A product of the reputed Yamaha brand, the Yamaha P71 is a quality product

Yamaha P71 Review : Overview, Feature and Sound

A product of the reputed Yamaha brand, the Yamaha P71 is a quality product
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Yamaha has been turning out excellent digital pianos for years, with the Yamaha P71 being no exception. The keyboard comes equipped to play with some superb features. Definitely, it’s a brilliant option for everyone seeking all the expanse and power of a large-sized piano without the room and price requirements of one.

The Yamaha P71 carries large-sized, semi-weighted keys which are extremely responsive and velocity-sensitive. Moreover, the P71 also delivers a wonderful piano sound, flaunting digitally sampled sounds from actual Yamaha grand pianos.

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A cool feature of the digital piano lies in the greater weight of the lower end keys. Specifically, this small detail goes far in copying the actual physics of a genuine piano. Likewise, this defines into a still more realistic grand piano experience for the player.

The following features would inspire you to purchase the Yamaha P71.

List of Best Yamaha P Series Digital Piano





Yamaha P71 88 Key Weighted Action Digital Piano e1500141174158

Yamaha P71 Digital Piano


25 lbs

Yamaha P115 88 Key Digital Piano e1500141360200

Yamaha P115 Digital Piano


26 lbs

Yamaha P45 e1500141508501

Yamaha P45 Digital Piano


36.4 lbs

Yamaha P255 88 Key Piano e1500141747219

Yamaha P255 Digital Piano


52.3 lbs

Yamaha P105WH 88 Key Digital Piano e1500141975285

Yamaha P105WH Digital Piano


36.4 lbs

The Main Features Of The Yamaha P71

  • 88 completely weighted piano-style keys
  • 10 separate voices consisting of Yamaha acoustic grand piano sounds
  • Dual mode allows you mix 2 voices together, such as piano and strings
  • Slim and trendy design with depth of below 12 inches and weight of just 25 pounds
  • Incorporates power adapter and sustain pedal


In-depth Look At The Yamaha P71

The following features sets apart the Yamaha P71 from different similarly priced pianos.

Build Quality and Design

The Yamaha P71 possesses an elegant and simple design. The prime advantages of the piano lies in its moderate footprint which renders it simple to accommodate in house or studio environment. The Yamaha displays a reputed brand known for building rare pianos with this piano being somewhat similar.

The Yamaha P71 is compact with a depth under 12 inches. The slender and trendy piano has a weight of only 25 pounds and is easily portable.


The Yamaha P71 carries a total weighted keyboard with 88 keys that allows pianists to witness genuine piano performing experience. Both a classic skilled player as well as a keyboard starter would always acknowledge the piano’s weighted keys. Additionally, there will be a feel of greater power for your fingers on the keyboard and lead you to cherish more fruitful playing modes.

Sound Sampling

This piano has familiar sound sampling which is professionally digital and produces a sound same as a grandiose piano sound. Surely, you can test your creativity with the authenticity and professionalism of sound quality with a range of 10 separate voices. In particular, sounds are sampled straight from Yamaha audio grand pianos for you to play sounds in various manners simulating sound impacts resembling those pianos.

If you are seeking something to deliver you rich complete bass along with crisp treble the Yamaha P71 is the gadget for you. Overall, this piano will offer you a number of classical sounds, comprising orchestral devices such as strings and horns.

Finally, we come to the Duel Mode of the P71. It allows you to play various sounds with your music, affording you the experience of a fuller performance. Additionally, you can record loops with any of the 10 voices present to generate styles and soundscapes.


Dual Mode

The dual mode function in relation to digital sampling, the piano lets you combine 2 separate devices and to play them simultaneously. For instance, on choosing piano plus strings, you can play piano with half left plus strings with half right edge on the piano.

The different devices and synthesizers incorporated in the digital piano lets a pianist mix to experiment for imparting creativity to his output. As a matter of fact, you can achieve a  luscious and healthier sound from the digital piano with this feature.

Recording Feature

The recording feature of the Yamaha P71 lets you compose a duet for your personal self. In like manner, your learning and playing sessions can be recorded by this piano which repeat playing them when required.


The piano is favorite with starters for its easy volume plus function controls. Also a player playing this piano for the first time will manage to play easy due to its user-friendly and easy controls.

Connectivity with USB

There is an USB port attached to the Yamaha P71 with whose assistance a pianist join this gadget directly to PC and so can shift practice and playing samples conveniently.

The Yamaha P71 is also equipped with a power adapter for the smooth operation of your instrument plus a headphone jack for audio out. Similarly, you can plug into an amplifier or speaker system with the audio output to achieve a far more strong performance.


These allow you to revel exercising, learning and playing alone on any occasion without the danger of bothering others with the option of headphones connectivity.


There is a charging adapter besides sustain pedal plus sheet holder. Certainly, with this total digital piano package, a pianist is able to begin directly with more complicated and advanced music pieces.

Pros and Cons of the Yamaha P71


  • Authentic sound and performing experience is provided with this specific beginner grade digital piano
  • Wholly weighted keys enable starters to acquire techniques of correct piano playing
  • The trendy and mod design is quite light weight offering portability for exercise plus performances
  • Digital audio sampling from awesome pianos and various devices provide exceptional sound creativity
  • The dual mode enables a pianist to play various audios and styles on an occasion to render piano music more rich
  • Perfect option for beginners with regard to simple functions, and convenience of performing


  • The piano does not possess complete realistically and might not be ideal  for professional players
  • Features and audios are just limited, so a skilled piano player may have restricted scope of playing as per his capacities
  • The piano doesn’t carry an LED display thus hindering you from convenient personalization of effects plus audio in use

The verdict Of  Yamaha P71

This Yamaha P71 offers an excellent option for a decent quality piano to begin learning and practicing piano at an affordable price. Additionally, its top grade construction and modest sound features lets you learn and develop like a pianist during home performance. Further, the piano features whole sized keyboard and sampling of digital sound to afford you the experience of playing actual piano which increases the joy of performing piano music as a pianist.

Along with the features, its trendy compact design renders it an excellent option for all aspiring pianists.

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