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Best Electric Pianos for Beginners: Top 5 Review and Buyer’s Guide

Piano is a musical instrument that uses a keyboard. Now, what is an electric digital piano? Operation of a piano takes place with two different techniques. One is with the use of manual automation and the other one is with the use of electricity. The music starts when the performer press the keys of the keyboard. These days people use electric pianos as operating those are easier than the manual ones. Even the beginners are well versed with those.

Best Electric Pianos for Beginners Review





Yamaha P71 88 Key Weighted Action Digital Piano e1500141174158

Yamaha P71 digital piano


25 lbs

Alesis Recital e1520925795592

Alesis Recital Piano


15.56 lbs

Williams Legato digital piano e1520927861395

Williams Legato digital piano


22.8 lbs

Korg B1 Digital Piano 1 e1520928165680

Korg B1 Digital Piano


57.8 lbs

Yamaha P 45 digital piano e1520928360946

Yamaha P-45 digital piano


64 lbs

What should beginners use electric digital piano?

The previous days pianos were too much heavy weight. It becomes really difficult to move them from one place to another. The individuals learning piano just now cannot cope up with the fact. It is just due to the reason that technology has made us too much dependent. They have already viewed such easy going gadgets. Thus, the electric pianos will be a suitable option for them.

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What to see in an electric digital piano?

There are many features and specification you need to check before buying an electric piano. One of the important factor is the brand name. Yes, if you go for a local made electric digital piano that might not last for a long time. But, the electric digital piano with the brands like Yamaha, Roland, Casio etc. will hold the quality. Next factor is the user. What type of skill does the person who is about to play the piano will hold? Is he or she in the beginning level? Is the individual in the intermediate level? Will the piano be used by a professional? You need to take higher and lower quality as per the skill level. For example for a beginner, very high level is not needed. But, a professional will always need a high end.

What makes the electric digital piano best in the market?

There are many advantage and features of electric digital piano. Following are some of the points for the same:

Useful features

You will definitely get more useful features in an electric digital piano. Once you compare them with the manual one, it will be clear.

Ease of use

One of the most important advantages of an electric digital piano is the ease of use. Means you don’t have to put force or pressure on your fingers to press the keys. It will run with feather touch.

Fair price

The price is always an important part for each and every individual. No individual will go for the high priced product if they get same feature one in low rate. The electric digital piano are quite reasonable with regards to the price.


The longevity is a vital phenomenon for every electronic product. Some of the products that works on electricity don’t last for long. But, the electric digital piano that comes with brand name is very durable in nature. It works for many years without losing its rhythm. But, you must check it several time before purchase.

Top brands for beginner’s electric digital piano

There are many top brands in the market that manufactures digital piano. Let us list some as under stating its history and other facts.


Roland is a musical brand that exists in the market for 40 years. It deals with both manufacturing and distribution of the digital piano in the market. It is one of the recognized brands of musical instruments which manufactures digital pianos for beginner’s level to the professional grade. You can get very good models in less than $2000 from this brand.


Yamaha is not just a musical instrument manufacturing company. It deals with many more electrical and automobile products. You can now get very beautiful and quality piano models right from this brand. The quality of the instruments are very good. Yamaha makes piano for people belonging to all class of society. Thus, the users can get pianos in just $1000.


If you are speaking about the digital piano market, Casio cannot be overlooked. This is certainly a big name among the well-known pianos. PX850 is the latest model that they have launched in the market. There re other digital pianos like PX5S, PX750, PX780 etc. These are extremely quality rich pianos in the market. If you are looking for the electric digital piano for the beginners, this brand will provide the best deal for you.

List of best electric digital pianos for beginners

Yamaha P71 digital piano

Yamaha P71 digital piano
Source :

This is the electric digital piano that comes with 3 types of variation. One is known as deluxe bundle. Another two are digital piano and starter bundle. Now it depends on you about what variety will you shop? If you want to go for the authentic digital piano, go with the name as stated. The price of this variety is also really affordable.

Features of Yamaha P71

  • Practice – You can earn playing a digital piano really well with the help of this variety. This will give you the scope of learning and practicing. You can hear the recordings which you have done through this piano.
  • Weighted keys- The digital piano includes 88 weighted keys. This can give you the real feeling of an acoustic piano. The professionals like the weighted keys. The feel and the hold on such keys are unparalleled.
  • Design- People checks the design before going for it. Piano is not an exception in this connection. The Yamaha P71 digital piano is one of the most stylish piano. It has the weight of 25lbs.
  • Voice and sound- You can get 10 different sounds in Yamaha P71. You will get wonderful sampled tones in it. You will get the feeling as if you are playing Yamaha acoustic piano.


The stylish finish of the Yamaha digital piano will make the audience spell bound. It comes with 88 fully weighted digital piano. The experience of learning and playing will be possible through this electric digital piano from Yamaha. You can also experiment with the voices that is already recorded in the digital piano. The dual mode of piano is another important feature of this piano.

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Alesis Recital

Alesis Recital
Source :

Are you willing to get a piano for a beginner? Do you want it to be fully digital? The electric piano is the category you are looking for? Then, the Alesis Recital is the wonderful variety you should look at. This is a semi weighted key based digital piano. If you are tensed about the touch response, don’t worry as Alesis Recital is manufactured in such a way that, you can easily adjust the touch response. The sound quality, design and built is absolutely wonderful. The beginners will get enough ease while operating it.

