The Alesis Recital has futuristic design with LED buttons

Alesis Recital 88-Key Beginner Digital Piano Review : Overview, Feature and Sound

The Alesis Recital has futuristic design with LED buttons
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The Alesis Recital, with a fantastic body style, was designed for starters. The keyboard is ideal for those seeking to improve their skills as a pianist without the need to dole out stacks of dollars.

At the first glance, the futuristic design of the keyboard is evident. It carries LED buttons to finish the design well. Its lightweight and slender design makes it incredibly simple to store and appears quite pleasant in many living areas.

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Alesis Recital 88 Key Beginner Digital Piano

Alesis Recital Digital Piano


Semi-Weighted Keys

Alesis Coda 88 Key Digital Piano with Semi Weighted Keys

Alesis Coda Semi-Weighted Digital Piano


Semi-Weighted Keys

Alesis Melody

Alesis Melody 61 Beginner Piano


Light-Weighted Keys

Alesis Q88 MIDI Keyboard

Alesis Q88 MIDI Keyboard


semi-weighted velocity

The Main Features of the Alesis Recital

What is the utility of the Alesis Recital. The following are its main features.

  • A wonderful newbie digital piano
  • 88 select secrets which are semi-weighted and complete-sized, modifiable touch action including power supply
  • 20w speakers which are built-in and carry 5 prime voices
  • Regular, layer, split and lesson modes containing maximum polyphony of 128 notes
  • 3 month prime membership of skoove included for interdependent online piano instructions

In Depth Look At The Alesis Recital

Here are a few amazing features of the piano.

Firm Design

The Alesis Recital¬†possesses a condensed design with dimensions of 50.5″x11.5″x3.96″ and weighs just 15.7 lbs. This enables you to put it anywhere and move it around also.

Keyboard with Full-Size

This Alesis Recital is equipped with a complete size quasi-weighted keyboard containing 88 keys that carries modifiable responsiveness allowing you to adjust and perform on piano. These velocity responsive keys are capable of alteration from low to high sensitivity levels. Definitely, this affords you total style freedom delivering you the experience of playing on an actual piano.

The keyboard is also equipped with 5 amazing inbuilt instrument voices like acoustic piano, electric piano, organ, synth and bass. Certainly, this offers an extensive range of musical capabilities. Further, you can also pick up any of these voices and customize them to your individual preference by mixing any 2 sounds in the layer mode.

Premium Sound

The 5 inbuilt realistic voices consisting of organ, electric piano, bass, acoustic piano and synth with a maximum of 128 note polyphony and enables a pianist to achieve a full and overflowing tone.

The Recital also contains Reverb and Chorus customization capacities to furnish the flourish to your sound. Additionally, the 2 strong 20 watt inbuilt speakers, the Recital affords a rich and realistic sound for an awesome playing experience.

The 5 separate voices let you design different pieces with separate sounds. Moreover, you possess the genuine acoustic piano voice to afford you the rich full tones of the actual thing. As a result you also carry the organ voice that provides you those vintage timely sounds.

Pick the synth option for the polyphony synth to accord a techno feel to your sounds. The electronic piano will also deliver a rich cool pop feel. Finally, the Bass voice affords an amazing low-end tone.


Layer Mode

You can mix and layer 2 different voices simultaneously in layer style to test your flexibility and ingenuity in your musical item.

Split Mode

The split mode allows you to carry 2 separate voices on either ends of keyboard with a single voice over the left side and right side. Moreover, Pianists can employ this form to utilize 2 separate voices from either of their palms across the keyboard.

Defaults and Demos

This Alesis Recital offers you sixty default songs plus two demos incorporated which allows you more practice and learning.

Incorporated Speakers

Sound character is enhanced with the strong 20 watt inbuilt speakers that afford you an improved and bigger audio.

