Casio Privia PX-760 Review

Casio Privia PX-760 Review : Key Feature and In-Depth Review

Casio, of late has upgraded its popular digital pianos, the PX-750 and produced the latest Casio Privia Px-760. It’s assorted with new features and let’s explore whether such an up-gradation was worth the effort.

This 88–key digital piano rests on a furniture-patterned stand that has inbuilt music rest plus three-pedal mechanism. Its solid stand can be conveniently positioned in any room as this piano type is not portable. When completely assembled, the PX-760 weighs almost 70 pounds! Moreover, compared to PX-750, the PX-760 carries effective speaker set up of two bigger 8W-speakers. The primary interface remains unchanged with standard features comprising of a Power and Volume switch and a Function button. Also contained are digital recorder functions like start, stop plus recorder, Metronome or Beat mode.

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The back panel carries an RJ terminal to attach the three-pedal system consisting of the soft, sostenuto plus damper. There is also USB port carrying MIDI capacity and stereo production apart from power plug. The Casio Privia PX-760 contains 2 headphones ports, that are excellent for teachers as well as students.

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In-depth Look At The Casio Privia PX-760

Casio Privia 760
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The Casio Privia PX-760 is loaded with the following technologies:

AIR Technology

The Casio PX760 contains Casio’s copyright Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator (AIR) processor technology. This enables it to recreate the audio of the best acoustic grandiose pianos. The Air Processor uses the audio specimens recorded on 4 dynamic sampling for generating the grandiose piano sounds.

The AIR sound mechanism employs more than three times memory of earlier Casio generations. It employs 4 separate layers of grandiose piano tones for generating real piano sounds. This makes the PX760 sound quite amazing and similar to various Casio models utilizing the AIR sound technique.

The attributes of CASIO’ freshly created Multi-dimensional Morphing AIR Sound Source thoroughly details the lush, resonating tones. The inbuilt memory capacity has been increased to impart a longer sampling period and advanced waveform data quality. The temporal alterations in tone, starting with the initial sound and its extension till it ultimately disappears, are recreated naturally.

The digital piano audio quality sounds authentic through simulation by open strings sound, and uplifting of the dampers. Besides AIR technology plus processing power of polyphony of 128 note, the Casio PX760 renders a most authentic piano sound.

Scaled Hammer Operation Keyboard With 88 Note And Tri-Sensor

Latest simulated keys of ivory plus ebony texture have been included in the Casio PX760. They are of similar size and possess weighted key operation like an actual acoustic piano. 3 sensors are also included within the keyboard which catch the stream within a piano recital with unmatched speed.

The Tri-sensor mechanism permits the PX760 in recreating key operation and sound similar in quality to one of grand piano. This is determined by the pace at which various hammers move within a grandiose piano compared to the speed at which these are pressed. It provides a final key-to-sound experience and response, yielding a splendid sound quality.

Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II with AIR Sound Source
Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard

The Casio Privia PX760 utilizes the patented keybed mechanism of Casio’s Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer operation. The system displays hammer repeated keys, possessing similar size and operation like an acoustic piano. Thus, lower keys are bulkier and upper keys are lighter. Further, the keys carry an ivory plus ebony touch that stops fingers from sliding and infuses excellent playing behavior.

The finest portion of this keyboard consists of its three sensors on the key’s feel response function. The sensors estimate the pace of the hammer across the speed of whichever key is pressed, yielding a graceful and detailed playing. This feature of sensor response constitutes the ideal pair for the device’s sound quality. This occurs as though there is smooth sound, users can manage responsiveness conveniently due to the key’s sensors.

Concert Play Mode

The PX760 offers a lot more advanced sound quality, due to its big, dynamic tonal and three electronic sensors for each key. To enhance its versatility, a latest Concert Play mode has been incorporated within the PX-760. This permits you to perform with ten recordings of actual orchestra performances.

These real orchestra recordings in addition to different piano sounds lets you revel the experience of taking part in a more grand environment. The Concert Play operation permits you to perform various classical music titles, supported by a complete orchestra performance. However, you will need to have the capability to read songs or play with ear, to connect to the classical music correctly.

Split, Layer And Duet Mode

The Split plus Layer modes form part of all Privia models. You can perform bass by the left hand while carrying 2 layered tones ( Piano plus String and Piano plus Organ ) with the right. It lets you increase the beauty and versatility of a piano recital. The Duet mode divides the keyboard over 2 same ranges, that enables you to rehearse with another individual playing concurrently. The Duet version is perfect for students, for them to perform with their teachers to improve their skills.

USB Connectivity

All Casio Privia models continue to possess USB connectivity. A digital piano with USB port enables you easy connection to your Windows and Mac PC. It allows you to move files or recordings from the digital piano over to PC or vice-versa. It is not necessary to install or download any drivers into your computer in order to link to the digital piano by USB. Besides a 2 path MIDI recorder available within the PX760 enables you in recording or playback your renderings upon the piano. Further, the finest portion of the two track recording means you’re free to replay the left plus right hand replay output.

18 Tones with 5 Sounds of Grand Piano

The Casio Privia PX760 contains 5 stereo specimen Grandiose Piano sounds like Concert, Mellow, Modern, Classic and Bright. This enable the players in feeling a much resonant, luscious and marvelous piano rendering. Further, there are additional 13 different instrument tones like electric pianos, organs, strings and bass. The Reverb, Brilliance and Chorus effect are also included in the PX 760 for you to perfect your piano recital in an improved manner.


Comparison With Other Pianos

If you’re seeking a nice method to begin your piano venture and want to stay within the 1000 dollars budget, the Casio Privia PX-760 may be the ideal option. However, 2 other interesting options include the Casio PX-780 along with the Casio PX-860.

The first option is an advancement of the PX-750 and PX-760, containing an accompaniment segment carrying 360 styles of music, MIDI playback of 16 track and 250 separate sounds. Further, there is an inbuilt audio recorder in WAV as well as MP3 format. Also included a Microphone input of karaoke and recording options, plus a LCD screen and different educational plus fun aspects.

The PX-860 is the latest flagship version in the Privia segment and comprises an improved appearance furniture stand, being more sturdy, and a stronger speaker system. To top it, the sound system contains all the finest voices among the Casio PX-55 level piano. There is also a big polyphony section with a maximum of 256 simultaneous tones, and the big Lid Simulator mode.

All these attributes, together with the standard Multi-dimensional Morphing AIR engine and the Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Operation Keyboard II, constitutes the Casio PX-860 probably the finest sounding digital piano in its group, backed by a highly aggressive street price.

Finally, the decision is yours. If you are able to bear the investment, the selection between the PX-780 and the PX-860 rests on your individual interest in possessing an improved piano sound or a total set of educational plus fun features. Likewise, when your budget is limited to the 800 dollars range, the PX-760 comprises the finest solution presently available in the market.

The Verdict On The Casio Privia PX-760

The latest Casio Privia PX-760 is certainly another step ahead in the ongoing development of the Privial range of Casio digital pianos. It has considerably advanced audio quality plus an extremely gentle key action, with performing experience much nearer to that on an actual acoustic piano.

The PX760 is a perfect learning device for students as well as beginners, if seeking a dedicated piano with little bells plus whistles! Also, keep in mind the whole-sized upright cabinet joined with the PX760, one characteristic not present in different digital piano within this price level. All these characteristics, carried over by the PX760 from its precursor, the Casio PX750, sets apart the Casio Privia PX-760 as a victor.

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