Best Yamaha 3-Pedal Unit

Best Yamaha 3-Pedal Unit: Top 5 Yamaha 3-Pedal Unit Review

The piano players are continuously trying new methods to improve their playing. The beginners have online lessons that helps them to get the perfect piano playing experience. Day by day, the piano manufacturing companies are making new products for the players to get ease in life. The pedal unit is one of the important accessories that helps in playing piano in an easy and effective way. This will help you get the piano playing process fast and convenient. We are going to discuss about the best Yamaha 3- Pedal Unit.

Is it important to have 3 pedals?

Some of you may have question that, whether you require piano with 3 pedals or just the sustain pedal can do? Whether you use the sustain pedal or 3 pedals, this invariably effects the price. According to a group of experts, sustain pedal is essential. The beginners using the same will get the feeling of playing the real acoustic piano. But, if you use the 3 pedals unit, that will be for advanced technique. Yes, the professionals playing piano for a long time need some more ease. Thus, 3 pedal unit is vital.

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Yamaha’s contribution for 3 pedal unit

The piano manufacturing company, named as Yamaha thought of making a different type of pedal unit. Yamaha has made 3 pedal unit for several different types of pianos. The model number of each pedal unit is different as each one fits with the piano of different models. Yamaha has contributed in supplying such pedal units. The professionals with such want will be happy to receive the same. The manufacturing company emphasize on the quality while making the pedal units. You all can close the pedal that suite your requirement.

How to buy the Yamaha 3 pedal unit?

There are various parameters based on which you can choose your Yamaha 3 pedal unit from the market. We are going to discuss such facts today. Following are the facts on which total buying of Yamaha 3 pedal unit depends:

Fitting/ suitability

Not all pedal unit has same type of style and fitting. You must look at your piano and see whether the Yamaha pedal suites with this. While buying the Yamaha 3 pedal unit, you must keep in mind about the fitting.


Another important fact that you must consider while buying the pedal unit is the price. You all must have a budget. Today, the market is flooded with such pedal units. You will get variety of brands. Competition among the brands is quite high. Thus, you can easily get the pedal unit within your budget.

Customer review

There was a time when we must depend upon our friends and relatives to know about the product which they already bought. But, there was a disadvantage of this system. How would you know about the product quality if no one among your friends and relatives have bought? But today, through online customer review, you know about the product in detail.


You can now easily check the weight of the Yamaha 3 pedal unit. The accessory of your piano must be light. It must be such that, you can easily carry it from one place to another.


People keeps in mind about the durability factor before purchasing a product from the market. Even when you are going to buy the 3-pedal unit for Yamaha piano, it is important to note about how durable the product is. You can easily get the details once you check the features.

List of best Yamaha 3 pedal unit

Yamaha LP5A 3 Pedal unit for P115, black

Yamaha LP5A 3-Pedal Unit
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The Yamaha LPSA 3 pedal over here has the weight of 13.22 pounds. This has the half damper function and comes with 3 pedal unit. It is not only durable with the single piano model, i.e Yamaha 115, rather it goes well with other models. Experts says that, it is compatible with L85 and L85 S. The half damper function is one of the great one.

Features of Yamaha 3 pedal unit

  • Compatibility- When it comes to compatibility factor, the pedal unit like Yamaha LP5A is a wonderful variety. You can easily get this from online shopping stores. Try it today and you will be highly benefited.
  • Half damper function- Another wonderful feature of this pedal unit is the fact that it comes with the half damper function. This is the function where the sustain pedal is half pressed. You can now get this facility in this 3-pedal unit system. The damper pedal is just partially pressed. You can also make switch the strings partially off.
  • 3 pedal unit- These are the foot operated levers. This is the facilities provided by the modern pianos. This helps in changing the instrument sounds in various ways. The three pedals start from left to right. Those are named as soft pedals, sostenuto pedals as well as sustaining pedals.