Versatility of Power

This piano pack includes a power chord for pianist to attach to their device and play throughout the day. Nonetheless, if your power chord gets lost or there is no power exit on site it includes a battery operated flexibility. This device runs on batteries of six D cell rendering it a portable and smoothly running piano.

Lesson Mode

The keyboard includes a lesson feature which divides a keyboard in 2 areas, each with a same pitch plus voice for a trainer and student to play together. Further, the feature also simplifies and hastens the learning process so trainer and student can refrain from taking turns to perform and learn.

Compliant with Skoove

Moreover, the keyboard is compliant with Skoove which constitutes an online facility for piano instruction. Additionally, this online facility operates on advancing your musical expertise to help you in reaching your goals. Indeed, you can simply set the desired learning tempo and play.

Skoove will hear your production and provide feedback in real-time. This Feedback will contain modifiable tempo settings to match your piano playing proficiency level. Furthermore, the piano includes free 3 months membership of Skoove Prime to broaden your learning horizon by unlocking instructions ans songs.

You can obtain total entry to courses plus you can study and rehearse more with fresh lessons contained every month.


Sound can be manipulated with alterable effects containing reverbs, chorus and FX containing pedal resonance. Certainly, these effects affords you an option to polish your music further and add to its expressiveness and creativity.

Modifiable Inbuilt Metronome

Metronome is capable of modification from 30 to 280 beats each minute and player can adjust the tempo as per their personal learning style and performance at any stage.

Connectivity with USB and MIDI

The Recital has superb means of connectivity, making it very easy to use headphones, plug in power, and also connect via USB. While recording into a digital audio workstation, the USB CONNECT functionality renders it easy to spread out MIDI directly into your track. Similarly, you can write different tunes smoothly and without hassles.

While the Alesis Recital¬†is intended for learning and beginner level playing, you can even use this digital piano MIDI for live performances. Moreover, at the keyboard’s rear, there is a Stereo RCA output letting you to plug into any amplifier or speaker system with an AUX or RCA input.

The 2 speakers attached to the keyboard offer amazing sound. However, for a more personal rehearsal session, simply plug your headphones in the 6.35MM audio jack and the speakers will automatically silence themselves.

Headphones Output

A headphone output of 1/4″ stereo is included that allows private and silent practicing and playing stints for every pianist training or performing in all settings.

Input with Sustain Pedal

Further, consoles, synthesizers, speakers, recorders and various sound system can also be joined through the digital piano with the input of 1/4″ sustain pedal.


The Piano is bundled with membership code of three months of Skoove Premium, power chord, user manual, music rest, warranty plus safety manual.

Pros and Cons of the Alesis Recital


  • Affordable option for starter pianists
  • Keys, being semi-weighted are entirely perfect alternative for trainees and beginning pianists
  • Authentic sound and impacts
  • Total keyboard affords your true piano playing perception
  • Weightless and portable build
  • Diverse outputs connectivity alternative renders it simpler to utilize with different devices
  • Headphones fastening alternative to afford you comfort of rehearsing along without any disturbance
  • Skoove compliant for mutual instruction


  • It carries just some sample beeps
  • Speakers offer rational sound but to increase sound you have to link to external audio system
  • Sustain pedal is also included

The Verdict of the Alesis Recital

A superb instruction tool for starters, the Alesis Recital with 88 key includes a total-featured piano containing lot of handy features acknowledged for their efficiency to assist playing at any stage, teach and train. Besides, the digital piano is equipped with other valuable features such as included speakers containing various sample voices, keys which are semi-weighted, and ranked as the overall choice as amongst the finest digital piano for starters in the Amazon stores, in this price category.

If you’re looking for a better affordable alternative, try out the RockJam 54-key. Likewise, the Alesis Recital is built with a full-size 88 keys keyboard and alterable touch response to provide the most realistic feel.

The utility features such as 5 realistic voices, lesson modes and 128 note maximum polylphony renders it possible to create sound that is distinct and powerful.

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