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Best MIDI Controller for Logic Pro X : Top 5 Review and Buyer’s Guide

MIDI controller is the instrument that is used to control the keyboard of pianos. It can be a hardware or a software which helps in generating musical interfacing data to the device that is digital MIDI enabled. Apart from generating, digital interface, it also helps in transmission process. There are many musicians who uses Logic Pro X. Now, you have to use a controller that can go well with the software. We will give you the list of best MIDI controller for Logic Pro X.

Top 5 MIDI controller For You To Choose





Akai Professional MPK249 e1511252405582

Akai Professional MPK249


12.94 lbs

CME Xkey 37 MIDI controller e1511252905502

CME Xkey 37 MIDI controller


1.5 lbs

Arturia Keylab 49 Essential Keyboard Controller e1511253543669

Arturia Keylab 49 Essential Keyboard Controller


9.5 lbs

Nektar Panorama P4 e1511253739437

Nektar Panorama P4 4 MIDI Controller Keyboard


17.75 lbs

M Audio Axiom 49 e1511253947840

M-Audio Axiom 49 USB Keyboard Controller


6.9 lbs

About Logic Pro X

This is a well-known software tool used by most of the musicians. This speak about quality as the manufacturer is apple. Even the amateurs use this software for playing music in piano. You can get several features of this Logic Pro X. But, if you can use the appropriate MIDI controller to this, you can get an extension of its features. The best MIDI controller for Logic Pro X have different variations. Even the price can vary. You can get the complete recording with various tracks in build within the library. You can also get the possibilities of the new library sounds.

playground sessions

Working of Logic Pro X

Did you ever see a recording studio? It is really awesome with different types of apparatus and musical instruments. But, not all of you may have the opportunity to enter into such studio. You have to get a special permission for that. But, Logic Pro X is a studio at your home. You must have a computer at home. If yes, then the recording studio is at your home. You can easily record your sound and music right at your home comfort. You will get a great combination of all the recording tools within the software named as Logic Pro X. It is not just about recording, you can also do editing to the music. Even mixing of the music and lyrics will be possible. You can absolutely get a hit with such software. The perfection of pitch will be possible with this software.

Benefits of Logic Pro X

  • An individual can easily use the track sack option with Logic Pro X. The segments as well as loops of the songs can be reused in another track.
  • Recording is not the only use of this software. You can easily edit it as per your wish. Every individuals may do mistake. The music players are not an exception. But this software named as Logic Pro will help you edit as per your wish.
  • Did you hear about automated editing? You can get this facility here. This is beneficial for fast rendition.
  • You must have heard about plugins. This is very important even when you are using a software. You will get plugins as well as effect over here. As a result, you can get an extension on the range of music.
  • Video facility is available over here. Yes, you will easily get the additional video which comes with the track. This will add extra effects.

How to buy of best MIDI controller for Logic Pro X?

  • Keyboard evaluation– Wen you are going to buy a MIDI controller for Logic Pro X, it will be very important to go ahead with evaluation of keyboard. You should change the settings and controls as per different skill level. Hear how it sound at each position.
  • Actual use of keyword– The seller will be confused about offering you with the right keyboard and control, unless he or she know what is its actual use to you. It is the buyer or the user who have to define the same. Some of the users use it for playing and recording purpose. But to many people it will be used for professional use. They need the editing as well as mixing. In both the cases, the MIDI controller will be different.
  • Price and budget– Price is one of the important factor over here. Are you looking for the MIDI controller with low price range? Do you wish to get the controller with more features and professional grades? He seller will choose the appropriate one for you

List of The best MIDI controller for Logic Pro X

Nektar Panorama P4 midi controller

Nektar Panorama P4 midi controller
Source :

Are you looking for a top quality MIDI controller? Nektar Panorama P4 is a wonderful variation over here. This is the keyboard where you can get all bells and whistles. This is a controller that comes with semi weighted keyboard. It includes velocity sensitivity pad- 12 in number, encoders- 16, 28 buttons, this can be stated as the comprehensive controller.

