400 are beginner instruments, while being nice options for skilled players who desire some developed capacities for real-time performance and to compose.

The two keyboards contain nice selection of features plus powerful speakers.

The PSREW400 carries 76 keys, enabling you to know and play lot more songs. Moreover, it is also a nice alternative for those seeking an economical, gigging keyboard.

The Verdict Of The Yamaha PSREW400

The PSREW400 is the bang-up keyboard within PSR-E segment for piano dominant players as well as real time performers. The touch sensitive 76-key keyboard, different user-friendly professional features plus latest Live! Grandiose Piano voice constitutes this an excellent instrument for rehearsal, performance and inventing.

The keyboard flaunts an exceptional range of rhythms, voices, controls and effects all built for artists of all grades and genres.

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