Features of Alesis Recital electric digital piano

  • Semi weighted keys- The digital piano for beginners named as Alesis recital comes with semi weighted keys. You will find 88 keys where you can get all features. The touch response on the piano is also wonderful. This will give you a realistic feel.
  • Polyphony- Another wonderful feature of the beginner’s digital piano is the polyphony variation. You can get 128 maximum polyphony within the device. This makes the beginners piano really creative.
  • Split layer– The split layer feature is very important for a beginner’s level piano as the user will be learning through this feature. In one side teacher will operate and in other side student will operate. This will create a wonderful rhythm in operation.
  • Connectivity- You can now get a chance to hear your voices and lyrics through your smartphone, laptop and tablets. This is through the connectivity feature of the Alesis Recital piano. It has USB MIDI connectivity.


This is a piano for beginners which comes with adjustable touch response. You can make customization with the voices. There is a split and layer mode. Here, both the student and the teacher will be able to operate in the two sides of the piano. Chorus and pedal resonance is another important feature of the best electric piano available in the market. The manufacturer has included powerful 20 watt speaker. The maximum polyphony of 128 note is another one. People gives 4 out of 5 to this.

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Williams Legato digital piano

Williams Legato 88-Key Digital Piano Review
Source :

When you are speaking about the piano in beginner’s level, it is important to consider the price. You cannot pay too high price in a beginner’s level piano. The manufacturer of Williams’s legato digital piano has kept this fact in mind. The particular digital piano in the market is now available in very less price. Yes, you can’t believe. It is as less as less than $ 200. The built in speaker, weighted keys, USB MIDI connection makes it a perfect beginner’s level digital piano.

Features of Williams legato digital piano

  • Semi weighted keys- The beginners cannot practice with the weighted keys. Those are very heavy and needs ample practice. Thus, the manufacturers have created semi weighted key pianos for them. This one is one among the category.
  • Jacks and USB port- There must be ports for linking piano keyboard with other devices. The Williams’s legato digital piano has the ports which will be linked with the other devices.
  • Sounds- The piano has variation of sounds. It will give you the sounds of the musical instruments like bass, piano, synths, organ etc. The beginners will be benefited by variety of sounds.
  • Accessories- The seller will give you the opportunity of availing many accessories along with this digital piano. Those are batteries, sustain pedals, AC power adapter, stand etc.


Williams’s legato digital piano comes with semi weighted variation of keys. The most important feature is its affordability. The beginner’s level piano that comes in s less as $ 200 is unbelievable. You can also experience the sounds with 5 built in voices. You can also listen to each voice with one on one basis. Adjustment of volume to get fine tune is now possible through this digital piano. The chorus and reverb effect is possible here.

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Korg B1 digital piano

Korg B1 Digital Piano
Source :

Have you seen a digital piano with loads of accessories? Korg B1 is a wonderful category that you can bang upon. You are going to get piano stands, bench, dust cover, instructional book, headphones, DVD, polishing cloth etc. Apart from that, Korg B1 digital piano comes with enhanced low end response. Thus, it will be ideal for the beginners willing to play piano. The designing of the piano is also good.

Features of digital piano

  • Design- People go with the looks at the first instance. If you look at this piano at first site, you can discover a sleek and lovely design. It is easy to hold and play without any barrier.
  • Split keyboard- This comes with the split keyboard feature. Means the keyboard can be divided into two different parts. One is for the student who is learning and the other part is the teacher who is teaching.
  • Touch- The touch feature of this piano is little different as compared to other pianos in the beginners level. It has heavy touch in the lower notes and lighter in the upper notes. Thus, user will get the feeling of playing real acoustic piano.
  • Accessories- Unlike any other beginner’s level digital piano in the market, this one comes with variety of accessories. You are going to get a piano bench, polishing cloth, head phones, DVD, piano cover etc.


You can now add joy in your life with lovely digital piano like Korg B1. This will give you touch feature of the keys where heavier is observed at the lower note and vice versa. The split keyboard will allow both the user and the teacher to operate. The designing is also very sleek and wonderful. Whether a girl plays or a boy, both will be really satisfied with the Korg B1 digital piano. People rates it 3.8 out of 5.

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Yamaha P-45 digital piano

Yamaha P-45 digital piano
Source :

This is another variety of the piano that comes with weighted key. Yamaha P-45 digital piano has 88 weighted keys. Naturally, users gets the feeling as if they are performing on a real acoustic piano. You will get dual mode in this keyboard where in one end the student will be playing and on the other one the teacher will play. This comes with stereo sampling tone generation. There will be educational music creation and entertainment.

Features of Yamaha P-45

  • Sound and voices- The digital piano comes with 10 voices. It is also associated with AMW stereo sampling tone generation. The piano comes with 64 note max polyphony.
  • Keyboard- The electric digital piano for the beginners come with 88 keys. Yes, those are also weighted in variation. It means you are going to feel as a professional level digital piano. You will get the feel of acoustic piano.
  • USB connectivity- The user can now connect the piano keyboard with their other devices. For this he will get the port for connection. The particular feature will be enough to make you connected to various educational applications. The entertainment based application can also be connected.
  • Dual mode- This feature is a must when you are buying a piano for the beginners. These pianos are not meant for a single person. Rather, both the student and the teacher will be involved in it.


You get a wonderful piano experience that is heavier in the low end. There will be lighter note in the high end. The 64 note polyphony is another wonderful feature of the piano. You get the heavy sustain pedal along in the beginners level piano variation. The USB connectivity is another feature of this beginner’s level digital piano. You also get a kit that include Yamaha piano stand, piano bench and many more. It has a great demand in the market. People rates it 4.7 out of 5.

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