Features of Nektar Panorama midi CONTROLLER

  • Key note- Nektar Panorama midi CONTROLLER is one among the best MIDI controller for Logic Pro X which have two variation. One is 49 note weighted variation. Another one comes with 61 keys.
  • Velocity and pressure- When you are buying a midi controller, it is important to check its sensitivity feature. This MIDI controller comes with pressure and velocity sensitivity. You will get 12 pads in this.
  • Inclusive- There are variety of useful tools and features within this MIDI controller. The 9.45 mm Faders is one among the list. You also get 16 encoders, 10 LED buttons that is assignable. You can get links to keyboards.
  • Channel strip control- You will get the Nektar Panorama midi controller with complete channel strip. This can be easily associated with Logic Pro X. This will be accessible to options like inserts, EQ, sends etc.


Nektar Panorama midi CONTROLLER is one of the best MIDI controller that has number of features. This can be use with not only Logic Pro, many other software like Cubase, bitwig studio, main stage, reason can be associated with them. The basic variation has 49 keyboard variation. This is having the channel strip control feature. It has large TFT display where you can control all software parameters. This is like the best virtual instrument controller just in your fingertips. It is rated as 4 out of 5.

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Roland A-49 MIDI keyboard controller

Roland A-49 MIDI keyboard controller
Source :

This is the well-known brand that manufacturers various musical instrument. People trust this company for its durability. You will observe stability within the product that you get from this musical instrument manufacturing company. Roland A-49 is a variation of the MIDI keyboard controller that will go well with the Logic Pro X.

Features of Roland A- 49

  • Weight- Are you thinking about buying a MIDI controller twice? Heavy weight can be a factor in such a situation. But, the buyers have that advantage with this Roland A-49 MIDI controller. This is very light weight keyboard which you can carry anywhere you like.
  • Keys and velocity- As the name suggest, this piano keyword from Roland has 49 keys. Experts says the MIDI controller comes with the full size key. The device comes with the velocity sensitive feature with compact look.
  • USB facility- The device is different from other MIDI controllers in the market. Roland A-49 is USB buzz powered. Other devices may require the AC adapter for connectivity. But this one won’t require. Thus, using this MIDI controller for logic Pro X is very easy.
  • D-Beam- The user gets this facility in this Roland A-49 MIDI controller. This will give a boost to your sound. You can easily add the color to your sound. Most of the users performs well through this by waving hands over the D-Beam which is invisible.


Roland A-49 MIDI controller is one of the best for Logic Pro X which comes with rounded shape. This helps the players to hold it easily and comfortably. The portability and light weight is another vital feature. The manufacturer have used the enhancer over here. This will easily remove the low mechanical noise. Also, there won’t be possibility of vertical shake. The user give 5 out of 5 to this.

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Alesis VI49 MIDI controller

Alesis VI49 MIDI controller
Source :

Are you looking for a MIDI controller for logic Pro X? Alesis VI49 MIDI controller is the perfect fit. There are many options while you play the MIDI controller. The flexibility of sound is another feature which you can enjoy. The involvement of 12 knobs within the controller will easily control different sounds. You can also do edits and alterations. You can also enjoy the additional effects with 36 extra buttons.

Features of Alesis VI49 MIDI controller

  • Velocity and pressure- While playing the musical instrument especially the piano, combination of velocity and pressure is very important. The piano MIDI controller comes with RGB blacklit pads. It responds very well to the pressure and velocity.
  • Switch and keys- You will get the Alesis VI49 MIDI controller with 36 assignable buttons. Along with it, you will also have the benefit of 12 assignable knobs. This makes the keyboard complete to operate.
  • Design– Another feature you can get with the Alesis VI49 MIDI controller is its design. The manufacturer has designed it in such a way that the player can easily hold it and play easily. Also, he will feel comfortable in player due to the design.
  • Display– the MIDI controller from Alesis has a good display. This comes with blue LED light that is inbuilt in it. This will easily show you the current position. Even when you are in low light condition, your piano play won’t be disrupted.


