Yamaha PSR S970 Review Key Feature and In Depth Review

Yamaha PSR-S970 Review : Key Feature and In-Depth Review

The choice of a digital piano intended for professional performance can be deceptive as you wish to avoid purchasing something which is incapable of offering an upgraded experience. It is of utmost importance to find a strong keyboard incorporating effective features which can render your live recital a memorable one. The Yamaha PSR-S970 features among the finest keyboards in the matter of live performance.

The PSR-S970 constitutes the flagship version in S-series, which integrates the entire functionality of different models within the range along with dynamic performance features like versatile effects acquired from the epic Tyros 5, exterior display capacity besides a programmable function for vocal harmony.

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Main Features Of The Yamaha PSR-S970

The following constitute the primary features of the Yamaha PSR-S970:

  • An arranger workstation with 61 key that’s ideal for live recitals as well as studio songwriting
  • Comprises 67 magnificent articulation, 27 sweet voices, 23 grand voices, 71 live voices, 64 cool voices and 20 organ flutes
  • 1510 voices plus 450 harmony styles makes discovering the perfect sound plus backing tracks effortless
  • Accompaniment styles comprise many famous musical genres and latest DJ styles plus recorded sound style supporting tracks
  • Enlarge your library by 512MB storage for Voice plus Style Expansion Packages with 128MB for further Audio Styles
  • Improve your sounds by numerous effects options, like Real Distortion, VCM effects plus Real Reverb
  • User friendly interface comprises a 7 inch widesecreen color monitor, Varied Pad triggers plus transferable Live Controller buttons
  • Microphone plus guitar input allows you to load your music by vocals and different accompaniment
  • Sound recording plus 16-track sequencer inbuilt enables you compose music whenever you are inspired
  • Harmony 2 plus Vocoder Synth impacts enables you to alter your vocal audio
  • Inbuilt stereo mechanism allows you perform in absence of headphones or exterior monitor

In-depth Look At The Yamaha PSR-S970

Yamaha PSR-S970
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The Yamaha PSR-S970 carries two transferable live controllers, one modulation wheel plus 2 interchangeable inputs by foot pedal. It assures that you possess complete control on voices, effects, styles and various functions in live playing.

Further, DJ Styles comprise a latest live rendering concept, containing an assortment of chord advancements which remove the requirement for repeated chord alterations by your left hand. Furthermore, you can use both your hands for playing melody tracks, utilize the Real Controllers, or also trigger extra external audio through the Many Pads to impart a specific style to your play.

Genuine Effects

The Yamaha PSR-S970 carries the Real Reverb plus Real Distortion effects of the reputed Tyros 5, offering genuine, natural sound, unmatched in its category. Tirelessly insert and edit effects attributes with an appealing, intuitive interface which delivers you the experience of monitoring conventional effects plus amplifiers in actual time.

VCM Trappings

The Yamaha PSR-S970 incorporates Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) mechanism of Yamaha which simulates the fittings of Wah, compressors, plus phasers in circuit stage.

Get Authentic With Your Audio

Revel genuine Grand Articulation Voices and Organ flutes besides different sounds on the renowned Tyro segment. The PSR-S970’s excellent sonic quality, precisely specimened voices, and an extensive suite of gears will carry your performance to a fresh level of genuineness that is bound to fulfill also the most persuasive audience.

The audio of Yamaha PSR-S970 is recognized to be pure and clear. Moreover, the speaker boom of 15Wx2 prepares you for grandeur surround sound. Furthermore, the 128 polyphony will let you experience sufficiency in the audio of Yamaha PSR-S970.

The Yamaha utilizes the specimens from the Real Yamaha Grand Pianos. Yamaha Acoustic Grand Pianos are reputed among the worlds finest. In fact, filled with numerous voices and sounds built on Yamaha PSR-S970, this device comprises a walking, breathing, metallic database of sounds.

Perform With The Surrounding Of Actual Sound

Cast your renditions to life through Audio Styles, incorporating top grade percussion ensembles plus drums. The whole is recorded by top-notch musicians within studios across the world. Moreover, Audio Styles impart natural touch plus warmth to each rhythm track to deliver more expressive capacity than ever previously.

Travel To New Spots With Your Music

Voice and Style Expansion Packs allow you to personalize the PSR-S970 to an extensive range of added content form across the globe. Similarly, when packed inside the keyboard, you may immediately access genuine fresh sounds, rhythms plus backing within the musical tone of your choosing.

512 MB Of Extra Content Present With Inbuilt Expansion Memory

The PSR-S950 can just install 1 expansion pack on one occasion. Currently with Yamaha Expansion Manager edition 2.3 or advanced, your can build personal expansion data sections incorporating content from different packs and use the 512MB storage inbuilt. Certainly, you can also build your individual voices on the basis of your specimen library.


Powerful Synth Vocoder And Vocal Harmony Function

The cutting edge vocal harmony 2 technology

The PSR-S970 has been furnished with a latest Synth Vocoder action, which enables you to utilize your voice while synthesizing to the PSR-S970’s audio. Additionally, the robust Vocal Harmony 2 mechanism lets you monitor the pitch, quantity and level of harmonies attached, making your vocals always the hero of the event.

Chord Tracker

Recognize the chord series from a sound track immediately with the Yamaha Chord Tracker app.

In effect, the Yamaha Chord Tracker app for iPad and iPhone assists learning and performance by drawing out the chord series of an audio track placed on your instrument.

Chord tracker lets you recognize the chord sequence from an audio track
Yamaha PSR-S970 chord tracker

Touch Response Controller

An outstanding feature of the Yamaha PSR-S970  is that it possesses the touch response controller. In essence, this permits the user to manage the responsiveness.

MP3 Playback

For those who are fond of playing MP3 files, the Yamaha PSR-S970 keyboard furnishes an alternative to play, edit, create and arrange your individual MP3 and WAV files.

Multi-App Support

The PSR-S970 can be employed with different apps and devices on your iPad or iPhone. A few of the interesting apps that back this keyboard are Music Soft Manager, Piano Diary, Note Star, Visual Performer and Scale Tuner.

Pros And Cons Of Yamaha PSR-S970

The Yamaha PSR-S970 has various advantages and limitations:


  • Finest for live playing
  • Lightweight
  • Easy keyboard operation
  • Actual Sounding Effects


  • Plastic similar Keys
  • Appears bulky externally
  • Thinner sounds compared to other expensive Yamaha keyboards

The Verdict Of The Yamaha PSR-S970

The Yamaha PSR-S970 is among the top selling Yamaha arranger workstations.To summarize, the various Yamaha PSR versions include PSR-S770, PSR-S670, PSR-A2000 and PSR-S970.

The Yamaha PSR-S970 constitutes an upgraded edition of PSR-S950 and comes with mind blowing benefits. Specifically, the final cutting edge technology includes Vocal Harmony 2, Vocal Cancel, Vocoder functions and Mic/Guitar input that allows uses experience “instant Karaoke.”

Yamaha PSR-S970 has maximum quantity of tones, styles and voices compared to various PSR series. Additionally, the state-of-art keyboard arrives with flexible features of sound editing tools that enables users tweak audio s to generate a unique voices plus styles.

The Yamaha PSR-S970 is among the finest in its price range and delivers outstanding sound qaulity. It constitutes one of the greatest alternatives for live playing. However, you can purchase better keyboards by spending a few extra dollars.

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