Yamaha Arius YDP-103R

Yamaha Arius YDP-103R Review : Key Feature and In-Depth Review

Revel the tones of the real acoustic piano constituting the YDP 103, being the entrant grade Arius digital panel piano. Genuine sound, natural feel and complete fun to play in developed, yet inexpensive digital piano. Appealing wood cabinetry and Yamaha’s iconic tradition in piano manufacturing renders Arius/YDP the leader in entrant-level console of digital pianos.

The Yamaha YDP 103R presents a wonderful experience for professional pianists and an equally great learning practice for beginners.

playground sessions

The keyboard offers a bulkier touch at the lower end along with a softer touch at the high edge of the instrument. The system resembles that found within a piano of acoustic type.

Yamaha YDP 103R constitutes an extremely lucrative option particularly for a piano starter. Exercising by a graded hammer standard (GHS) assists you to obtain the required finger technique to play acoustic pianos.

The polish of matte on the piano’s black keys offers a huge benefit to the beginner pianist since it reduces their slipperiness when performing for a longer duration. It can also absorb moisture and remain tactile after long use without acquiring slipperiness.

The piano possesses a developed stereo sampling of wave memory built with the capacity to regenerate natural instrument audio in stereo mode.

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Main Features Of Yamaha YDP103 R

The following constitute the key features of the Yamaha YDP103R:

  • GHS weighted operation with 88 key
  • Polyphony of 64 note
  • Ten voices and four reverb
  • Stand carrying 3 pedals including sostenuto, soft plus damper containing half-pedal action
  • Black key surfaces of special matte stay tactile after prolonged use without getting slippery
  • Stereo Sampling of Advanced Wave Memory regenerates real instrument sound within stereo
  • The Controller Application for iOS gadgets attaches a graphic interact for quick maneuvering and configuration
  • The Dual Mode allows you to join 2 voices simultaneously, like piano plus strings, for charging playing experiences
  • The Duo Mode breaks the keyboard in 2 halves, both with their individual “middle C” to rehearse with a participant
  • The pedal for half-damper function permits continuously rising quantities of sustain with the depressing of the pedal
  • The port for USB to HOST enables performers to join and connect with an extensive type of educational, innovative and recreational musical programs on a PC or mobile gadget
  • Polyphony of 64 note permits the performer to play mildly dense piano renderings, even utilizing bulky sustain pedal, having little or none dropped notes getting cut off
  • Includes stand, bench, power adapter, music rack plus owners manual

In-Depth Look At The Yamaha YDP 103R

Yamaha YDP 103R
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The following qualities of the Yamaha YDP 103R sets it apart from other devices:

Conventional Upright-piano Appearance Creates A Startling First Impression

Prior to laying your hands upon the Yamaha Arius YDP 103R, its lavishly finished Rosewood Cabinet and graceful appointments will stun you. These impart an enticing acoustic allure to the Arius that fits into a living area or recital hall. An identical rosewood bench completes the traditional look.

Controller For Digital Piano

The controller Application  has been personalized for attachment with iOS gadgets, with an extremely lush graphical user interact. This enables rapid and convenient maneuvering of the settings of the piano. This app enables you to modify settings, select voices and even record performances.

The dual mode of the Yamaha YDP 103R allows you to mix the 2 sounds created together, such as piano plus strings.

Advance Wave Memory Plus Built-in Speaker Mechanism

The Yamaha YDP 103R possesses some greatly advanced sound qualities. There is a considerable advancement on the conventional AWM or Advanced Wave Memory Synthesis. This sort of technology has been vastly employed by Yamaha for granting the actual piano sound in the keyboard.

The advance wave memory employs digital recordings with sources comprising the real instruments. This permits you to enjoy merrily the grandiose piano echo, whatever be the location of your piano.

The Yamaha YDP 103R was built with the capability to enable you to conveniently attach and operate your device. A normal USB cable may therefore be easily utilized to join the gadget with a PC or a mobile gadget. This feature is not so popular with pianos. The Yamaha models have been filled with innovation, providing entertainment, along with education.

These numerous advantages flow by attaching your mobile gadgets to the device with such convenience. This unleashes an entire world of possibilities to utilize your musical device.

Yamaha’s Advanced Wave Memory sampling uses digital technology for recording a device’s sound. This is followed by the application of a top-quality digital filter into the recorded specimens. Utilizing waveforms pairs caught by 2 microphones for Left plus Right, AWM Stereo Sampling generates a deeper, resonant and more roomy soundstage.