Alesis VI49 MIDI controller has the semi weighted keys. You get the facility of after touch control as well as the velocity. It is very good quality and will be durable if you are using it for prolonged period. You get the usb connector with the MIDI controller. As a result, the device get the buss power. The LED display is another feature of this device. As a result, you get an update when the parameter changes.

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Nektar Panorama P6 – MIDI controller for logic Pro X

Nektar Panorama P6
Source :

Nektar Panorama P6 is a MIDI controller for Logic Pro X. But, it can even control the other software like the main stage, Nuendo, Bitwig studio, Cubase, reason etc. The manufacturer has made this MIDI controller with pre mapping feature. You can easily access the DAW software with this MIDI controller. The keyboard as 61 keys along with clear TFT display. The user can easily have a view on what they are playing.

Features of Nektar Panorama P6

  • Virtual instrument- With the MIDI controller, you can get the facility of virtual instrument. All the controls is in your fingertips. You can have a control on various types of virtual instruments such as Logic Pro X, reaper, main stage, Cubase, Bitwig studio, etc.
  • Keys- If you are buying a MIDI controller or a keyboard for a piano, the main concern is the keys. Each one has different combinations of key. The Nektar Panorama P6 has 61 keys.
  • Screen and display- Display is another important characteristic feature for a MIDI controller. This particular product from Nektar Panorama is built with an LCD screen display. You can get a clear idea of your keyboard playing.
  • Chanel strip control- The device has another exclusive feature which you will appreciate. This will allow you to have access to EQ, sends, dynamics etc. The user gets this product with 100 mm ALPS fader. Through this you can set the channel automation.


Nektar Panorama P6 midi controller is the one that goes really well with the logic Pro X. The keys are 61 in number that will easily allow you to practice your favorite music. This is one of the best MIDI controller for Logic Pro X with 100 mm ALPS motorized fader. You get this MIDI controller with 20 preset location store, 9.45 mm faders, 16 encoders, 10 assignable LED buttons. You can now easily get it from online store.

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Akai professional MPK249 MIDI controller

Akai Professional MPK249
Source :

Are you looking for a MIDI controller with professional grade? The Akai professional MPK249 MIDI controller is the best option. This MIDI controller has 49 keys, all of them have semi weighted variation. You can connect the device to many other output devices and listen to the music whenever and wherever you wish. This is a controller that comes with deep software integration. You can operate and make changes to the virtual instrument as Akai professional MPK249 MIDI controller has comprehensive interface.

Features of Akai MPK249 MIDI controller

  • Virtual synthesizer- The professional MIDI controller brought by Akai comes with 2 virtual synthesizer that is comes with high definition. You with be able to enjoy the warmth of legendary analog synths. Even the full range of futuristic manipulation with digital manipulation is observed.
  • Keys- It does not have very less number of keys not it comes with series of uncontrollable keys. You will get the Akai controller with exactly 49 keys. This will easily help you play the tunes comfortably.
  • Velocity and sensitivity- Each key of Akai professional MPK249 MIDI controller is velocity sensitive. You can also get it outfitted with the feature of after touch. This comes with onboard octave. As a result you can control ups and downs. You can enjoy the full range of melody.
  • Compatibility– The manufacturer dealing with production of MIDI controller makes each variation that suites with particular type of software. This one from Akai is iOS compatible.


The Akai MPK249 MIDI controller comes with exclusive features. Here are 49 keys in the MIDI controller which will make you comfortable to play. You can connect USB to this so that it can be used in playing on different other devices. The MIDI controller comes with velocity sensitivity feature. The keys are semi weighted variation. The sound quality will be very wonderful. This will meet your professional objective.

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