The 3-pedal unit for the Yamaha piano P115 is known as Yamaha LP5A-3. The best part of the pedal unit is the fact that, it goes well with L85 and L855. You can also get the benefit of half damper function. You can easily get it from the online shopping stores. The market report is good with the rating 4.2 out of 5.

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Yamaha LP255- 3 pedal unit

Yamaha LP255 3-Pedal Unit
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This Yamaha 3 pedal unit is quite trendy in looks. The length of the horizontal block is black in colour. The 3 pedals are silver in colour. If you don’t want to avail black colour pedal unit, you have another option, like white. This is for Yamaha P255. It is now available online. You can easily get this online

Features of Yamaha LP255- 3 pedal unit

  • Colors- While buying musical instrument, the seller ask the customer about the colour which they wish to choose. But, this is true when the colors are available. The Yamaha LP255 is the sustain pedal which you can get in 2 different colors. Those are black and while. You can choose the one you like.
  • 3 pedals variety- You will get 3 pedals, those are named as soft control, sustain and sostenuto. You can also get this one with the half damper effect. This is very effective for all the piano players especially the professional ones.
  • Home piano effect- The 3-pedal unit of Yamaha have a perfect combination of P255WH and L255WH. This provides an exclusive home piano system. People willing to play the musical instrument right at home can go for this variation.


Are you looking for the 3-pedal unit for your Yamaha piano? The Yamaha LP255- 3 pedal unit is the one for your service. This has the half damper effect which is exactly like the feature available in the grand piano. You can now easily get this is white and black variation. The users give this the rating of 4.2 out of 5.

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Yamaha LP7A 3-pedal unit for DGX 660

Yamaha LP7A 3-Pedal Unit
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The 3-pedal system for Yamaha piano is now available online. This comes in 3 types. Those are soft, damper and sostenuto pedals. You get the effect of expensive control with the Yamaha LP7A 3 pedal unit. The performer will be happy as he can add much more musical instrument’s sound.

Features of Yamaha LP7A3

  • Sound effect- The Yamaha LP7A3 comes with half damper effect. Thus, getting expressive control over the sound is easy. The piano players will be very happy with the exclusive sound effect.
  • Pedal variety- You can now get different types of pedal variety in a variety of pedal unit. Those are sostenuto pedals, damper and soft pedal.
  • Expressive music- The audience will always wish to get the music effect which is quite expressive. The Yamaha LP7A3 is the pedal that comes with musical expressiveness. This is how the performers creates performance.


You can now enjoy the half damper effect with the pedal unit named as Yamaha LP7A3. It comes with soft control which is normally found in grand pianos. This is widely available in online stores. The users are very happy and gives it 4.2 out of 5.

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Yamaha 3 pedal unit for P105/P95/P115

Yamaha LP5A 3-Pedal Unit for P115
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This is the Yamaha 3 pedal unit that goes well with different variations of Yamaha pianos. Those are P105, P115 and P95. It is easily available in online shopping sites. This is available in several colors. Black and white are the most common colors. This creates an ease to the professionals dealing with pianos.


  • Ease of use- The Yamaha 3 pedal unit creates an ease of use to all individuals who are using piano on a regular basis. Whether you are playing it at home or in any studio, this 3-pedal unit of Yamaha piano have great use.
  • Half damper function– The half damper function of Yamaha 3 pedal unit controls the decay of sound finely. The characteristics recreates the sound of strings which creates vibrating effect. This comes with optional foot controller.
  • Sound – The 3-unit pedal has the key off sample. This helps in creating the unique sound with the fall-back effect which end up with string ending vibration. This is a new level of technology that creates a wonderful sound effect.


The Yamaha 3 pedal unit is suitable for 3 pianos such as P115, P105 and P95. The half damper function is one of its specialties. This helps in creating a wonderful control over your piano keys. The key off effect provides a unique sound effect. You get an exclusive realism while performing. You can connect the piano with the 3-pedal system through a jack. Automatically, keyboard can respond to half damper response.

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