Piano Review

A product of the reputed Yamaha brand, the Yamaha P71 is a quality product

Yamaha P71 Review : Overview, Feature and Sound

Yamaha has been turning out excellent digital pianos for years, with the Yamaha P71 being no exception. The keyboard comes equipped to play with some superb features. Definitely, it’s a brilliant option for everyone seeking all the expanse and power of a large-sized piano without the room and price requirements […]

Novation MiniNova is the leading brand in the synthesizer market.

Novation MiniNova Review : Overview, Feature and Sound

Novation is a major brand in the booming synthesizer market. The Novation MiniNova Review evaluates the microsynth, a versatile 37 key sound creating machine which is loaded with features. It is designed on similar sound engine as the front runner UltraNova. Additionally, it carries 256 onboard sounds, 18 note polyphony […]

The Yamaha YDP-S52 in White Wood Finish

Yamaha YDP-S52 Review : Overview, Feature and Sound

If you are on the lookout for a stylish design and melodic sound in your piano, well Yamaha S52 will never fail to impress you. A brilliant creation of Yamaha, the leading keyboard plus digital piano manufacturer, the Yamaha YDP-S52 is a stylish and solid instrument. Loaded with real piano […]

The Williams Symphony Grand Piano is a key player in versatile digital pianos

Williams Symphony Grand Piano Review : Overview, Features and Sound

An Outline Of Williams Symphony Grand The Williams Symphony Grand Piano affords simple playing with natural sounding audios.  You can pick from the luxurious tones of 138 separate instruments or nearly 100 specific rhythm styles for wholly orchestrated compositions. Furthermore, the distinctive black gloss finish cabinet  with rolling key-cover adds […]

Great playing instrument

Roland VR-09 Piano Review : Overview, Feature and Sound

Roland VR-09 Piano Review The Roland VR-09  Piano review highlights  a digital piano, Roland with flawless sound quality and convenience of use for musicians overages. This piano delivers sound, has instant control and was designed with the playing musicians and professionals in mind. This digital piano has an LCD interface […]

Best Digital Piano for Kids

What are the Best Digital Piano for Kids?

Knowing digital piano for kids is the best can be a difficult task. As a parent, you no doubt want to buy the best for your child. However, kids ideas about playing the piano can change very quickly. So, you want to find a digital piano which is going to […]


What Is the Best Digital Stage Piano?

Today’s digital pianos are conquering various music scenes. From home entertainment to full concert on a stadium, digital pianos have come a long way in providing various options for piano music making. There are popular brands of the best digital stage piano and finding the right one means considering its […]

Best Digital Pianos Under $500

Best Digital Pianos Under $500 (Top 3 Picks)

Digital pianos offer a great alternative to acoustic pianos because of their price tag, great sound, and their size. However, choosing which the best digital piano is can be a difficult task. There are many different brands with various features and price tags. The good news is that it is […]