The YDP 103R’s inbuilt double 6W speaker mechanism is also commendable. Simply switch it on to begin performing – it’s not necessary to attach any other machinery. This converts the YDP 103R into the ideal change from an acoustic gadget to the advantages of a digital device.


Pedaling Offers An Extra Degree Of Realism

Pedal handling, which is Half-damper produces more detailed refinement when performing, resembling pedaling with a magnificent piano. This facility enables repeatedly growing duration of sustained tones, from little to full, based on the extent you press the sustain pedal. Likewise, if you are playing sounds extremely loud or fuzzy, you can discharge the pedal midway or further up to reduce the sustain.

Attach And Interface With Your Device

A normal USB cable may be utilized to join the device with a computer else mobile gadget, delivering a world of innovation, entertainment and learning. iOS gadgets can be attached to the piano utilizing the Yamaha UD-BT01, or the Lightning-USB Camera Adaptor. The device can be employed to interface like a controller plus sound source along with diverse music creation programs.

Yamaha UD-BT01 Lighthing USB Camera Adaptor
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Comparison With Other Digital Pianos

The latest entrant level Yamaha Arius YDP103 comprises the recent low costing digital piano within the Yamaha Arius segment. With the inclusion of Yamaha YDP103 on internet rebate price, the collection of Arius now comprises of six models. The six pianos of the Arius segment makes your choice dependent upon your budget and level of playing expertise.

The Yamaha YDP103 carries the capability to join with Yamaha’s latest “controller iPad app”. This enables an iPad manage much of the inner actions of the YDP 103 with the touchscreen of the iPad. The app is cool and intuitive to utilize. This is not possible with the movable P45. The app is also functional with the YDP163 and YDP143 along with some different models comprising the lesser priced and much improved P115 digital piano which is portable.

The following are a few other pianos which warrant a look-in besides the YDP 103:

Yamaha YDP143

The latest YDP103 comes solely in color of darker rosewood plus a tiny matching bench, looking attractive. However, most people desire satin black hue which is not present with the YDP103, instead with the more expensive YDP143. The inbuilt speaker system functions well with 12 watts complete power stereo of 2 by 6 watts. The sound is a little thin which is usual for feeble power amps in comparison to a bit more expensive digital pianos with 16 to 24 watts overall power.

The latest YDP103 comprises a pleasant piano, but it has a single function button which is fine for simply playing piano. But if you intend to achieve more then carrying an iPad for utilizing the iPad app for Yamaha is mandatory for the finest user involvement in playing the piano. Arius models carry trust, last for considerable period and carry a nice warranty of 3 years on parts and labor.

Casio AP260

It is recommended to use the Casio Celviano Ap260 digital piano with internet rebate cost. The Casio AP260 furnishes greater inbuilt upgraded technology as against the YDP103 containing an updated sound chip of piano possessing polyphony of 128 note. There is a broader dynamic degree of tonal style while performing from gentle to loud, more genuine hammer weighted and graded key operation, synthetic ivory and ebony keytops. An inbuilt MIDI recorder with 2 track, greater piano plus instrumental sounds, straight access buttons for various features and greater number of intuitive operations.

A louder and fuller internal speaker mechanism of 16 watt, Three senor key operation for improved key repetition identification to substitute 2-senor which is present in the YDP 103. The Casio arrives in a satin black makeover and finish of brown walnut within a classic cabinet carrying a whole size rear privacy panel plus corresponding bench.

The device even now contains straight USB output and double headphone jacks at the front apart from an inbuilt slipping key It also carries a more long factory warranty covering 5 years on parts and labor.

Casio PX860

The piano Casio Privia PX860 comprises another great model and bears a more modern look as against the YDP103. However, for general features and functions at the moderate price, the Casio PX860 certainly provides plenty more and is also equipped with a warranty of 3 years on factory components and labor with service in-home. Moreover, the Casio lacks the iPad controller app and the bench which are available with the Yamaha. However, the bench of Yamaha is extremely basic, tiny, basic padding, which does not facilitate music storage.

The Verdict On The Yamaha YDP 103R

In Conclusion, the Yamaha YDP 103R is a nice piano and recommended. The stand gets attached to its cost, so if you don’t prefer the stand other options also exist. So, you should check out the full product and research fully before you buy so that you are not surprised when it is sent to your home.

If you desire a top quality piano carrying loads of options with plenty of sounds to pick from, this may be among the finest options to consider. Furthermore, you will see that it possesses excellent playability and carries much of the similar features which you encounter with acoustic piano, the whole enclosed within a package of digital piano.

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